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Default Re: Government bans 59 Chinese Apps, including TikTok & UC Browser

Originally Posted by dark.knight View Post
I'm totally apolitical and a staunch capitalist and belive patriotism is a big waste of time, that being said, India's IQ just went up 10 points.

The demand for bulky leather jackets, super tight pants, glycerine, Brylcreem, kajal and lipstick will plummet with the disappearance of TikTok. Barbers will no longer get requests for mile high hairstyles. I don't have to see decked up photo and video shoots of the college goers pretending to lead the thug life and by posing in front of others homes, cars and bikes.
Originally Posted by TROOPER View Post

Same feelings here.

I don't know what this ban would do, other than show some intent (God knows of what kind), but I don't have to go around blocking every damn instagram page that comes up on my feed showcasing tik tok videos. Instagram keeps throwing it in my face even though I have literally blocked tons of these pages.

Tik tok should have been banned long ago even without any Chinese incursions.
I'm afraid I carry a different perspective here. Such crowd exists in India already. While Instagram and Youtube were a little 'Elite' apps, Tiktok made its way to Tier-2/3/4 cities and rural areas of the nation and providing democratized power of content creation. While I'm of strong belief that social media is a tool of great power and there are consequences of handing a weapon to any less trained/informed person, the bug for 'content creation' has bit people already. And now that people have more time (courtesy: unemployment due to covid) they will look for other alternatives. Its something analogous to breaking of Soviet Union on the digital platform, those crowds will exist but will head to smaller platforms. Remember the short lived mitronTV? There will be more such apps in coming times to lure these people. And Instagram is testing a similar feature as well and might roll out in near future.

To give you an example of how well Tiktok is rooted in the Indian users, I live in a Tier-3 city and I have come across some of those 'mile high hairstyle' people with their Tiktok username T-Shirts, and TikTok username stickers on windshields of their bikes (yes almost 99% of them are KTM RCs or Dukes). Made me question, what was the last time people roamed around with their instagram/facebook/linkedin usernames/URLs on such places.

So the crowd is here to stay, albeit on smaller websites/apps.

Originally Posted by Turbohead View Post
Hey guys! Liberal here!

While we will never know the long term impact of the 59 apps banned here, why aren't apps like PUBG banned? Isn't Tencent a Chinese MNC? Is it to keep the unemployed busy? While the popularity has gone down, it would still be a productive ban for a good chunk of the youth!

Banning apps and products from China is not a solution. It's just a way to please the crowd and for getting through the upcoming elections. Aggression and war are not a solution by any means. It has never solved anything.

Unless we grow from the inside and aim to be an actual superpower, our country will never ever improve and we'll just continue to blame the previous regimes because blaming others is what we're good at.

Well, thing is the internet companies make a huge, really huge money off people's data. Take a look at how much ByteDance made last year. Definitely banning for even a month might give things a scratch. Agreed a blanket ban isn't the final solution which might help, India does need to bring in strict laws such as the EU got GDPR which made even giants like Facebook and Google make amendments. India might be financially poorer than entire EU+UK combined but in terms of userbase, its a really rich country. Government must demand and companies will surrender.

India is producing good startup nowadays but the issue of funding by Chinese companies is there. Of course every investor will want something after pooling in money. There definitely need to be really strict data regulation policies, as per the topic of this thread is concerned.

Political/War/Border tension might be the trigger event or a political diplomatic move to call things even, but that has to be a separate discussion altogether.
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Default Re: Government bans 59 Chinese Apps, including TikTok & UC Browser

Really welcome governments move on banning these so called Chinese apps.

Though tik tok served as an entertainment to people sitting idle at home and to others who wanted to show their acting talent, it was becoming an addiction and more as a bane than boon. Have come across so many news were a family getting destroyed or people committing suicide or getting killed because of it and now it is

Have never used 58 apps from the list except one, shareit.
But always made sure to uninstall shareit, once the job is done.

As I never trusted it, because it would ask you to provide A to Z permission from your phone to function and I used to wonder why an app needs so much permission just to transfer data.

Thank god government took this step and didn't let it reach the level were it would ask your passport,aadhar to share data.

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Default Re: Government bans 59 Chinese Apps, including TikTok & UC Browser

The more I listen and read about the current crisis, I feel China has been preparing for such face offs, and expansion all these years. Economically and Military wise.

Their current President seems to have accelerated that process, Whatever the reasons.

I welcome the apps being banned, but sincerely hope that there is a more detailed and solid plan of action in the pipeline, A plan agreed between all parties, So that we stay on the same path in the future.

What China seems to benefit from is that their agenda, as a country, has not changed for the last 50 years, on account of being ruled by one party.

We need to set some goals to tackle this over-dependence on Chinese products and reach a consensus or a 20 year plan to address this situation, where even if power changes hands, this agenda is not lost(may be slows down but never discarded).

If not, then we will be discussing this situation again in the next 5-10-15 years.

PS - I think the current Chinese threat is real, I don't see them backing down, not with so much preparation on the border. We will either have to take our land back of let it go.

EDIT - I use Cam Scanner for free now, amazing app, Now shifting to office lens. I hope MS provide similar features to Cam scanner in the future. I don't mind paying.

- Slick

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Default Re: National Security Council asks Govt to ban 53 Chinese apps

Originally Posted by V.Narayan View Post
The provocation this time is as serious as 1962. In some ways more serious because India has a lot more at stake and China is itching to be recognized as a world super power and not merely a very successful economy. India joining hands with USA+Japan+Australia, the PM announcing emphasis on producing locally, our proclaimed aim of luring out 1000 companies from China, our refusal to join RCEP, India's growing strategic presence in Vietnam, Philippines, Mauritius, Seychelles, India reaching out to Taiwan and Maldives & Sri Lanka once again veering back to a centre path between China & India are among the many reasons for China's aggression. They are trying to send a signal to the 14 countries that share a land border with them that "look how we can slap India the big boy around this neighbourhood, what chance do you think you stand". Also their eyes are not just on Galwan but on what they call historically the 5 fingers - Arunachal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, Ladakh. Mao Ze Dong had laid out this as their long term strategy in 1960 after they had occupied Tibet some years earlier. He referred to Tibet as the palm and these five areas as the fingers. They genuinely believe on basis of their interpretation of history that these are parts of a "Greater China". It is an interpretation open to serious question*. This long term aim, for which they are willing to wait 4 generations to fulfill, sets the tone for their strategy and planning. While it is all very well to have diplomacy with Xi Ping we need to remain alert to his true intentions.

* It is like us saying that as parts of SE Asia were strongly influenced by India culture and religion 1500 to 2500 years ago hence Java, Sumatra, Bali islands, Cambodia and the Malaya peninsula belong to us!!
During my UPSC studies. Along iwith the usual string of pearls, sea lines of communications, BRI etc, the professor who is an ex IPS officer shared something very intresting. To counter China, we should leverage our past and history and claim large parts of tibet with kailash, mansarovar etc. as Indian territory called Greater Arunachal.(an apparent dig at them for calling Arunachal little Tibet).
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In a column that I read in the newspaper this morning , we are already one up on the Chinese. We have systematically destroyed their food across our country. 🤣
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Default Re: Government bans 59 Chinese Apps, including TikTok & UC Browser

Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
Can someone suggest a replacement for this camera/app setup?
If you have a spare smart phone, it can be used as a security camera. It is quite simple process and works via app. Check Alfred Camera application. I have Mi camera too which I don't use now. Might sell it off soon or use it for outdoor application.
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Default Re: Government bans 59 Chinese Apps, including TikTok & UC Browser

Originally Posted by DaptChatterjee View Post
Since I have seen this information shared in numerous threads by many, felt the need to correct.
It is surprising how this fake news of Statue of Unity being fabricated in China still persists even in a knowledgeable forum like this.

Originally Posted by steadfast View Post
And in such a short span of few months, Indian manufacturers have outstripped demand of PPE's and prices have crashed.
And now India has allowed PPE exports. All in span of 3 months

Originally Posted by padmrajravi View Post

For a normal citizen, there is always two truths - The actual one and the one the government want you to believe.
To go philosophical, this is always the case with anything - Countries, Laws, Religions, Corporations, History - basically any "stories" that humans have created. There are no 'fundamental' truths in any of these human created abstractions. You may be believing that you "own" your 1500 sqft of a 2-BHK, but in actuality there is not even a single inch of land that exclusively belongs to you.
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Default Re: Government bans 59 Chinese Apps, including TikTok & UC Browser

Originally Posted by Shreyans_Jain View Post
Wow. So they come inside our territory, break all rules of engagement, kill our men in uniform and then put the blame of everything on us, and we reply by blocking some their apps. This brutal and strict action will strike fear of god into our enemies for all time to come. Seriously, are we truly that helpless?
I am sick of this “Chinese killed our 20, and we banned TikTok” line. This is doing a big disservice to the Army units that took the fight to Chinese turf on June 15 in Galwan, inflicting big Chinese casualties. Please read the reports below:

I am pained to see a lot of likes for this post as well. Only goes to show how well people believe the Chinese propaganda than the men in uniform and the government. A lot of neutral intelligence reports have confirmed that the casualties in the Chinese side was higher than those from Indian side.

I am quoting from the same Chinese Communist Party Propaganda articles to show how scared they are

China recruits MMA fighters for Tibet border militia -
"It was not clear if the Tibetan Mastiffs would be deployed to the border with India but their main mission would be to help border patrol troops and special forces in hand-to-hand combat training, according to a Tencent News report."

If they were capable & battle ready to inflict damage on India, they would not need martial arts experts to teach their army post an altercation. This shows their lack of training and battle readiness and shows how scared they are post this episode.

This one is from their own Global Times, which calls for action against Indian soldiers who indulged in the attack. This was a mere retaliation to the killing of our CO. The India Today article & the Chinese mouthpiece themselves confirm that the subsequent attacks took place inside Chinese territory and not parts of China occupied Indian territory.

Since the retaliation to their attack was clearly in Chinese territory, now where does the question of they came into our land and killed 20 of our men even arise?

You can believe in the might of the Chinese PLA but please do not belittle the might on the Men in Uniform here in India. They are capable, battle hardened and can inflict enough damage to the enemy.

If you still have doubts, please check the official Twitter handles of Global Times and Hu Xijin_GT. They have been posting hundreds of videos on the capabilities and might of PLA and PLAAF from the day Galwan altercation happened. Someone who is not scared and someone who knows their capabilities never needs propaganda.

The Indian Army has always been battle ready owing to being constantly deployed either in Kashmir or in North East. When was the last time China won a war? Please go through the below thread to know how a small country like Vietnam gave a big blow to China. (Actual photographs also in thread)

In 2020, I am not discounting the might of the Chinese with respect to their defence, but in the Himalayas the might of their defence can't be completely used because of terrain difficulties and logistics.

This is the report of how the Chinese PLA when on a UN peacekeeping mission to South Sudan abandoned their posts and their rifles and fled fearing the rebels. The Indian Army which was also part of the UN PKF was awarded medals and recognized internationally for defending villages againt Sudanese rebels. This is as recent as 2018-2019 and not too old. No Soldier from a professional army ever abandons his rifle unless dead. I REPEAT "No Soldier ever abandons his rifle when alive".

I am not making all these up and have attached proper links for these.

I apologize for the long post but if you think the Chinese took 20 men and the Bihar Regiment and Ghataks didn't respond in kind, please do read stories of the valour of the 118 men in Rezang La in 1962, the Nathu La & Cho La altercations in 1967 and the 1987 situation in Arunachal Pradesh.

If there are casualties in our side, please be rest assured and have the confidence in our army to have had created an even bigger impact/damage on their side.

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Default Re: National Security Council asks Govt to ban 53 Chinese apps

Originally Posted by Kosfactor View Post
A bunch of apps? Really?
Yes, welcome to present times. Now war is not waged only at the borders and in diplomatic circles. It is heavily waged in cyber world, and apps are a major conduit. If crores of Indians are using chinese apps, whose creators are under full control of Chinese government, they can do all kind of espionage and cyber attacks without any knowledge of the app users.
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Default Re: Government bans 59 Chinese Apps, including TikTok & UC Browser

What if we don't uninstall an app banned say camscanner from our phone? Is there a legal mandate to uninstall app already present in the phone?

PS - A childish move by the Government (Can't remember which move actually wasn't). It's like blocking someone from Facebook after you broke up!

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Default Re: Government bans 59 Chinese Apps, including TikTok & UC Browser

Originally Posted by digitalnirvana View Post
What's nationalism or anti nationalism or a particular party got to do with this?

Sorry but kosfactor and padmrajravi what is it that you propose? That we redraw the maps to show the disputed territories as not in our claim? Sorry but this is ridiculous.
My comment was a rant about how I will never know what happened exactly at the border( In this instance and a lot more instances in the last 70 years) and the frustration that I will have to find consolation in the fact that our government gave them a strong reply by banning the apps. I was not pointing to nationalism or any particular government. In my opinion, both governments have failed in solving border issues and is only interested in managing the perceptions.
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Default Re: Government bans 59 Chinese Apps, including TikTok & UC Browser

I guess as long as they can give us more apps to ban, we can continue to sacrifice our armed forces eh?

Wonder why our government has no qualms about PayTM which owned in part (~40%) by chinese investors. Or the multitude of other behemoths with major chinese stakes in them. Or several of the so called Make in India projects with most of their components manufactured in China. It's make in India, not assemble in India.

If the objective of this exercise is to prevent espionage, even in parts, then yes, good move. If the intention was retaliation of any sort, then no, not at all.

All a joke my friends. And it's on us. We're simply not ready to do this. We just don't have the capability to be a self sustained nation yet. Banning apps. What next? No birthday cards to chinese dignitaries?

Also, we stand to lose more than China in this fight if we decide to amp it up. We import a lot more from them than they do from us. China literally has almost nothing to lose. And if they do, history shows that they will recover by whatever means it takes. The current Corona situation is an example of that. The myopia of the whole topic is scary. There's so much information out there if only we decide to study the topic instead of lighting our torches and stepping out on a witch hunt - for apps!

Start here:

If we really want to do something, let's introspect and build the capability first to be a self sustained nation with quality. I support local businesses wherever I feel quality is not compromised. But that isn't much right now. However, with more people supporting local businesses, more supply will open up, competition will appear, the quality will slowly start to climb. I've been meaning to start a business since long. But the entire red-tape adorned journey has kept me at bay so far. I know many friends who're in the same boat. Let's fix that first. Let's start building before setting out on a journey to break things.

That is the real fight we can put up. Against this and against all other future threats.

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Default Re: Government bans 59 Chinese Apps, including TikTok & UC Browser

I hope this is only the beginning. The next step should be to kick them out of every govt contract and tenders.

Losing the comfort of Chinese imports to India is sure a headache for our bustling economy and corporate leaders. We have become too comfortable with importing, rebranding and reselling. Innovation and creativity are stalling. Its like giving drugs to the labour so they never realize the exploitation and damage. (remember mandwa in Agneepath? China is Kancha and we are the villagers of Mandwa.)

We are into manufacturing and have firsthand experience how Chinese are heavily into blantantly copying and infringement and then dumping the same into a foreign country to kill their manufacturing. We unknowingly sent numerous samples to China around 2000-2005 until we realized there was 0 business generated. Today, they are trying to sell our copied products to us for cheap aided by their communist government.

Toy industry in India is another classic example of dumping and destroying an industry. CHinese toys of today are not cheap and they don't last either. Our pharma industry met the same fate and now have to import API's from China. The same is the case with mobiles. We used to have Nokia (finland), Motorola (USA), Siemens (Germany), Benq (Taiwan), Ericsson (Sweden), Samsung (Korea), Sagem (france). Now its Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, oppo, Oneplus, vivo etc. and all are from China. Previously Oneplus was a flagship killer selling at 22000rs, they are now selling for double the price.

For all the liberals always busy in bashing India and its products, no our country's quality and services are not bad. Desi doesn't mean bad quality and definitely surpasses what China is making. A google search on faulty PPE kits is enough to tell you where they stand.

Covid-19 has only had one benificiary, China. They have used the pandemic to takeover foreign companies globally and expand borders with all neighbours. Why is not a single Chinese company under foreign ownership? Why is no Chinese city under lockdown?

India and China had a pact of no arms at the border. Little did we expect such inhumane attack from another human who has trespassed on our border. This was after a mutual agreement to de-escalate. Should we still do business with them and give them another chance?

Sadly, all the politicians are busy fighting amongst themselves trying to save their power around the globe and nobody is willing to bell the cat. Hopefully, the movement gathers steam and humanity will have a fighting chance against the inhuman CCP who aims to dominate and rule the whole globe under their communist influence.

We need to understand and accept that while Democracy gives you freedom to live, the Communist style of rule by CCP thinks the exact opposite and is not aligned with your liberal thought process. why else will a part use 1000 years old maps to trespass neighbouring countries?

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Default Re: Government bans 59 Chinese Apps, including TikTok & UC Browser

TikTok has generated $456.7 million in revenue, of which $435 million was made from the App Store (iOS) while the remaining $21.4 million was generated from the Play Store. In terms of revenue, China was top-ranked at $331 million, or 72.3% of the total followed by the U.S. and Great Britain with revenue of $86.5 million and $9 million, respectively. India contributed $3.3 million in revenue.

If numbers are to be believed then action of banning is not even worth news piece.
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Default Re: National Security Council asks Govt to ban 53 Chinese apps

Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
Yes, welcome to present times. Now war is not waged only at the borders and in diplomatic circles. It is heavily waged in cyber world, and apps are a major conduit. If crores of Indians are using chinese apps, whose creators are under full control of Chinese government, they can do all kind of espionage and cyber attacks without any knowledge of the app users.
This i agree. The LAC incident was only a trigger for what was long planned.

P.S : This thread is on a short road to perdition with link arrows being thrown all around. Perhaps it would be wise to limit the links (like smiley's ) also to 2 per post.

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