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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?



Telugu (all dialects - Rayalaseema, Telangana, Andhra, East West Godavari, Srikakulam, Chittoor)

Tamil. Beginner. Learning from wife whose mother tongue is Tamil. Progress has been scant though.

Staying in Mumbai for 3 years now and near zero Marathi. Probably because it's Mumbai and not some other part of Maharashtra.

The quickest i learnt a language is in 7 days during my trip to Thailand - Thai English. Most conversations with strangers start with "Hello my friend...". Just leave all the prepositions, grammar etc in your regular English and you are good to go.

Conversations are like "I go beach. You take? Howww much? You chicken burger have? No have? Ok ok...". "You go museum? Museum very goood. I take. My tuk tuk. Only 100 baht."

My English got ruined for many months after the back to back Thailand visits. Not to mention i was conversing with the immigration officials back in Chennai, India in the same way. Thailand is a cool place and would like to go again whenever possible.

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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

Malayalam - Mother tongue - Speak,Understand,Read,Write
English - Speak,Understand,Read,Write
Hindi - Understand. With some difficulty can Read,Write and Speak - Was better at this during school days
Tamil - Understand - Mainly due to the Tamil movies and lots of people around while growing up.
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

Kannada - Mother tongue. Read, write, speak, understand. Despite living here in Europe, I make sure to read Kannada e-newspaper every day.

Hindi - Read, write, speak, understand. I can read and write any script written in Devanagari.

Sanskrit - Read, write. Studied for 3 years in high school and scored more than 100 marks in the final exams! Can chant shlokas, mantras for hours together!

Tamil - Speak and understand 60-75% each.

Foreign languages

English - Needs explanation?! haha!

Deutsch - A1 certified

Czech - Living here in CZ for past few years and have completed certain level. Trust me it is one of the toughest languages to learn and excel. In fact, most Slavic languages are difficult to pronounce and write. The sheer vocabulary of words and how it changes in every situation is simply mind boggling. If you thought learning Deutsch was difficult, try Czech.
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

Am not going to mention English

Tamil - Mother tongue
Telugu - Been a passive listener all my life. Can watch movies (with some help with subtitles) and understand conversation. Nothing else.
Malayalam - Understand. Picked up watching Mallu movies (some help needed with subtitles).
Kannada - Understand little and survival mode conversations.
Hindi - All except slangs.
Italian - Speak (but not fluently), Understand, RW. Enough to pass an A2 level when I was there

Originally Posted by ValarMorghulis View Post
I really envy my friends who grew up in Chennai, Hyderabad or Bangalore! They usually know Tamil, Telgu, Kannada, and Malyalam (all of them)!!
Actually no. You'd pick Telugu in Madras if you'd grown up in the 70s to 90s (first generation after presidency split). Although it is still a Telugu heavy city, you hardly hear much these days. A generation has passed, and conversations are mostly in household and rarely outside.

Mallus pick up and speak Tamil really well, way better than the other way around. There's very little exposure outside border districts unless one is into watching Mallu movies.

Bangalore is the place to pick any language, you can hear Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Konkani, Tulu, Marathi all in a days work

Talking about multi-language border districts. My missus has been asked multiple times in her life in Hosur, how she speaks only Tamil when bulk of them talk either Telugu or Kannada.

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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

I can speak Malayalam, Tamizh and Hindi and understand a bit of Kannada and Telugu.

I can read and write Hindi and can barely read Malayalam.

I'll try picking up a bit of Bengali since I'll be in WB for the next couple of years.
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

Wow. There are many polyglots on the forum.

The languages I know-

Since I belong to the Hindi speaking belt and having studied in an English medium school these two are a given. However the language which i admire the most and am fully able to speak understand and think in has a very interesting story.
Telugu- SUT
I was sent by my parents to a school in Vijayawada because of the fear of the infamous competitive exams.
But since a large chunk of my classmates were up from North and we were strictly forbidden to use any language other than English in the school whatever broken Telugu I'd learned was only put to use during the interactions of the autowalas or the locals. However after completing my 10th i was admitted into the infamous junior colleges of Hyderabad where the only other thing they feed you apart from Annam Pappu was the fear of JEE/NEET Here i got to learn Telugu to such an extent that it became my favourite language although i never got the time to learn the script.
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

Punjabi (mother tongue)
Can understand Marathi but unable to speak or write
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

I can fluently speak 6 languages: English, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Tulu. I can understand Malayalam but can't speak much.

Funnily, my ability to speak so many languages has been the ice-breaker with so many people in my office and elsewhere.

So the first question people ask me is how do I know so many languages?

My mother tongue is Telugu, my parents were born and brought up in Chennai hence they mostly consume Tamil news/TV/Media and I picked up Tamil. I was born and brought in Mangalore hence I picked up Kannada and Tulu. Hindi and English were taught in School. I was surrounded by a lot of Malayalees in Mangalore hence can understand Malayalam.
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