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Default Re: Friend lost his job, wants to start a car wash business

If you're friend's really into car washing/detailing; then below is a view he can take a few tips from.

Some of the products and tools he mentions in the video can be of great help to make the washing job easier faster and efficient.

I have seen many of his videos and he's good at his job.

He has technique and an proper established workflow of washing and detailing cars.
Both of which can help your friend to achieve a good quality.

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Default Re: Friend lost his job, wants to start a car wash business

Real estate is the major cost overhead in most business. I would suggest mobile car wash in an Omni or Eeco. Once he gets a steady customer base, he can think about setting up a fixed setup.
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Default Re: Friend lost his job, wants to start a car wash business

Right at the outset, I apologize to all the community members for writing back so late. I was tied up with work and something or the other kept popping up whenever I sat down to write.

But WOW !!!!! The insights are overwhelming. There is so much more to it and hearing it right from the horse's mouth is like striking gold ! All of you have been very very kind... sharing your experiences as customers, business owners and employees in a similar setup !

The key takeaways for us here are

1. Experience first-hand how a carwash works
2. Start part-time
3. Provide consistency in the quality of service
4. Talk to customers about hteir expectations
5. Consider customer convenience - pick up and drop off of vehicles, waiting area, basic refreshments etc.
7. Work on monthly costs even before starting - be financially ready for the next 10 months in advance
8. Reduce wait time by delegating tasks amongst workers
9. Consider providing a home car wash service to begin with
10. Tie up with local garages and keep the local authorities well looped in with random freebies (for a hassle-free experience operating the business)
11. Organize appointments and keep up with the promised delivery time
12. Calculate the break-even point and forecast how it can be achieved and surpassed
13. Something different - operating in the night
14. Evaluate Steam Wash vs Water Wash
15. Check for government incentives for women entrepreneurs
16. Keep a tab on the workers and the goods left in the open

And on a lighter note: Name the car wash "A1A"

We have some initial plans now with all your inputs. First is to work at different car-wash places through weekends; across the city to experience different setups (FNG standalone, branded franchises, detailing outlets etc) ! We'll be talking to car wash owners and see if that is possible at all. From what my limited knowledge tells me, the branded carwashes may not allow it because of the legal implications.

I'll keep everyone posted on behalf of him. Thank you so much once again everyone !

Stay healthy !

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Default Re: Friend lost his job, wants to start a car wash business

I was getting my car wash done at this place and they didn’t have a car hydraulic lift and I asked them how can they wash the underbody without a lift? That’s how everyone does it.

This is how they do it. This machine splashes water with force and is taken around the car to wash the underbody.

Friend lost his job, wants to start a car wash business-cdb38ea95b4a46ed8dfe0b85b29e9a4e.jpeg

Sorry for the the dirty picture, it was placed there and I didn’t want to touch the handle and move it due to Covid. Not touching anything foreign. Coming to the machine, it turns at a certain RPM and those metal things help it distribute water. This reminded me of a garden water sprinkler. Add a touch of Indian Jugaad and we have an underbody washing machine. A very smart and cost effective idea to be honest.

Friend lost his job, wants to start a car wash business-0c3b803b181446bdbfa6b4eaec35cdb0.jpeg

From a business point of view, It felt like a great idea because:

1. I'm guessing this wouldn’t cost more than 10-15% (or lesser) of a proper hydraulic lift. A huge capital saving for you.

2. Hydraulic lifts need repairs and maintenance. This probably does too, but shouldn’t cost much to repair or maintain.

3. Occupies less space. Few car washes have one or two lifts and when they’re busy, there’s always a line to get the cars on the lift to wash the underbody.

4. Maybe this doesn’t wash the underbody of a car as well as the traditional way, but it does the job fine. Who bends and sleeps on the floor to check how their underbody is cleaned?

Hopefully this helps. All the best.


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