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Old 23rd October 2019, 22:35   #76
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Originally Posted by MMV View Post
Amazon prime video and firestick is an area that Flipkart has to add to it's bouquet of offerings though.
The flipkart app now has Video (which works surprisingly well!) and they are also selling their in-house brand Marq Turbostream similar to Airtel Xstream or Google Chromecast.
  • Access over 10,000+ apps with Android TV Play Store
  • Discover the true entertainment capabilities of the latest Android 9.0
  • Enjoy your favorites on the big screen with built-in Chromecast
  • Control your entertainment with just your voice, powered by Google Assistant
  • Enjoy super-fast streaming with Dual Band WiFi
  • Type: HDMI Switch
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I have both the Flipkart and Amazon apps on my phone. Initially I was using Flipkart a lot but now steadily the usage has declined and Amazon is the primary shopping App. The deals on the products I generally buy are better on Amazon compared to Flipkart. However I do check Flipkart and Paytm for prices as well when buying. Finally order through the App with the lowest price. I do not use any video streaming service and am not a Prime member.
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Old 24th October 2019, 00:15   #78
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Amazon for all the knick knacks because they always deliver on time and the dates they mention are realistic. For all the big ticket items - I usually check on flipkart becuase they have better exchange offers for phones/laptops.
Flipkart can't compete with Amazon in rest of the areas though, I have been a prime user for last few years and the prime video seems like my backup option when I can't find the titles on Netflix.
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Old 24th October 2019, 00:31   #79
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Apart from delivering mobile covers which don't match the model specified almost every time, where flipkart loses big time is their search accuracy.

For example, If I search HS1 which is a headlight bulb specification for most bikes, flipkart returns weird results by automatically going to specific sections while Amazon gives the exact one. I have seen this a lot of times especially searching for niche items like electronic devices or chips/PCBs etc.

Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?-flipkartvsamazon.jpg

The last big item I bought on flipkart was a TV, it was a good experience so wont bash them as such, but they really need have a check on sellers as I got a blank dvd when I ordered an Antivirus software 4 years back and like I said before, the mobile covers were too bad and not matching the model. I have tilted more towards Amazon these days for such small things. But must say, Amazon too has botched up some deliveries in the last one year.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Amazon for me - hope their great customer centric service continues .

In addition to that for the following reasons too:
Includes Prime membership - music and movies
Amazon Pantry - no more visit to grocery stores
Prime Now - 2 hrs delivery (really works as scheduled)
Amazon Pay - easy mode of payment for all utility services and there is always a cash back
Off late (post Jet Airways) - have started using Amazon for booking domestic air tickets too.

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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I got used to shopping on in the US so when we moved back, it was natural for us to sign up from India Prime. We use almost every feature that amazon/prime offers like video & music, one/two day shipping, subscribe & save etc. We don't even have an account on flipkart. Reason being prices are same for many products almost all the time. I didn't find a reason (mainly Amazon's pricing & experience with deliveries, support etc) to try flipkart.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Amazon for primarily 3 things
- faster delivery. complete information on status
- Prime Video
- most importantly Alexa + Prime Music (replaced my USB and CDs in CAR)

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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I try both. But off late sticking to Amazon because of Prime membership. Just used to compare the prices and delivery time of items on both platforms before making the purchase. Needed another option in the poll - either one depending on product.
In back of my mind I find this thread & poll OFF-TOPIC from what I consider Team-BHP is all about. Strictly my personal opinion.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Voted for Amazon! Good quality products, faster delivery.

About Amazon music and their collection. During a recent road trip, did not carry any pendrive or CDs. Totally relied on Amazon music. Daily evening whenever we got good wi-fi network downloaded different songs/albums and created offline playlist. This was very helpful for the next day's journey.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I had an account on Amazon. However, Amazon selling doormats with Indian flag on it and selling skates having Lord Ganesha pictures have hurt our feelings. Deleted my Amazon account and will not re-open unless I see some formal apology (I expect a full page apology on front page of any leading news paper for these incidents).

Never saw such stupid sellers on Flipkart. Although delivery and pricing issues are there, sometimes items are completely unavailable too; but I prefer Flipkart and other websites over Amazon. I had ordered Onida AC in 2014 from Snapdeal and latest 2.1 speakers in year 2017 so didn't have any bad experience from other websites.

Being a Flipkart Plus member, I get free deliveries and good customer care support. Supercoins help in savings too. Just now got Moto e6s for just 6399 using SBI debit card and prepaid discount, combined 20%.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I am going to give both a buyer and seller perspective about both platforms. I am a buyer only on amazon but a seller on amazon and flipkart. Our company MahaGro is selling on amazon since 2014 and flipkart since 2015.

If you are a buyer there is no other company or brand that is so buyer oriented in the entire word than amazon. You just have to give it to them. Their service is just fabulous. If there is any product that is fulfilled by amazon you can buy it blindly. They do thorough quality checks and store those products at their warehouses. I know this because all our products as fulfilled by amazon products.

If you are a seller on amazon, my god, you are in for some serious nonsense. They are so damn strict that its almost like dealing with a high security prison. Sending goods to their warehouse is a like almost like entering the RBI mint. The vehicle has to be clean, needs to have a hand brake and the driver should wear shoes etc etc. We have to report exactly on time or the vehicle is put way behind. If a couple of amazon labels are incorrect the entire shipment is rejected. The personnel do not talk to you. No conversations or negotiations. If you go anything to say get the vehicle out and email the seller support. There are so many rules.

Coming to brand building now, any person with a amazon account can write a review about you without purchasing or after purchasing. Now here is the twist, only folks who have purchased can write a 5 star review and it published only after verification. We observed this because folks would just show up and write bad reviews about our products without purchasing where as all folks with verified purchases wrote 5 star reviews only. Can the seller do anything about it? No, nothing, amazon does not listen to the seller.

How much do you make on amazon? Very little if you are seller. A lot if you are amazon. A huge deal if you are a buyer. Amazon charges for even touching your product, opening fee, closing fee, referral fee, this fee that fee and tax on every fee. I am not kidding. But why do you continue to sell on amazon? It's because many buy through the platform and for the next purchases they tend to come to our website to place orders.

And one more important is the time pass gang who order just for the heck of it and cancel after a few days. Sellers pay for those orders, not amazon. So if you are someone who does that and are reading this please don't for the sellers sake

Selling on flipkart is way better. The charges are the same but the folks working at flipkart are very knowledgeable. They are really there to help the seller. But their biggest problem is they do not have many dedicated warehouses like amazon. Very few sellers are given the flipkart advantage. And one more issue with flipkart is the delivery time is usually longer than amazon. Thats why I personally buy only on amazon.

But this could change with flipkart once Walmart starts to put its focus in India. Someone needs to challenge amazon. Then they will reduce charges which will help the sellers reduce charges. Flipkart is not being able to do it. Lets see what Reliance does once it launches its platform. But for all buyers online this is the best time in history to buy anything!

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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Didn't vote for either, because I don't strongly favour one over the other! I think there should have been a choice for the neutrals!

Was a frequent Flipkart buyer till they tried to move from the website to their app exclusively some years back. I stopped buying, and moved to Amazon (only for "Fulfilled by Amazon" items). Have been a satisfied customer on the whole so far, except for a few reservations:

1. I'm surprised there has been pretty much no comments on Amazon's usually lousy packing. They mostly ship the items in thin plastic bags with no additional protection whatsoever! As a result many of my purchases have been delivered in squashed boxes / packaging inside the plastic bags. I was afraid the things inside (e.g. cables, earphones and so on) would be damaged, but thankfully they still were functional, so I didn't ask for replacement. A metal laptop stand came all bent (there were many complaints regarding the same in the reviews), and I had to fix it myself! While the things concerned were functional, I can never confidently order something from Amazon for a gift! Even an external HDD came packed from Appario in just such a thin plastic bag, with no bubble wrap even. The box looked okay, and the HDD worked fine to start with, but failed afer a while. While I can't be certain in blaming the lack of adequate packaging from Amazon for the failure, doubts do linger, and I would never order another delicate item from Amazon ever again. I ordered my next HDD from Flipkart recently, which came decently packed. Even my first HDD purchased online from Infibeam came very securely packed, and is working just fine over years.

2. AmazonBasics items are basically hit-or-miss, and are always way overpriced. Some of them are decent, some are just cheap chinese trash (with workmanship comparable to similar goods sold on Indian streets at a fraction of the price).

3. Pantry Items sometimes came in damaged packages, ... and they are not returnable! So I stopped ordering from them. In any case I can always buy similar items at similar prices from local stores. Recently, after acquiring about half of "More", Amazon have been running good promotions there, which I like to take advantage of from time to time. But will not order online from their pantry anymore.

Amazon's customer service has been good, but they have made it more difficult to reach them! Amazon Pay is very good.

I had been more-or-less a satisfied customer at Flipkart for years before switching, but have ordered some high value items in their recent sales, and am reasonably satisfied with their service. Their tracking is messed up though, giving wrong information. But they did deliver a couple of days ahead of the promised dates. So I can't complain! Amazon also usually deliver ahead of time. Fortunately for me the delvery experiences (including staffs' behaviour) of their own logistics of both Amazon and Flipkart have been good. Can't say the same about Blue Dart and similar couriers the had been using. Strangely, both stores have lately stopped requiring signature / IDs at the time of delivery (even by new staff)!

I had been a satisfied customer in several other online stores too, including, Infibeam and HomeShop18. The only really bad experience was with the Indiatimes shopping whom I never returned to.

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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I have used both for purchases but I am more skewed towards Flipkart.

I have bought most of my electronics, eg. mobiles, tvs, etc. from Flipkart and have never faced any issues. The offers and discount on flipkart are better than Amazon.

Flipkart has also started Flipkartplus through which you can avail Sonyliv and Hotstar app subscriptions among others provided you make enough purchases.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

We all started with Flipkart, specially with books, then came Amazon. Then we started checking both sites before actually buying on Amazon. Over time, we stopped going to Flipkart altogether.

That is the story for most of the people I know.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Originally Posted by meerkat View Post

Amazon's customer service has been good, but they have made it more difficult to reach them!
A bit off topic but reading this had to say so many brands have started doing this now. For example Yatra don't have phone support anymore for flight bookings and you have to go through online making the process a pain for things that can't be serviced online.
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