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sri 6th July 2007 11:00

Car seats for homes !!
Hi Guys,

I think that some of the cars have great seats which are not matched by any of the home sofas !!

for example i think baleno, hondacity have great rear seats with great lumbar and thigh support. Even the fronts seats would be great as they have adjustments for inclinations.

1. are these seats available for purchase?
2. has any one seen such seats used in any home as sofa?

i guess it would need some sprucing up to cover up their bottoms and back to gelwel inside a house. Proabably interior designers can change the other furnishings to create a car interior theme....

photos-suggestions are welcome.

nitrous 6th July 2007 20:12

I've always had this idea for my dream home! :)

paras211 6th July 2007 20:24

how about a sparco recaro kinda seats on those revolving thingys

mclaren1885 6th July 2007 20:32

I am actually planning this one of these days. I might get a front seat from a baleno and use it in my bedroom. Will keep you guys posted.

karlosdeville 6th July 2007 20:38

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Its a great idea, ive been thinking about it for sometime. Heres some food for thought. A padmini bench seat would be ideal.

esteem_lover 6th July 2007 20:45

Is that your ranch, karlos ???

speedfreak01 6th July 2007 20:48

The sparco,recaro n bride seats are available for around 7000/seat in any colour you want.Wish i could buy one

sri 6th July 2007 20:51


Originally Posted by mclaren1885 (Post 492008)
I am actually planning this one of these days. I might get a front seat from a baleno and use it in my bedroom. Will keep you guys posted.

hey dude,

this sounds great.....where r u planning to buy this seat from? and how much have they quoted you? i hope they sell the back seat also....with that center rear-arm rest...a good carpenter can create the equivalent door armrests.

caliper 6th July 2007 20:53

That's a great idea.

I've never been able to find a very comfortable chair for desk work. A good approach would be to take a car seat and have it mounted on a chair bottom.

vivekiny2k 6th July 2007 22:49

title reminded me of something else.

one of my friends used to use his daughter's car seat in the bedroom, there was no way she would fall asleep otherwise :)

speedzak 6th July 2007 23:56

I know of many small restaurants using OMNI seats.

I will prefer a proper sofa to a car seat at my lounge. (I don't have a proper one yet!)
Yes, a Momo racing wheel attached to a Recaro seat sounds fun! In my bedroom! IN MY BEDROOM! :please:

CrAzY dRiVeR 7th July 2007 00:26


How about the Ambassador rear seat? AFAIK, its a benchmark in comfort even now. (With some extra foam and all)

crazydiablo 7th July 2007 02:00

You get rocker chairs which resemble rally seats. Very comfortable and cool factor is hight. Imaging rocking in a rally seat and playing on the XBox or watching WRC in it. Will defn feel special.

chetan 7th July 2007 10:15

check this out

karlosdeville 7th July 2007 11:23


Originally Posted by esteem_lover (Post 492024)
Is that your ranch, karlos ???

hehe i wish! Nah, just some pics i found years ago online when I was planning a similar project. Lookslike I got the jumpstart I needed.

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