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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

Konkani - Speak (mother tongue) There are different dialects for this language, I can speak both KA side and KL side konkani
Sanskrit - Read and Speak
Malayalam - Read, write, speak (18 years in KL, learnt from school)
English - Read, Write, Speak
Hindi - Read, Write, Speak
Tamil - Read and Speak (in TN for 12 years) - the speaking very similar to Malayalam
Kannada - Can understand fully (I was in KA for 10 years), speak (can manage, not fluent)
Tulu - Can understand fully, can't speak
Telugu - Can understand 50%, got couple of colleagues from AP/TS

I am interested to learn any new language if I get a chance.

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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

Kannada-Read, speak (Can read as my mother tongue is Telugu and kannada is similar to that)
Hindi-Read, write ,speak

Trying to learn Malyalam from my girl friend so that i can cover entire south India😋

Ability yo speak multiple languages helped me a lot during trips to those states and also in getting me treated as a local, unless they see my TN registered car😂
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

Being a malayali who grew up in bangalore 5 languages are almost a given for us.

Malayalam- Read, Speak, Understand- Mother tongue, I can read well but somehow I cannot write. I haven't really given writing a try as my schooling was in Kendriya Vidyalayas and writing Malayalam never was a requirement.

Kannada- Understand, Speak - Being in Bangalore, one is bound to learn the local language. I on purpose went to a local Pre University college to gel better with the local crowd as my schooling till then was in KVs

Tamil- Understand, Speak - Somehow every Malayali can understand Tamil well. It could be due to the similarities in the language or the exposure to Tamil from a young age through music and movies.

Hindi- Understand, Speak, Read, Write - KendriyaVidyalayas and its pool of kids from around the country ensured that the medium of communication was either English or Hindi. Bangalore has a lot of people from the northern states so the interaction with them was an added advantage. I lived in Delhi for about a year and I eventually picked up the delhi accent. So, a lot of my friends think I am a North Indian.

English- Understand,Speak, Read, Write - It is almost a given that a Bangalorean must b well versed with this language. The medium of communication among friends and sometimes even relatives is this language.

Telgu - Understand, Speak - North Bangalore has a lot of telgites, the PUC college was run by a telgite management and hence my exposure to the language. I understand but speaking is often broken or has other languages filling up the gaps.

[b]Arabic[/B- Understand Having lived in Dubai for a period of 1 year, I had a lot of interactions with locals as well as Egyptian friends. I picked up the language but my abilities are restricted to understanding the language.
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

I am from Kolkata and owing to my father's transferable job, we as a family have been all over the country.

Academically I am trained in English, Hindi and Nepali and as surprising as it may be, I only studied Bengali as a third language. I can speak Bengali fluently while reading takes time. As far as writing is concerned, the lesser said the better. I can make anyone understand what I mean through my writing but the other person has to contribute equally and look past all the spelling errors and understand what I mean .
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

Being from Jammu, the first 5 languages come more or less naturally to me, but it's really difficult to pick South Indian languages. It's still WIP even after so many years:

1. Hindi (primary language) - Read/Write/Converse fluently
2. Dogri (regional language) - Read/Write/Converse fluently (uses Devanagari script)
3. English - Read/Write/Converse fluently
4. Punjabi - Converse fluently. Studied (for short duration), lived & worked in Punjab for 4yrs.
5. Urdu - Read/Write/Converse, all partially. Was third language till 8th std in school.
6. Pahari - Converse (Wife's from Himachal, hence the effect)
7. Kannada - Understand partially, WIP. Currently based in Bangalore, and picked up the language partially over time.
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

Malayalam - Read, write, speak (Being a Keralite!)
English - Read, Write, Speak
Hindi - Read, Write, Speak (not fluent)
Tamil - Speak (not fluent) Thanks to a few years in Chennai
Kannada - Can understand fully (5 or so years in Mangalore), Speak (not fluent, but can survive), Can read a bit, but slow.
Tulu - Can understand almost all of it, can't speak (again Thanks to years in Mangalore)

Now being in Netherlands, I can understand a bit of Dutch as well.
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

Me can do the below,
Sindhi : Converse and proud of it, language seems to be vanishing slowly.
English : Read,write and converse
Hindi : Read,write and converse
Marathi : Read,converse
Konkani: Read,write and converse.
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

Originally Posted by sidhu.algods View Post
My mother tongue is Telugu and I can speak English, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi and Bengali very fluently. Unfortunately my reading and writing capabilities limited to English, Spanish, Hindi and Telugu.
What! A Sidhu with Telugu as his mother tongue!
U must be one of a kind my dear brother
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

I guess the earlier in life a person is exposed to multiple languages it becomes much easier to speak / understand them later (assuming that you have the knack to learn new languages).

Learning new languages was never my forte but picked up due to my dad's transferable job.

Bengali - mother tongue (can speak, write, think fluently)
Hindi - being born and brought up in Jharkhand learnt it in school. Can speak, write, think fluently)
Kannada - having stayed in Bengaluru for 6 years did pick up a couple of life-saver sentences and phrases. Have almost forgotten now.
Marathi - Can speak a fair bit (wife being a Maharashtrian helps), can read a bit also.
English (well - do we consider it as an "Indian" language as the title suggests ?) if yes then i can speak, write and think fluently.
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

1. Punjabi:(Mother tongue): Speak/understand.
2. Hindi: Speak/Understand/Read/Write.
3. English:Speak/Understand/Read/Write.
4. Kannada: Understand.

Generally i find learning human languages very tough. In contrast i pickup machine languages very quickly.
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

Well, I am a Bengalee spending my adult life in various parts of the country because of a transferable job. In course of time, I can manage in the following languages -
1. English - Read, write and speak (obviously, as I am writing this post in English)
2. Bengali - Read, write and speak - My mother tounge.
3. Hindi - Read, write and speak - i am a Central govt. employee..
4. Orya - Speak, Read with some difficulty. - Picked up during my long stay in this state.
5. Tamil - Speak only. Picked up during my stay in Chennai (erstwhile Madras). Was fluent after some time. However, has become rusty now after I moved out of Tamil Nadu due to lack of practise.
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

As someone raised in Kerala, I am fluent in Malayalam

Language spoken amongst family and relatives is a Tamil with heavy Malayalam accents (affectionately called 'Palakkad Tamil' although I grew up in Kozhikode. Confusing?). My Tamil is limited to speaking and this dialect will sound alien in Tamilnadu!

Higher education and work in Mumbai made me somewhat fluent in Hindi, aided by the fact that I had learnt Hindi in school, in Kerala.

Hoping to pick up some basic Kannada to avoid resorting to Hindi, English (or my limited Tamil!) to converse in Bangalore
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

Maithili* - Read/Speak/Understand (Mother tongue)
Awadhi - Understand
Hindi - Speak/Understand/Read/Write
English - Speak/Understand/Read/Write
French - Speak/Understand/Read (Novice level only)

PS: Maithili is an ancient language spoken in Mithila region of Bihar (primarily in districts of Darbhanga and Madhubani) and plains of Nepal in areas north of Bihar only. Tirhut is the script of the language which is unfortunately a dying breed. Sita, from Ramayan was born in Mithila in a place which now is in Nepal. Madhubani painting and Makhana fruit are our most widely recognizable export to India.
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

  • Hindi - Mother tongue. Most of the spoken communication.
  • Garhwali - Pahadi language. Converse with my grandparents and a few relatives back in my hometown.
  • Marathi - Understand almost fully (not reading) but can only speak just a bit.
  • Punjabi - Same as Marathi.
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Default Re: How many Indian languages do you speak / understand?

Very interesting thread. Thanks RedTerrano for starting.
Being born and brought up in North-Eastern part of India I am familiar with only a few languages. My list is as below-
Bangla- Mother tongue. Studied it till Class-2. Can Read and Speak, not very fluent in writing.
Hindi- National language. Studied till Class 10 and thanks to Bollywood, I can Read, Speak and Write in this language.
English- Medium of communication in school and thanks to Fast and Furious series, I can Read, Write and Speak English.
Sylethi- This is a type of Bengali language spoken mostly by Sylethi people. Thanks to few relatives and friends around, I can Speak and Understand this language.
Assamese- Assam being my home state, have many Assamese friends. Also thanks to my Father's transferable job, my childhood was spent at many places in Assam. Love this state, people and language. Also studied Assamese till Class 6.
Oriya- As the language is almost similar to Bengali and thanks to my Oriya colleagues, I can Understand few bits of Oriya.
Bhojpuri- Thanks to my college friends and colleagues, I can Understand some Bhojpuri.

Apart from these, I can understand few bits of Marwari, Punjabi, Tamil and have started learning French in this lockdown.

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