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Default Re: Buying from AliExpress

Originally Posted by OverKill View Post
On the same boat as you currently.

Last update is departed country of origin warehouse.
No update after that.
It's been 15 plus days since that.
Was in a similar situation and kept thinking whether to request for a refund or not. I waited 10 days more than the extend expected delivery date and then requested for refund. They refunded in 3-4 days.

It did feel like cheating as the package may still arrive but I was not sure.

Lets see what happens.

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Originally Posted by Red Liner View Post
What postage service have you chosen? All the cheap ones use only India Post as the end carrier, and the more expensive is DHL.
That's the funny part. There was no free shipping so I had to pay about 800 rupees for the item priced at 4k. Now it is showing as being shipped using some carrier called UBI. The tracking page in the website returns nothing.
Just ignore these guys. If there is customs duty to be paid, you will be contacted by the right shipping company.

It looks like your order details have been leaked somehow. This is very scary. I would not be surprised if the Chinese seller is farming out information to thugs like these.
Am not inclined to share my IDs without being sure that it is genuine. I will wait for a few weeks and open a dispute for a refund. The item is nothing I cannot live without.
Originally Posted by skanchan95 View Post

At times unregistered parcels are sent through cheap parcel services that come to their local delivery agent/agency in India and then they send it through registered post to you. I suspect your parcel was not sent through China/India Post and some courier service was used.
Well, I think what you are saying is correct. This Yitong seems to be a logistics company in Delhi. So as you said they might be shipping from China to this company and then it could be sent to me via local courier. Still doesn't give me the confidence to send my adhaar copy to them. I'd rather take a refund.

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Default Re: Buying from AliExpress


I received the same whatsapp message from yitong. In fact, they are genuine. They are based out of Delhi and you can reach out to them. I had to pay custom duty to get the clearance and once it was cleared, they sent the package via Fedex to Chennai.


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Default Re: Buying from AliExpress

8 of my parcels are stuck(ordered in March). I got a refund for 2 of them. I think it's best not to order for a few months until things settle down a bit.
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Default Re: Buying from AliExpress

Same here. I have 6 packages stuck, which I had ordered in march. Didn't know we will also go into a lockdown. In some cases, the seller has extended buyer protection for 30-60 days. Ive not asked for refund yet, as the prices are not too high and the goods may arrive anytime after flights resume. Don't want to keep something which I have not paid for.
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Default Re: Buying from AliExpress

The dashcam I ordered on 7th March was delivered on 30th May. They seller had extended the buyer protection in between.

Luckily, no customs duty!
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Default Re: Buying from AliExpress

What do you guys feel about all the No-Chinese product wave going on these days ? With certain car parts/accessories not available in any other way to us, I think many will continue to buy from AliEx.
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Default Re: Buying from AliExpress

Originally Posted by Makin Rulesz View Post
True. Though the status was showing as "departed country of origin", since 30th March, actual dispatch from Singapore was done on 15th of May for 3 of my orders.
Now the parcels have arrived in Chennai and latest status is "held by customs". Are customs people working and most importantly do they have the courage to open and check the parcels coming from China?
After brief held up at customs, all 3 parcels were cleared and delivered to me by the postman last week. All were Car accessories(plastic, rubber, metal items) and no electronics. So, as expected there were no customs duties levied.

Now, I don't see the earlier free/cheapest shipping options of China post and Aliexperess standard shipping(mostly Singapore post) anymore for new orders. Many sellers are offering the shipping through Yanwen special line or EMS/DHL which have exorbitant shipping charges.
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Default Re: Buying from AliExpress

Originally Posted by Makin Rulesz View Post
Now, I don't see the earlier free/cheapest shipping options of China post and Aliexperess standard shipping(mostly Singapore post) anymore for new orders. Many sellers are offering the shipping through Yanwen special line or EMS/DHL which have exorbitant shipping charges.
Most sellers whom I have dealt with so far have stopped shipping to India. No idea when the shipping window shall open for the 'AliExpress Standard Shipping' to resume.

All items I see are having a minimum of $50 shipping charges through EMS or DHL. Yanwen shipping will never reach the customer at all so no point ordering through it.
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Default Re: Buying from AliExpress

Lately, I have been receiving only about 80% of my orderes delivered and I realize that I am not even properly following up to make a claim and thus lost several hundred rupees, so stopped ordering there. I don't know if it is our local postman who is swallowing them or some sort of a recurring logistics issue.
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Default Re: Buying from AliExpress

I was spending time yesterday evening, checking out Aliexpress. Was surprised to see shipping charges to India sky rocket. What is this new strategy?
Any other websites similar to Aliexpress?
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Default Re: Buying from AliExpress

I never received aliexpress packages that I ordered without tracking. I always had to raise dispute even though I knew it was not sellers fault, and was mostly Indiapost employees grabbing non-trackable packages for personal benefit.

I started upgrading to aliexpress standard shipping for all my small value packages eventhough it meant paying 100 or 200 ruppees additional.

Now that singpost packages are getting held up in singapore looks like aliexpress standard shipping has been discontinued. Options remain GATI and DHL, amd shipping cost doesnt make sense anymore.
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Default Re: Buying from AliExpress

Well my first order from AliExpress turned out to be a 4-month long rollercoaster of sorts.

I had placed my order on the 22nd of February 2020. The seller shipped it on the 1st of March and the tracker was updated to "Departed origin country" on the 9th of March.

Then began the long wait. The tracker would just not update in the ensuing period. After that, the lockdown and the subsequent mess happened and I started losing hope of receiving my order. The seller was extremely kind and extended purchase protection twice when contacted.

March went by and so did April. When I checked the tracker in mid-May, the website 17track even showed the tracking number as "Expired". IndiaPost tracking just showed that the parcel has reached Beijing with the next point being the Kolkata sorting office.

Having lost all hope of receiving the product, I initiated dispute and requested for refund after speaking to the seller, who suggested this route after speaking to them. The refund was processed in the first week of June. And with that, all thoughts about my order were out of my mind.

Until today, when the local postman showed up at our doorstep with the parcel. I was pleasantly surprised to see the product I had ordered, and that too, in a reasonably well packed shape. Immediately sent a message to the seller asking if there was any way to make the payment again. Waiting for his response as I type out this post.

Attaching the image of the tracking status, which on checking now, became active once again on the 6th of June 2020, 3 months after it departed Beijing.

Name:  Capture.jpg
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So I received my product nearly 4 months after placing the order and boy, am I glad Hoping I can sort out the payment problem with the seller and return the refund.
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Default Re: Buying from AliExpress

Bought this HDMI to USB capture device for $9.

It basically let's me use my Sony A6300 (or any other camera with HDMI output) as a webcam for Zoom, Meet, Teams, etc etc!

This is the awesome & detailed review video that gave me the confidence to actually buy the device:

Works perfectly!

And happy to report, it showed up in 21 days despite COVID etc (though something i ordered 20 days before it hasn't shown up yet - but hey, that's the AliExpreience )
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Default Re: DIY: Auto-dimming IRVM install in my Tata Nexon

Any issues ordering products from AliExpress?
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