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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

I get 14 paid leaves each year. Luckily I don't have to work on Saturdays and Sundays and there is no disturbance from work on those days. I take 2 fixed vacations every year, each of 9 days. Apart from that I do work remotely around 15 days in a year.
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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

Being a doctor by profession I usually avoid taking leaves, though i try to take a one week vacation in a year - this I have not availed in the last two years as my wife too (a doctor) needs her leaves sanctioned at the same time. Of the casual leaves I do take some - taken about 4 out of the 10 i am entitled to (last 8 months).
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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

Leaves are essential to one's well-being. I always overshoot my limits at this one atleast!

I religiously take 9 days of successive leaves twice a year--once for a long drive and once to spend time with family (in laws included). In between these two leaves I keep taking short bouts - . In fact, I bet, I am the first one to go through holiday calendar once it's out-and I immediately plan to Club few leaves so that I may get long weekends.

My motto- leave liyo Mast jiyo!
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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

I get 25 earned leaves in a year from Jan to Dec of which one week is reserved each for May end (before son's school reopens), Ganpati & Christmas/New Year week. The rest 2 weeks are for those last minute requirements. I have unlimited sick leaves. The best part is out of 25 days, I can carry forward 8 leaves till March the next year (in case I end up not utilizing those 2 weeks leaves).

I am of the firm opinion that leaves provided by the organizations should be used without a guilt. Its not that orgs will collapse with you not at the desk, delegate and enjoy the holidays.
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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

I haven't taken long leaves this year, most of my leaves were only for 2-3 days duration maximum, but I took a lot of leaves, that means I used to take leaves frequently. So, to be precise by the end of this year I have taken 32 leaves, apart from this there are Saturdays and Sundays which are luckily off for us and I make a good use of them. So overall I would say I had so many days for fun this year.
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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

Apart from the Saturdays and Sundays off, I get 21 days paid leaves (Excluding 10 national/ festival holidays).
Of the 21 days paid leave, I tend to consume around 15-18 days a year. we usually take one long holiday each year which amounts to 5 days of leave. apart from that a couple of short holidays with a 1-2 day leave.
I am lucky that in my current organization my work does not follow me around. Off work is off work, no calls/ emails etc after reaching home or on weekends or during leaves.
Also, I have the option of work from home (9 days a month) which can be used when I have to be at home for some reason but there is no need for a leave.
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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

I like the concept in Europe - paid vacation of 4-6 weeks. Especially in France where it is a National Mandate. And I love all the Latin races , they are so cool - everything is always “Manana” - no stress! Then most Island nations - they truly know how to take it easy.And our dear Goans of course too!

I think of all the countries / ethnic groups in the world, we urban new age working wage slave Indians, the Chinese, South East Asians and surprisingly the Americans, may be amongst those who take the least amount of leave in a year.

Because (I think) the above mentioned ethnic groups are so consumed by ginormous debt, addiction to the monthly pay cheque driven by pressure to save and save and save, as well as doubt, uncertainty, and unhealthy fears around job security, competition and their general “dispensability” quotient, that they end up slaving away towards poor health, bad lifestyle, terrible worries and possibly an earlier departure from this world.

Is there a way out of this dreadful rat trap? Is there a way to jump off the treadmill? Do we have the strength of conviction?

I often ask myself this - but if I’m honest, I have no answer at all until now.

But yes, somehow, we’ve been muddling along - managing atleast one 10-15 day holiday every year. Sometimes 2 such holidays if we are lucky.

And plenty of time at home on weekends - because it is better to be home than sitting in a car battling through traffic.

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