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It is really shameful the way these so called customer oriented Banks run their business. I had a similar issue with TATA Teleservices. They promised various things when they offered us landline connection but failed to deliver so we got it disconnected after 2 months or so. We made the final payment to the agent and got the TATA receipt stating that instrument is taken. After close to two years I started getting threatening calls ... someone said that he is calling from some police station and they have non-bailable warrant against my name. He gave me contact number of a person who was the lawyer and that chap suggested me that I make the payment. I explained them everything but to no avail. Threatening calls continued and my family was really worried.

I knew I had to do something. I went to CNBC moneycontrol site and logged in my grievance against TATA Teleservices. CNBC have one program "Pehredar" (telecast on CNBC TV28 channel) in which they take up similar kind of issues with concerned firms. I mentioned date and phone numbers and names of individuals in the site and narrated the whole story. Since I had full details of incoming calls on my cell, I was prepared. The very next day my family received call from TATA Teleservices that they were really sorry and it is their mistake and things would be sorted out. We thought it was an end but then again after a month or so my family got the same threatening call.

We went to TATA Teleservices office at Modi Mills flyover in Delhi with copies of supporting evidence. First of all the customer care people tried to cut corners but we insisted that we must see their manager. And finally they had to give in. That chap was a in early twenties and the first thing I asked him is that - "If I am not mistaken then TATA is a big name and brand. Tell me as a customer can I trust TATA?" Then he started saying that we should have got in touch with TATA Teleservices directly and to this we reminded him that it is their own agent (hired by TATA itself) who issued this receipt. In the end we told them that we are not going to pay any amount and if they want to take up the matter in court (which they are threatening anyhow) then lets have the formal letter here itself and then lets take it out in consumer court. Cos I was determined that come what may I am not going to let them cheat me for their own deficient service. They finally said that they'll look into this and will do what can be done. Our reply was that if TATA Teleservices is interested in taking us to court then next time send us summons and not threatening call. Since then months have passed ... haven't heard anything from them yet.

I suggest you get in touch with "Pehredar" or "Sansani" (Start News) . Try this CNBC WATCH. It should help. If you have speaker phone and can record conversation with goons then nothing like it. At least based on that you may file an FIR. All the best !!!
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In India all your credit card transactions and electronic fund transactions are traced by RBI.
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the CIBIL stuff exists but no one takes it seriously. as far as i know no bank in india gives a s*** to this database. my own experinace is our organization was having salalry a/c with ICICI. one of the employee cheated the bank. they blocked his a/c till he paid back all the amount. then they allowed to him to operate the a/c . ( will any sane person do it?) he cheated the bank again.
moral is if the bank is allowing a known cheater to operate will they check form CIBIL?

all the branch managers have targets with respect to fee income generated, interest income generated either month wise or quarter or year wise. to mee these targets branch manager resort to cheating( my personal feeling) some of the ways are
1. do not credit salary checks for three/ four days and then make regular payment checks like loan EMI bounce. charge check bounce charge( it happened to us with ICICI koramangala we changed salary a/c to SBI)
2. don't send reminders/monthly statement ( if it is credit card) those customers who are lazy charge them penal interest etc etc. if a customer notices and protests, refund it. trust me the % of the guys noticing is less vs those who do not notice. all modern banks including our own SBI does this.
3. don't deduct the EMI amount even if balance is there in a/c( especially for auto debit swap if both loan a/c and SB a/c are form same bank) then charge compound interest. if the customer notice it refund otherwise enjoy.
most of these practices are possible mainly bec none of the new gen banks do not give you pass book. statement comes once in three months. how many of us keep every transaction slip form ATM/debit sale and counter check with statement? we are all very busy. so banks make huge profits at our costs
another is debit sales. if not checked dupe the customer. whatever it is profits should increase . this is the motto of new gen banks.
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Originally Posted by rkg View Post
3. don't deduct the EMI amount even if balance is there in a/c( especially for auto debit swap if both loan a/c and SB a/c are form same bank) then charge compound interest. if the customer notice it refund otherwise enjoy.
I have given auto debit instruction to deduct EMI on my car loan in SBT. For the last one year I haven't varified the car loan a/c. Thanks RKG for the info. I'll check that out immediately.
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Try this link might be useful Credit Card Holders Association of India
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I don't use a credit card! it is too cumbersome for me.
Tried it couple a times and then finally gave it back all at once.
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Originally Posted by slipstream View Post
i do agree that threatening the customer with dire consequences is absolutely not the right thing to do but all this & more could certainly be avoided with just a little bit of financial discipline....i've been using credit cards for more than 6 years now and have never got into any kind of a mess at all...maybe these tips would help :

a) Hold only 1 or at the most 2 credit for regular usage and the other for backup in case the first one fails for any reason. Resist the temptation to go in for multiple credit cards even if they are offered "life time free" as it would be quite tough to keep track of your expenses on multiple cards.

b) Try and hold these 1 or 2 cards only of banks of repute (relative term, i hold hsbc and amex)

b) Try not to revolve on your cards. Cut out a cheque for the complete amount spent in a month. This way you dont pay the bank any interest / financial charges / service tax

b) Try and get as much spending on these cards as possible as this gives you an upper hand in negotiating for annual fee waiver

The Golden Rule is to treat a credit card as a sheer convenience tool instead of carrying around bundles of cash......and remember the saying "DONT BITE OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW ?"

just spend only what you're capable of in cash and nothing more and you'll understand what a good friend a card can be

just my 2 cents...
Agree with you completely.

Gopz can understand what you are going through, especially when those morons call and harass your parents. They are just trying to scare you.
just ensure that you dont down to the pressure.
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All this is regarding credit card which has happened on my card i went for annual premium payment via my card, I was charged one amount and issued a policy for another. I have taken the case up iwth all the people the insurance oc the cc company etc. But reading the above post makes me realise that the same salsa is happening to me also somehow the cc company is delaying the matter it has been almost two weeks and my payment date is coming near and since I have decided not to pay the controversial amount . I presume the same set of troubles await me at the corner. What shold i do right now to safe guard myself. I have undergone renal transplant 6 months ago and am not ina condition ot run around a lot. Pls advice.

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Whoa! thats really unfortunate! :(

Try CORE - Consumer Online Resource & Empowerment Centre
I've heard quite a lot about them and they are effective.
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HDFC is one bank whose systems are screwed all over.

to make matters worse, the communications between their bank and the recovery agents is non-existent and these agents work with ridiculously outdated data.

File an FIR with the local cops: thats the only way to get the bank to move.
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What ever happened to Gopz Credit card issues ? it was exactly 2 years ago. HSBC seems to be the best bet.

I still have a Centurion Bank card "gifted" by my friend which is overdue and unpaid and they still haven't called for the past 3 years .Some Extremes.
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Hmmm this is absolutely interesting reading about people facing such troubles.

I wonder however as to why there are so few individuals who are plagued with such issues?

Also HNIs are never targeted as such. In fact my parents and I get ludicrous calls from some banks offering us obscene amounts of money as a personal loan and try to pressure us into taking them. Ha I just love to tell them the peanuts I earn and they hang up themselves!
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The Banking Ombudsman scheme from RBI works.

Banking Ombudsman
10/3/8 4 Floor,Rbi Building,Near Pathunga Road
Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bangalore, 560001
080 22275629

HDFC Nodal Officers
Contact details of the Office of Banking Ombudsman

Shri. K. R. Ananda C/o Reserve Bank of India
10/3/8, Nrupathunga Road Bangalore-560 001
Tel : 080-22210771, 080-22275629 Fax : 080-22244047 Email

Nodal Officer Contact details

Srikumar Nair
8/24, 4th Floor, Salco Centre, Richmond Road, Bangalore - 25
Tel : 080-66633035
Fax : 080- 66633143
RIM : 09342442533
Email : -

More details HDFC Bank - Leading Bank in India, Banking Services, Private Banking, Personal Loan, Car Loan
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