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Default Re: Your automotive resolutions & car plans for 2021

Great thread! Heres my to do list:

1: Complete the Liva overhaul. Will be out taking quotes from both Toyota and my FNG for the same. Shall also try to upgrade its ancient ICE and trash the speakers as well. Overhaul my Karizma as well. Fingers crossed.

2: Upshift as soon as I can!

3: Let (Covi)idiots on the road remain and continue driving safely & sanely.

4: And I hope good sense prevails and both ICICI and NETC sort my Fastag woes, more than anything else!

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Default Re: Your automotive resolutions & car plans for 2021

On 1st Jan 2021, for the first time, took my 12 year old Thunderbird for a 650 kms solo ride to remote places in Tamilnadu ( Thiruvarur/Nagapattinam district). Before that I have completed 80000 kms mostly for A to B commute (to and fro for Home --> Office). Maybe twice I took it for a less than 200 kms.

I am 5'11 and I realised after this trip that
1) Thunderbird cannot be used for longer trip for my height. My legs got cramped and with forward footrest set, I have to take break for every 1.5 hrs or 100kms (approx)
2) Without tubeless tyres its always that you ride with luck to remote places. I can spend few thousands (approx 20K) and get alloys with tubeless but still the cruising speed is not more than 85KMPH. Hence the time taken for travel is more.
3) Was wondering if I should move on to a new bike in lines of Dominar, Dukes ( larger seat height >=800mm), RR310, Ninja 300 (considering a bs6 to be launched).
4) On the maintenance front, was thinking instead of spending on bikes (getting good drive gears, high profile tyres, spares cost) why not get a used lower cc cars like the Maruti 800 (F8D engine) which can be fun to drive and easy in pocket.
My intension is to travel to remote places and using a M800 it will be both fun and easy going.

I welcome your suggestions.

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Default Re: Your automotive resolutions & car plans for 2021

1) stop investing so much time to keep my clean car OCD satisfied. I've completely stopped waxing and frequently washing my EcoSport. Now armed with a jopasu duster and proklear waterless wash, I've gone 1 whole month without a full wash.
2) realized that none of my cars are "special". They just don't need that coat of waxpol carnauba. They don't need the weekly washes or OCD level of care. Just fill it and forget it.
I don't need to be micro managing my cars services or aim to make them last lakhs of Kms. They're made to take abuse and I'd be selling them off before they reach half their service life.
3) I see myself spending more time driving and enjoying.
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Default Re: Your automotive resolutions & car plans for 2021

Every time I buy a new car, I intend to keep it for 10 years. But, by the 3rd year, the Bug starts biting and I end up buying a new car by the 4th or 5th year.

This time around I intend to change that. I've already resisted the temptation once in the mid of the pandemic.

So Yes, my only resolution is to keep driving my Jazz for another 6 years (she's already in her 4th year).
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Default Re: Your automotive resolutions & car plans for 2021

Thank you Aditya for this thread. Didn't notice it last year.

My resolutions as follows
  1. Similar to fellow Bhipans, as my car is a weekend toy, drive at least 6000 kilometres by end of the year.
  2. Sell M140i and get M2 Competition(manual) if I find one.
  3. If I keep M40i, get the body kit and rear-diffusor fitted.
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Default Re: Your automotive resolutions & car plans for 2021

1. My Ecosport will complete 7 years this June and I am planning to gift it a few things. Not decided yet, but will make it especial for it as it will be loan free now!

2. Since August, I have already had quite a few vacations already, (while being safe), which include a week long vacation in Goa, half a week in Jungle safari, a week in Ooty, two day driving vacation to Gulbarga, multiple drives to Silvasa. Another driving vacation is on the cards (1000+ km in 24 hours!).
So want to continue staying on the road as much as possible. Ecosport is already South of 75k on the odo and want to hit the magic figure round about June to make it even more especial!

3. Other than this, just itching to go back to office. Tired of being at home. Productivity has reduced to less than 20% and I am hating it no limits.

4. I also would love to go back to riding and would love to own either Honda CB350 (if Pune gets a showroom) or a RE Meteor / Himalayan. Don't know yet, because I have a herniated disc and this fantacy might be difficult to fulfill!

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Default Re: Your automotive resolutions & car plans for 2021

Only one car resolution for me -

Resist the itch to upgrade my ride - Hyundai Grand i10 sportz. The car is 6 years and almost 1 lakh KMs old but still rides great. Maybe, some cosmetic updates to keep it fresh (seat covers, detailing service). Being Hyundai, the car is feature packed except for the touchscreen infotainment system.

Despite knowing all the positives of keeping a car for long (and I have kept it in a good shape), everytime I drive to my hometown (high up in the Himalayas), I come back with an urge to upgrade to an SUV.

So, fingers crossed and I will come back with same car resoluton next year .
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Default Re: Your automotive resolutions & car plans for 2021

1. Purchased B’Twin Riverside 500 hybrid bicycle yesterday. Target is to use it for my daily commute to workplace which is 8 kms away.

2. Shift my wife to Tiago AMT from TVS Wego, which she prefers. Tough task.

3. Be gentle with Figo, she has done 70,000 kms in 4 years.
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Default Re: Your automotive resolutions & car plans for 2021

1. Take care of my car properly from day 1. I plan to use it for as long as possible, and I want to make sure it retains as much of its newness and feel from day 1. Looking to get better at everything from safer, cleaner riding, to washing/dusting.

(Although looking at KIA QC I believe fate will have something in store)

Adding to that, take much better care of my bike. It had rust on a few parts as it was unused under a cover during the pandemic's first three months, when I left it in Chennai. I've replaced the rear tire, removed a lot of the grime. Unsure what to do with the rust, I will probably have to give it for buffing.

2. Bring road-rage to nil. Someone flashing their lights at me does not mean I need to get back at them. My family at home, and my safety, is more important than one upping a random idiot I have never met and will never meet hereafter. And stop getting pissed off about idiots on the road although they do not affect me directly. This is something my wife will also enjoy, I believe.

3. Do not drive unless absolutely necessary. One way to reduce carbon footprint. And I've been getting quite hefty around the midriff, and age isn't kind either. Got to get that flab down.
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Default Re: Your automotive resolutions & car plans for 2021

1) Go for more road trips... haven't had one since 2018.

2) My car lease is coming up this year so after a long time I have the opportunity to research and get something I will love and cherish. The current lease was working backwards to fit a monthly payment.

3) Maybe also get a Mazda MX-5 as a second car.
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Default Re: Your automotive resolutions & car plans for 2021

My resolutions are simple - my car is hardly used nowadays as I am working from home.

1. Run the car at least once per week.
2. Check battery voltage weekly and charge it at home when required using my new Bosch charger.
3. Go on at least one road trip during the year.
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Default Re: Your automotive resolutions & car plans for 2021

->Coming from European built Polo, took some time to adjust to japanese City. Keep learning the Honda city dynamics to enjoy better driving and maintain the car properly with regular service.

-> Do more trips to home town as planned before 2020

-> Enjoy the indian car scene with rising turbo petrols and SUVs. Awaiting to have one
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Default Re: Your automotive resolutions & car plans for 2021

This Pandemic is not going anywhere soon.

Keeping that in mind, here is my list:

1. Drive more often and ditch the bike completely if required. No point risking getting infected by someone who sneezes on the road in front of you and the infection comes in through your helmet. With WFH being made optional, I am anyways not going to the office till at-least July. Whatever fuel costs will be incurred during the weekend drives, will be offset by the savings. Minimize the risk is my funda here.

2. Car Care - Begin taking care of my steed properly. From the start, our building staff has been washing it and I intend to take over. Will help in loosing some calories as well

3. Start working on my driving skills. Since the lockdown started, I did not drive for a good 7 months (except the mandatory weekly rounds for the car inside the society) and only picked up where I left off in November. Since then, I have become disconnected with the car. I just picked up the car in January 2020 and only did one Mahabaleshwar trip before the lockdown. I intend to start listening to the cues of the AMT and engine better along other sounds which the car tries to give off. Before this, I used to drown all noises by loud music.

4. I intend to become a more patient driver. Having binged the series Life on Prime, I am searching for someone soothing to listen to while driving. Something like an Attenborough Podcast does magic to help relax your mind while driving.

5. Attend atleast 1 Team-BHP meet in or around Pune. Can't believe I have missed every single one of them.

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Default Re: Your automotive resolutions & car plans for 2021

Here are my few resolutions and wishes.
  1. Try to stop before "Stop Line" as much as possible. I have seen many other car drivers follow this when I do it. The exception being cab drivers and bikers. Most of the time I keep crossing because of constant honkings behind me.
  2. Try to give way to pedestrians as much as possible. Again I have seen many others follow this, including the cab drivers and few bikers when I do it. I always do it either when there are no vehicles behind me or when I'm at manageable speeds.
  3. Hoping to buy an affordable EV for office drive, but depends on when the offices are going to open. Hoping to give away Petrol & Diesel cars I use. Again depends on the charging infrastructure and affordability. I hope they sell affordable dual motor versions.
  4. Drive the 800 as much as possible, I might not be able to experience it from next year since it's second FC is going to expire. I still love the pickup, the pure mechanical steering & steering's road feedback.
  5. Drive the Ritz more on longer drives. Thanks to COVID-19 and social distancing, now I prefer to take car for intercity drives. Also realized that I have to experience nature and no point in sitting before a PC all weekdays and weekends long. Witnessed few people losing their lives not experience much and I just touched my 40s!.
  6. Hoping to own a 4x4 or AWD for short while if possible. I always wanted to drive one to not so motorable roads and also take my dad on it. He used to travel in jeep during his days. Wish Mahindra launched the Thar 2020 in 5 door version.
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Default Re: Your automotive resolutions & car plans for 2021

1. Less rage against two wheelers

2. Improve headlights, again...

3. Fix the final remaining error CEL (throttle body)

4. Take the car to HP/UK/RJ on a road trip before 2021 ends and preferably with one of my psychotic auto enthusiast gamer metalhead friends

5. Do photoshoot of the car at (relatively) exotic places with the new camera
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