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Old 22nd October 2019, 00:12   #31
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Few years back it used to be Flipkart by default and Amazon as a second choice. Now I don't look at Flipkart at all unless looking for something specific or a high value item for price comparison.

Interestingly, most of earlier high value purchases were on Flipkart. In fact, i had bought my first smartphone back in 2011 on a portal called Letsbuy which was later acquired by Flipkart. Last big ticket item from Flipkart was a TV 3 years back.

With Amazon Pay integrated to the Amazon app, like most I have become a captive user. Now I also have ICICI Amazon Pay credit card so there is even less incentive to look at Flipkart.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Amazon for me, all the way. Never had a bad experience yet with all the stuff that I have purchased. Returns have been flawlessly easy and convenient, no questions asked. Always arrived within the specified time.

Sometimes the external packaging has been a little unsatisfactory, however, the other times the items have been securely packaged. That would be my only complaint wit Amazon, otherwise the experience has been great. Like they say, if it aint broke, dont fix it and therefore, other than for a couple of items I have never really had to look at Flipkart.

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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I have been a Amazon fan for long.

Started off with Flipkart then moved to Amazon once they entered India.

But off late, I have been facing a lot of issues with poor quality products which I have to return like
1. Non working clock
2. scratched plastic items
3. wrong address delivery for the product

and so on. This is making me think if I should just adopt the store approach, because such a return hassle makes the whole value proposition painful. Convenience converted to co-ordination hassle.
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Old 22nd October 2019, 12:26   #34
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I've spend almost equal amounts on Amazon and Flipkart this year. About 1.5L vs 1.2L.

But the big difference is the 1.5L on Amazon is on about a 100 items while the 1.2L on FLipkart is on just 6 items.

Amazon is my new I shop there for all my sundry items. Whatever junk you can think of you will get it in Flipkart is my goto place for ordering big ticket items like electronics, furniture etc.

I don't somehow trust Flipkart's third party sellers. But Amazon's excellent return and replacement policy ensures that if something goes wrong with an Amazon fulfilled item Amazon takes care of it.

But in my experience Flipkart sellers like Retailnet and Omnitech Retail provides infinitely better deals during sales. Amazon just marks down the prices by about 10% while I have seen items in Flipkart going down by 50%.

BTW, I like Flipkart's user interface (both web and mobile) cleaner and more easy to look at. But Amazon's UI is more utilitarian with excellent product related recommendations.

I hope both of them stays.
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Old 22nd October 2019, 12:26   #35
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Amazon for me.
Trusted and fast deliveries for prime members are what does it for me. Products and price wise I don't see a huge difference.
I also like their chat support process a lot.
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Old 22nd October 2019, 13:23   #36
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I prefer amazon, so much so, that I have even forgotten the existence of flipkart.

Flipkart's delivery and experience is pretty bad.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Even though Flipkart is Walmart owned now, they were never really able to shake off their desi roots. Amazon is still way better than Flipkart as far as delivery/return experience goes. I also think it boils down to DNA - Amazon true to its vision: "build the Earth's most customer-centric company", while Flipkart is just a wannabe, sticking to its "chalta hai" desi attitude. But, I admit, these are my personal views and could very well be biased.

I always use Amazon, no matter what.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Looks like Amazon is the clear winner here. As expected.

I still like to touch and buy as much as possible, even if it means paying a slight premium. However, if only online purchases are considered, I use the one with the lower price. If prices are similar, then its Amazon for me. Especially because of the interface (Reviews, Q&A, Suggested products etc.)
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Amazon all the way, even though I did start with Flipkart.The main reason for the switch is the much cleaner UI with neat layout and easy to find out product specifications. At times, I have felt that I get more product info from the Amazon page than from the product website. The reviews are almost genuine and the prime membership at 999 INR per year is an excellent bonus.

The integration with Amazon pay is another plus point towards Amazon and I don't even mind paying a slight premium for the better service I am getting from Amazon.

Flipkart is only opened if the item I am searching for is not available on Amazon and I can't buy it easily from a nearby brick and mortar store.

This year's tally - Amazon - 67, Flipkart - 2.

Originally Posted by condor View Post
I have tried Flipkart, have not had problems, but the UI is not as intuitive/friendly as Amazon.
+1 and that is a major point in my book.

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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I would prefer Amazon compared to Flipkart. Somehow the availability of the products I am looking for is available always or most times.

Not that Amazon service has best service, I have had my fair share of issues, however they were resolved each time.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I have been an avid online shopper for the last more than a decade. My purchases from Brick & Mortar are limited to things that are not available online. Have used both Fk & Az extensively, can't really pick & choose one, both cater to their own niche.

Az is not so good with Clothes/Apparel as size charts are mostly off the mark. Flipkart scores higher on Clothes as it gets vast amounts of inputs from the acquired companies - Jabong & Myntra.

Az due to being an International player has more stuff that is imported to offer. Though this has its own bane also as many a times one lands up wrong Voltage Electronics & stuff that is not new.

Listings of products on Az lack description. Very little is mentioned about many products.

Since many people have known of Az from much before due to its worldwide presence & hence would pick it over anything else as a default choice. But I think this is not fair as both have their own niche & are struggling to find a foothold in ever changing policies. All good players need encouragement as their are a very few who can survive the online market. Pressure from brick & mortar is always on the rise. Hence I give equal points to both for keeping the Indian online market scene alive.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Originally Posted by Aditya_Bhp View Post
I use both. Both are excellent in their own way. Amazon has good customer care support but Flipkart has fast deliveries. But amazon is catching up fast in terms of deliveries.
Small low value rare items: Amazon
Big high value items: Flipkart
I second that. Besides, we've experienced shoddy customer support from FK in the recent past. Amazon's return policy is also much more hassle free-no questions asked. Good poll!

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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Don't even remember when I typed the other one.

Amazon + Prime seller is the best online shopping experience.

It is just don't like the UI on Flipkart. Personal preference.

On the FLIP side, I do use Myntra for apparel shopping at times, and that is owned by Flipkart.

But I never go to Flipkart directly. Ever. Even if a google suggestion for a product buy search pops them up on my screen.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Usually I prefer to buy from a physical store, especially for high-value items.

When I buy online, I always go to Amazon web site straightaway instead of any other. The reasons I might check out Flipkart are if the product is unavailable on Amazon or to do price comparison or if the product is Flipkart exclusive. I often end up ordering from Amazon the case being the product is available on Amazon and Amazon's price is same or less than Flipkart's. Also, Flipkart's delivery charges add up considerably to the product price especially for the low-value items.

I am a member of Amazon Prime, hence eligible for faster delivery and no delivery charges for products with Prime badge. The Amazon ecosystem gives Amazon a leg up - such as Prime Video, Prime Music, faster delivery, no delivery charge, early bird offers, earlier sale to Prime members, Kindle, Amazon Pay, Alexa, smart devices, etc. I feel Amazon's web site is more user friendly, intuitive, and gives the general impression of being professional and thoughtful.

I have bought a few items from Flipkart such as a smart, LED tv, which was a Flipkart exclusive product. I have nothing specifically bad to say about Flipkart, but just that it does not click with me in the same way as Amazon.

One thing I dislike with online shopping, in general and not specific to any web site, is the fluctuating prices, e.g., you buy a product today and see a reduced price tomorrow, which makes me wonder.

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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I use both Amazon and Flipkart for my online shopping needs. Have only good experience with either of them but have an inclination to Amazon. I have seen a better range of products, and deals on the platform. Have been a prime customer so that has its own benefits.
During the Kerala floods of 2018 there was a delay of over a month for one of my orders. I was pleased to see that they had given the full refund even though I had received the order. Don't know whether it was an anomaly.
Also I get Amazon vouchers from my office during festivities. Seems that they had tied up well with corporates.
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