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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

V. Narayan Sir, your post bought back many memories for me. Having taken care of 2 cancer patients in my close family. Gone through the entire process of Diagnosis, Operation, Recovery, Chemo and Scanning, your post just reminded me of things I had forgotten and feeling again very grateful.

We often tend to forget that we are mere mortals in our daily life and don't prepare for such "punch in the guts" moments of life.

Its so nice to see you handle it so well and still making a point to educate and share your experience in the forum. May god bless you and give you more strength.

Just would like to point out that Cancer isn't the disease what it used to be back in the day. Of course, it has become more common today and I think there are no families who don't know a Cancer patient. With modern medicine, there are so many possibilities like you said.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Wishing you a speedy recovery and expecting you start posting your knowledgeable posts actively.

Originally Posted by V.Narayan View Post

Key lessons I’d like to share

Please don’t depend on your employer's insurance alone because one day when you retire the insurance wallah will often find you too old to insure on a standalone basis at an affordable price.

As a part of re-organizing yourself, write out a will and register it. God forbid if something were to happen to you this is the least you owe your family.

In my case a couple of days prior to my surgery I walked my eldest child through the family finances and whom to contact for what in case something were to happen to me. Macabre but practical.
I accept what you are saying, we need insurance mostly after we retire, if you approach any insurance provider at that age they don't provide.

As per my knowledge only Star Heath provides insurance plans for above 60+ people that too after extensive tests.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

When you start a thread, or even make a post, I make it a point to read it. For you are one of the most valued of writers in this forum - both in terms of content and style. Your many threads on aviation are a goldmine of information.

And so when I saw a new thread from you, I opened it automatically without even paying attention to the title, and then got hit in the solar plexus. This is the last topic on which I would have wanted a thread from you. Still, in a manner so typical and becoming of you, you offer a goldmine of a post that should, and will be, deeply reflected upon by anybody who reads this.

The sheer volume of responses to this thread is testament to the depth of feeling this community has for you. May I add my prayers and wishes for a complete recovery. In the times when you are down, feel our hand holding yours in support. In the times when you are feeling good, hear all of us cheering for you. I am sure the tons of best wishes and prayers we all have for you, will make a significant difference. I don't say this lightly. It is with much feeling that I offer my wishes and prayers.

I eagerly look forward to the day, when I see your new thread. "How I won".
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

It takes a lot to share about your treatment on a open platform like ours. Not everyone can do this, it takes a big and open heart.

The biggest learnings from this thread are :

1) Yearly health checkups
2) Personal health insurance, these days we have cancer specific insurance as well.

I have been personally affected by cancer, having lost someone young to it.
Tata Memorial in Parel Mumbai is India's top Cancer hospital, and one visit inside it changes your life's perspective.

CA 19-9 and CA 125 are two blood tests which are tumor markers and these are simple tests which can be done on yearly basis if one doesn't want to do a comprehensive Cancer checkup.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Wish you a speedy recovery sir!
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Wish you a speedy recovery Sir… Thanks for sharing this. Hope your post and (many of the replies to it) inspire us (myself included) to take the best care and get our tests / screenings done regularly.

Health indeed is the biggest wealth… best wishes for the rest of your treatment period. I know the journey is longish and arduous, but you will come through in flying colours. Wish you all the strength.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

This is like a sudden bird strike when in the cockpit. Why or how it happened you have no control of. Am too surprised like others have said, your lively discussions on aircrafts and ships are a delight to read. Keep it coming with the same gusto to life and get well soon.

2 things I can see important is Finances and Family. Finance has to be straight, including an emergency liquid fund for 6 months if you are ever laid off and a good insurance plan for sure. I try to get one for my father but he is adamant against it and does not wish to be a burden on his children. Getting him to show his BP readings once every 2 weeks is a task in itself, forget a yearly checkup.

I do not share a good relationship with my family due to my different beliefs across everything and past issues they have with me, give and take is zero on their part, thats when I too will not budge and have not. I live in the same house, yet not talk to each other, except my father (who talks very little, its a blessing in disguise as he does not care about the private lives of others including me and does not indulge in idle gossip except advise me in financial matters and potential pitholes that i may fall into). Your aspect on that is endearing and you are blessed to be an understanding father and have a good relationship with your children. I have certainly thought about life after I pass on, how I want to (in terms of eye and body/organ donation) and the clarity as to who want me, prioritize me, and love me for who I am, and whom to prioritize is crystal clear at 27 itself.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Thank you for sharing this Sir. As I have known you in person, this news is very shocking to me. I wish you a speedy recovery.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Thank you so much for making this helpful post which is enlightening on the outwardly as well as emotional aspects of cancer and how to deal with them Sir.

More power to you Sir!
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Dear Sir,
Wish you speedy & full recovery.
Indeed a very brave & courageous account of a dreaded decease.
Very few might consider talking about it let alone writing on it.
That too about lessons learnt.
Hats off to you sir for this very informative & actionable message after going through so much personally.
The importance of annual check up is well understood by all of us in the group.
Thank you once again.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Wishing you a very speedy recovery, sir. I really appreciate you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these lessons with us despite your situation. Thanks for the valuable information, especially on the yearly checkups. All the best.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Mr.Narayan, this really came as a shock. That you have penned it down, kudos. I wish you a steady recovery. Some things just take their own sweet time. One thing I know....since you are an intellectually active person, keeping busy in many meaningful ways, you will surely be out of this relatively easily. Keep the posts coming, please.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Really shocked to find this thread. Wish you early and complete recovery.

My FIL had a cancer in the gum. He never smoked or anything, it was due to a broken tooth.

I have quite advanced knowledge on diseases although I am not a doctor, but this was unheard and unbelievable.

A broken tooth, if not removed, can cause cancer! It is called sharp tooth cancer.

He is doing well now. 4 years passed. He had pus discharge from the sutured area even after 3 years of surgery and radiotherapy.

He also underwent HBOT multiple times, but it takes time to heal. Radiotherapy has its own long lasting side effects.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Dear Mr Narayan,
I wish you a speedy recovery and pray that the allmighty gives you more than enough strength and grit to fight this phase of your life.

You have much much more experience than me advising, but the little I have learnt is to accept what has happened as nothing could have stopped it, but try your best to overcome it because there is no stopping you from doing that. The end result is in gods hands, but gods gives to he who atleast tries!!

I hope you come through this with flying colours and you have my utmost respect to pen your trauma for others to get the understanding of this dreaded disease.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Dear Sir,
Wishing you a speedy recovery and praying for your recovery to full health.
Thank you for sharing your experience in the forum. I look forward to the day when you post in the thread that you are completely in full health.
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