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Default Re: The Coronavirus Thread

Originally Posted by motorworks View Post
Seeking some guidance from the experts and doctors here. I had tested positive for COVID twice, first time in Feb and once again in March. The first instance was very mild, just cold and nothing else. In the second instance last month, I had fever and severe headache. Before I tested positive the second time, I was asked by the doctor to check my anti bodies, and the result came as 0.02, which means my body did not generate anti bodies from the first infection or I may have got a different strain the 2nd time, well thatís what my doctor mentioned. Now, should I check for anti bodies once again, before vaccination? Its been nearly 4 weeks since the date of my 2nd infection in April, I assume I can take the Vaccine after 30 days, and anyway since there is an availability constraint, I see myself getting the vaccine only by 1st or 2nd week of June. Hence checking if there are any tests that I need to run before the planned vaccination? Thanks in advance!
ICMR recommends taking vaccine after 8 weeks of recovery and american CDC recommends it after 6 months. Antibodies tests are called IgM and IgG. I am not a doctor.

Originally Posted by amitkuch View Post
Hello team,
Yesterday, I woke up with slight fever and sound in nose like in cold. And the situation after 24 hours is exactly same. Some more observations:
1- I took first dose of covishield on 10 May after which I developed high fever and it stays for 24 hours. After that everything was fine.
2- On 16 May, I rook bathe late at 3PM and sit directly in front of cooler. Only after sometime I realise that it is not comfortable so I switched off the cooler. Climate at my place is such that days are hot around 32℃ and in morning it cool down to 25℃ means lot of fluctuations in temperature so I am not ruling out the normal fever.
3- on 17 May, I woke up with slight fever and nose sound. However the temperature reading are around 99.2 to 99.8. it is not touching 100 but not going down either till now.
4- no sneezing, no soar throat at all, no cough.

Can I connect with any doc here for consultation on phone.
I am not a doctor but have seen enough to regard this as covid. Get tested asap if possible even by rapid antigen. Talk to a doctor urgently and monitor it as covid infection.

Originally Posted by Caffeinated View Post
Eminent Dr KK Agarwal passed away on 17 May after battling Covid. He helped thousands of people with short, useful Youtube videos and live Zoom sessions on properly tackling Covid threat, and was a source of credible knowledge among the noise all around. He will be missed by many of us.
He had taken 2 doses of vaccine, but looks like Covid or its after effects still found a way through.
RIP Sir!
His voice was one of sanity. He handled the situation so well that it calmed the stormed mind of viewers. Om Shanti.
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Default Re: The Coronavirus Thread

Thanks for all our doctors providing excellant support here.

Need you advice on treatment for dad

1) on 7th may he had mild fever & body pain, took dolo and till date no symptons other than loss of smell & fatigue on exertion

2) Heart CT taken on 13 may shows score of 6/25

3) Blood test taken on 13th may shows D Dimer @ 328 ng/ml & CRP @ 17.30 mg/dl

4) Blood test taken on 17th may shows D Dimer @ 298 ng/ml & CRP @ 26.60 mg/dl

5) Ferritin @ 507 ng/ml, ESR 1hour 47 mm/hr, platelet 2.27 lacs / cumm

6) Tablets taken currently are
moxovas 0.3 = 1-1-1
nicardia retrd 20 = 1-0-1
minipress xl 5 mg = 1-0-1
concor 5 = 1-0-0
nose pain
cazlac 80 = 0-0-1
zeptol xl 200 = 1-0-1
maxgalin 75 = 0-0-1
rozagold = 0-0-1

8) Covaxin 2nd dose taken on 17th april & had stroke in Jan 2018
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Default Re: The Coronavirus Thread

This query must have been discussed in the past but in this sea of information, searching it out is a herculean task.

How to decide if one can get vaccinated or not in case if he was asymptomatic, never tested, was absolutely fine, but just that he was exposed to a Covid+ case and stayed in isolation for 14 days and came out of it assuming to be not infected. Can he go right away and take vaccination after that 14 days of isolation. Is there any harm, say just in case if he were infected but never knew?

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Default Re: The Coronavirus Thread

Originally Posted by drrajasaravanan View Post
Hello Doc,

I just recovered from covid with first symptoms on May 9. Today I took a blood test, all the values are normal except d-dimer, it is .59 ng/ml. Refrange should be < .5. Anything I should take care of?
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Default Re: The Coronavirus Thread

Any info from doctors about the 2 DG medicine from DRDO? Who needs it and how effective is it? I read it can replace Remdesivir at less cost and be more effective. When it will become available?
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Default Re: The Coronavirus Thread

Just look at the sea of change:

The Coronavirus Thread-17e7c3090c784f45b35abf7289329005.jpeg

The Coronavirus Thread-a4e713b78467494e887140348a906048.jpeg

Isnít this due to the various lockdowns enforced across the country? Even the TPR is on a downward trend.

The Coronavirus Thread-51612d59938f466ab6610e444d5ab66b.jpeg
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