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View Poll Results: What kind of music is in your playlist?
Rock Music 119 38.02%
Hip Hop Music 19 6.07%
Pop Music 43 13.74%
Electronic/ Trance/ Club Music 45 14.38%
Others (Country, Jazz, Instrumental etc) 87 27.80%
Voters: 313. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: The Music Thread

Originally Posted by SmartCat View Post
1) Am impressed. I found this Greydon Square 'Top Tracks' playlist on Youtube.
I will play all of them over time, but which songs are worth listening to?

2) Any other 'underground' rappers that are good?
Glad you liked it SmartCat. A couple of my Greydon favourites.

Ascention. The story line is Greydon dies and goes to Rap heaven where the greats decide whether he is worthy of admission.

Greydon talking about his life's philosophy.

Some underground (and not so underground ) artists and songs that I like.

MF DOOM. Incredible rhyming. The grandmaster.

Big Pun. No one goes harder than Pun.

Audible Mainframe. Jazz+ Hip Hop. So smooth.

Nine Leaves - Yesterday. Basic but good nonetheless.

Probably the most unexpected one. You would never guess that Mekules raps. Talking about addiction.

I also love watching Charlie Sloth's fire in the booth for some great freestyle. Here's one of my favourite sessions featuring Stormzy. Some incredible gems in the series.

And finally a nice freestyle session featuring our Desi rappers. I think they filmed it when researching for Gully Boy. The guy who comes in at 3:24 is really good.

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Originally Posted by Jeroen View Post
Live performance of The Who! Never thought I would see them live!
Sadly I never got to see Keith Moon live. I did get to see Kenny Jones though. October 12 and 13 at the Shea in 1982. The best part. We did not have to pay for the tickets (I was part of the local college radio station).

The first night they gave us seats just in front of the cameras and the fans (used to cool the crew) were making a loud humming noise so we went to the administration and told them that we could not enjoy the show. So they gave us passes for the second day way in front with the crowd. I cant share the rest of what happened that night on a public forum.

Jeroen, I did not realize you (or anyone) would know Larkin Poe (I see you have their album 'Peach' in your collection). I got to meet Megan and Rebecca in Mumbai at the Mahindra Blues. Sadly they were alongside Buddy Guy and the rush to meet Guy meant I did not get time to get my copy of Venom and Faith autographed.

Even at my ripe old age, I am constantly trolling the internet for new bands. Off the top of my head (the ones I remember easily) - Titis Andronicus, Killer Mike (DJ), Alabama Shakes, Spoon, Chumped, Pinegrove, Badflower, The Warning, Deer Hunter, Post Modern Juke Box, Girlpool, Haim, Greta Van Fleet, and Morningside Lane. Ok maybe you have never heard of Morningside Lane, I only got to know of them because their rhythm guitarist is an ex-girlfriend's, daughter's, ex-boyfriend.

My taste is so varied that I would have to check all 5 and maybe add a few more genres to that poll.

Originally Posted by Sutripta View Post
That was the original CD standard. Nowadays I believe in the studio during the mastering process it is much higher.
I am aware of this. For example, even my son uses 48/16. That is the maximum his DAW supports besides he is not a professional just fooling around at home. But the old red book standard is still what commercial CDs use.

Many studios have graduated to 88.2/24 (2x) and 176.4/24 (4x) and even 88.2/32F and 176.4/32F.

Most professional DAWs will support 64F too but I don't see anyone using that.

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Re: The Music Thread

I voted for Rock music. My favorite Drive Tracks are:

Pink Floyd
Dire Straits
Jethro Tull

In that order. However, I must confess on long drives when it is necessary to stay alert I turn to Bhangra music. I picked up this habit about a decade back when I realized the peppy beats were like Red Bull to my ears.

I don't even know the names of the artists, but they keep me alert & safe on long drives so a shout-out to them.

I collected cassettes when I first started earning, then it was CD's (I still have loads of them) will not dispose of them. I regret having got rid of the LP's in our family collection. I will hold on to the CDs. I am sure in the years to come these will be actively traded on eBay.
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Re: The Music Thread

Rammstein is one band that I never got over once I heard it the first time in the matrix. Sehnsucht and herzeleid are both master classes in Industrial. This song, klavier, has one of the best arrangements in any kind of music ever, and to think that the genre is only associated with clangy grating music.

By the by, speaking of soundtracks, the crow, matrix and Godzilla are something that have to be heard. They're almost like a best of xxxx.
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Re: The Music Thread

Nothing beats the magic of a mixed playlist that plays metal, Kishore Kumar, 80's pop and rock and some game soundtracks...
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Re: The Music Thread

Please suggest club music for me I like them but fail to follow good artists on Apple Music to have good load of music. I always resort to my friends who listens to good tracks & depend on them to load my playlist. May be this thread should give me good playlist for club music
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Originally Posted by Chetan_Rao View Post
No CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival) fans?
my parents introduced me to ccr when I was young, i am really fond of them now.

Originally Posted by srini1785 View Post
Am i the only one to look up to the Beatles ( even in the present age) or the fact that they were the most commercially successful band of all time puts off people who look for exclusivity?.
P.S : As @Sutripta mentioned, "What you listen defines your age" comes to a cropper from the first statement.
I listen to the Beatles quite a lot. The 2019 edition of Abbey road is very good and i am going mad with it.

Originally Posted by revsperminute View Post
I've got a taste in music that is shared by very few people of my age.
Originally Posted by neofromcapone View Post
oh boy!!!
This is gonna be the go-to thread for some good music recommendations, the Fkj & Masego - Tadow is so smooth.
Originally Posted by Vasanth View Post
I am only 21 and I have great taste of music. Yes. I am telling that. Is it just me? Nope. My sister, friends, all liked my genre.
What is music?

Have quite a similar taste music, John Lennon and eric Clapton have very nice solo albums.

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Originally Posted by A_KP View Post

7) Schiller

Wow, someone else also knows of Schiller!
I've been listening to them since 2008, nearly everyday and still not bored! Their music is just so peaceful and calming..

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Re: The Music Thread

Voted for Others, I am fond of Alternative music, including Alternative Rock. I am also a HUGE fan of Avril Lavigne. Her voice is angelic! Not to mention her drop dead gorgeous looks either. Her life story is a huge inspiration too.
On another note, Eminem's surprise performance at Oscars 2020 is arguably the most iconic moment ever in the award's history.
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Re: The Music Thread

I see mostly western music being discussed, but given the thread title, I believe any sort of music can be discussed.

I am a big lover of Punjabi language and music. My current favorite singers are Satinder Sartaaj, Rabbi Shergill and Sidhu Moosewalla.

Satinder & Rabbi for their lyrics and song quality. Moosewalla - I discard the lyrics (nothing bad) and just hum along. Given the grim situation nowadays, Moosewalla's song add some energy.

Do sample some songs from each of them:



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Re: The Music Thread

Country music legend Kenny Rogers passed away on Saturday 21st March. He brightened the life of so many with his music. May his soul rest in peace.

And the song that made him famous:

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Re: The Music Thread

The memes in the comments are damn funny. Good song, too.
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Re: The Music Thread

This Marmalade song rhymes with the times. Posting two version - By the band and by Dean Ford. The lyrics will move you

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Re: The Music Thread

I - A great song from Black Sabbath from the album Dehumanizer. Powerful vocals from Ronnie Dio.

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Re: The Music Thread

Great thread with music that I've listened to over the years. Since rock is the most voted genre in this poll, Im sharing this video of an all-time favourite act : Dream Theater. DT's been around since the late '80s and still going strong. Was thrilled to bits when I got tickets to their show a couple of years ago. But it turned out to be one of the most disappointing days of my life, from a music perspective, because of the horrible acoustics at the indoor venue.

The title track from their '94 release Awake it a nice intro to their sound. If you like this - try the rest of the album. And follow it up with their images and words. album

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