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Default How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

I just realised that, from days that I am in home-city Bombay, I don't remember the last time I didn't come to work.

Of course, I do take international holidays (last USA trip was 21 days) and our family is BIG on road-trips. We hit the highway very frequently. It could be just a weekend in Lonavla / Pawna, a longer road-trip in Mahabaleshwar / Deolali or a week in Goa. We usually plan the longer ones around long public holiday weekends.

Still I have to admit, I'm never "disconnected" from work. Even on holidays, I'm on my computer from 0630 - 0930 hours, so I can totally chill the rest of the day. It's Team-BHP, so doesn't feel like work really .

Weekends are off at work, although I do put in a couple of hours here & there (say, 3 hours on Sat as well as Sun).

Just curious to know how many leaves / holidays do BHPians take each year? My best friend has like ~40 leaves a year at the company he works for. He utilises all of them (some companies give the option of encashing them instead).

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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Still I have to admit, I'm never "disconnected" from work. Even on holidays, I'm usually on my computer from 0630 - 0930 hours, so I can totally chill the rest of the day.
Being a corporate lawyer in a law firm, there is nothing called a traditional "leave" from office, where I can be disconnected at any time. Call it a bane or boon, internet connectivity on phones have ensured that one is available to check emails and messages all the time and any time. For us, a leave day would be equivalent to what most others would call a "work from home day". The only difference that I will not be physically in office on such a day, and would have more time to finish personal chores or address whatever it is that I took the leave for - along with ensuring that work happens in a seamless manner. This is the standard situation in most big law firms across the country, and even internationally for the most part. It is just how the legal/ law firm sector is conditioned to operate.

While we have some 20 odd days of leave per firm policy, dont think I have taken more than 10-12 days in any year for the past decade of work - in fact, it has been a much smaller number during most of those years.

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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

I take leave only when I have to supervise maintenance on my car , OR when I need to go out of town.

I've averaged 20 days of leave a year, weekends excluded.

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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

I am entitled to 25 days paid holiday a year, so 5 weeks. I tend to use them all. We are allowed to carry days over into the next year and have done that in the past as well. If I do not use them at some point I will loose them. I can get holidays paid out as well.

My wife and I enjoy a lot of short holidays over the one long holidays per year.
So I often take a day here and there, have a long weekend away. Travel in most of Europe is very convenient. So we can easily take weekend breaks anywhere in Europe.

We are out and about almost every weekend, day tripping. That doesn't cost any of my holidays.

I travel a lot all over the world for my work. My wife will come along and we will stay an extra weekend, whilst I work during the day. This is how we did Delhi and Madrid recently.

The only time when we do an extended holiday is if we travel very far overseas. My wife grew up in Barbados, West Indies. We will be visiting her mum and family early January. That will be a long extended Holiday. From Christmas till 17th of January. Christmas and new year are alll official holidays so they wont come out of my holiday quota. The Netherlands does not have anything such as bank holidays. If Christmas falls on the weekend, no extra days.

I am on call 24/7 and I will read my work mail at least twice a day. No matter what. Rarely a holiday goes by, where I do not have to work for a few hours on something urgent. It usually means getting on a video/Skype call. We have offices world wide and I might have to pop into our office if it requires more than just a call.

It is just part of the job and I have been doing it for decades.
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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

Since I stay in Delhi, on an average I take 21 days continuous leave for my Kochi visit.

Other than that may be 5 to 6 days for Travel/Sick etc.
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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

Christmas, and it is nearing, is the only time of the year that I take off. The company shuts down from Christmas eve to New Years day every year and I normally extend it so it is two weeks altogether.

Apart from this, if there is a requirement like some function, I take off for those few days. In 2018, was when for the first time in my work life that I actually took a long break for a vacation and visited the US along with my wife.

I have gotten so used to my routine, that I don't think of a holiday unless something comes up and at the most extend a weekend for a short trip. I end up wasting my leaves every year and part of them are carried over. Time to make changes.
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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

Unfortunately, we do not have Saturdays off. And I have 21 days of paid leaves every year which I tend to utilize all. Sometimes I overshoot that limit as well, resulting in some loss of pay .

We generally take one 7-10 day holiday during the year end. Small ones during the year go almost uncounted as holiday break.
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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

I have 4 weeks of summer holiday quota and 1 week of winter holiday quota every year. If we visit India during the summer, I tend to take all 5 weeks of leave together. If we are not visiting India, I break the vacation into smaller chunks and still use the whole 5 week quota. In addition, we have the concept of holiday bonus pay, which could be converted time off. I have used this facility once.

The first company I worked for in India had this 6-week paid "Hibernation Leave" facility once you complete 5 years of service. I got to use this once. I am not sure if they have it even now, I guess not.
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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

I am blessed with 55 paid holidays per annum; in addition to that, there are around 50 Sundays, 50 half days on Saturdays and a minimum of 8 general holidays.

Statistically speaking, I am entitled to take nearly 40% of the year off!

Yet, the average annual consumption of holidays in my case is just about 15 days; plus the Sundays and half Saturdays. That leaves me sitting at home for nearly three months out of twelve .

I am a typical sarkari noukar. What else can you expect?

Related Thread: (The Government Holidays Thread)

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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

I get 34 paid leaves in a year of which 15 have to be taken mandatory at a stretch. So my longest drives are planned during these 15 days. Otherwise for short outings of say 200 - 300 kms any weekly off is fine, as I work 5 days a week only like most of you.

However this 5 day a week thing might change, if I change roles within the organisation.

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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

I feel that in this era of connectivity term leave/holiday has changed meaning. Not being present at your place of work is not good enough for termed as leave. I will term a day as leave when my mind is not occupied with any work related tasks/issues/worries. Such scenarios are very unlikely, a simple call, a mail and now a days a WA message can result into devoting substantial amount of time to work.

This way technically no leave at all.
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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

I have 60 days of paid leaves and 10 days of compulsory holidays apart from Saturdays and Sundays. I have used 8 days of my paid leave until now and will take another 5 days in the year end. 17 days will get lapsed by the end of this year and the remaining 30 will get carried over to the next year. My outings are generally to my home town which is hardly 120 Kms from where I stay and I do it on weekends (saturday and sunday).

Planning to change my lifestyle to spend times with my child matching his holidays. New year resolution on the cards.
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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

I work for an MNC and we are given 20 paid leaves plus 5 days of annual shutdown from 25th Dec till 31st Dec. Out of which, we can carry forward 10 and we can accumulate only 30 days as carry forwarded leaves. One good thing about our company’s leave policy is, we have unlimited sick leaves
I have been working in this company for almost 19 years now and till I got married, I never used to consume even the mandatory 10 leaves in the year. But after marriage and buying a car, I started enjoying drives in my car with my family and hence started properly using my paid leaves also.
One question though. Our counterparts in US have a different leave policy. They get minimum of 15 days leaves per year and then 5 days gets added after completion of multiples of 5 years of service. Any company having such leave policy in India?
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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

When it comes to leaves/holidays, I don't think anyone can compete with Litigating Lawyers! 1 month of Summer Vacation in the month of May + 2 week Diwali Vacation + 10 days of Christmas Vacation. Not to forget over a dozen other public holidays.
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Default Re: How many leaves / holidays do you take in a year?

I work in Global Debt markets so Saturdays and Sundays are strictly off. The best part is no work can be done remotely, hence no laptop/ work phone and zero disturbance when I am at home. I get the last 10 days of the year off and have never taken a vacation outside of that. In fact the only times I took leave for more than 2 days in a row was for my wedding and my brother's wedding

Most of my trips are to Chennai (hometown) or for some function in South India usually on a weekend. Sometimes take Friday or Monday off to make it a slightly longer trip.

I work on most Indian holidays ( I actually like it due to the traffic) but do get to take off on US holidays. (Yeah I am part of the reason you saw less traffic last week )
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