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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Originally Posted by V.Narayan View Post
I don't have anything to add at this stage. If the situation warrants I'll update this thread in a year's time and then two year's time. Thank you for reading and thank you for your prayers.
Narayan sir, your experiences narrated in this thread are the absolute embodiment of one of my favourite poems, which I would like to dedicate to you and to everyone who has fought or is fighting with Cancer. Wish you a speedy recovery, and a long and healthy life ahead!

Cancer treatment - Lessons to share-invictus.jpg

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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Dear Narayanan sir, Wishing you a swift and complete recovery.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Will have you in my daily prayer, for a good, speedy recovery.

Spirituality can go where Science cannot/has not. You know what I mean.

I have heard from reliable sources that chanting "Vayu stuti" can be a game changer.

Love to all at home.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Dear Narayanan Sir,

Always admire your sincere, straight forward and down to earth responses on this forum.

Pray and wish you are successful in this treatment. Thanks for sharing your train of thoughts, particularly the emotional ones which do significant damage. Its equally frustrating for the care givers (at home) to see their loved ones suffer.

Strange are the ways of God and Karma. Hitting at a time when you are least expecting it.

Wishing you Good luck and Godspeed in your recovery sir.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Originally Posted by V.Narayan View Post

Cancers with bad fatality rates of 33%+ are cancers such as pancreatic, lung, liver, leukemia.
Gall Bladder is a rare cancer as well, and deadliest like Liver cancer. It goes undetected until the last stage. It has poor survivability rate.

The research on cancer depends on how common it is, for rare cancers such as Gall bladder there has been no advancement in medicines and the same composition of medicines is given which was given 10 years ago.

There is saying amongst doctors , that breast cancer is the best cancer to have if you have one since its well researched and majority survive it if detected early.

Tata memorial has quick consultation which costs 2k approx for patients from outside and they unlike private hospitals are blunt and give you the real truth upfront. In case of my patient we were told not to do much since death is inevitable, imagine hearing this for a 35 year old lady with a 4 year old kid!
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Posts/threads like these come as a shock to most of us who are living our lives on someone else's (planted) dreams and presume that life goes on linearly.

Thanks for sharing your innermost thoughts & emotions; awakened me and surely many others will also value your insights into making the most of our lives. Unfortunately for us, we all tend to go back to "living" our previous lives pretty soon ("revert to mean" they say).

You will fully recover, we are confident! We know your spirit and gumption.

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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Sir, this has come like to shock to me!
For the time being, I can only say that you come out triumphant and return to normalcy soon. I have seen this disease from close quarters, and every thing came back as a flash.

Please update us with the happenings at your end when you feel fine.

Best wishes,
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Hello sir, would like to share my father’s story who is a prostate cancer survivor.

My father is a stage 2 prostate cancer survivor. It was in late 2021 that we got to know that he has prostate cancer somewhere in November I remember. Actually his treatment was going on in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital but the doctor over there mis guided us and couldn’t detect the cancer in its early stage. This was somewhere in April or May 2021, so even after seeing him for 6+ months there was no recovery for my father and his symptoms were there, so we decided to consult another doctor - a urologist in PSRI Hospital near Saket. That doctor was well learned and immediately caught the cancer in its stage 2 and told us to hurry up for the surgery before it advances to Stage 3 thus requiring chemo and radiation.

Late november was when it was detected and after few MRI’s and othet related tests, it was all confirmed that surgery is our only option. 27th december my father got admitted to hospital, at that time covid was spreading again fast, I guess third wave and doctor guided us to get the surgery done quick before they start converting the hospital to quarantine zone. 31st December is when the surgery happened, it was supposed to be a 2 hr surgery but it went on for like 7-8 hours because the tumour was bigger than the doctor had imagined, it was traumatic for all of us. My sister flew in from london to be with the family, after the surgery - follow up tests went for 3-4 months and that is when my father was declared cancer free and since then he has taken voluntary retirement from our family business and enjoying his time at home with the grandkids. My father was 63 then and will be 66 this year and being cancer free for almost 2 years now. The only thing doctor told my dad was to completely cut out on sugar in every form - direct or processed as cancer cells feed on sugar and thus grow. Processed meat is also restricted to once in 2-3 months, my father has been active throughout his life - doing yoga daily in morning since last 17-18 years and going for walks in evening, non smoker and drinks only occasionally- still this disease caught us all by surprise.

Would just like to wish you a speedy recovery with your battle, stay strong and keep fighting.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Narayan Sir,
Best wishes and prayers from my side for complete recovery and good health thereafter.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Wish you a speedy recovery Mr Narayan.
Cancer has claimed many near and dear relatives, but my wife is a cancer survivor.
Hence, I trust the Lord and modern medicine.

Hope to see many more posts from your end over the years.

Good luck!
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Wish you a speedy recovery. May the almighty give you all the strength to get over this period.

Thank you for the lessons which is really helpful. It takes lot of courage and maturity to pen this down for the awareness of wider audience.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Thanks to Mohit Mohan for sending this in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing it with other enthusiasts via this Team-BHP share page!

As I was reading a recent discussion on prostate cancer, wanted to share with the broader public at large that cancer screening/diagnosis/treatment guidelines have been compiled by a US organization called NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network). This resource is also available for public download for nearly all types of tumours and below is the direct link.

Link to NCCN guidelines for Prostate Cancer

  • NCCN guidelines for patients is an abridged version and available for download directly, the HCP version is slightly more exhaustive and requires User ID creation.
  • NCCN guidelines for treatment options normally include only approved therapies, but some HCPs might advise for undertrial drugs where the success rate was high in the initial stages.
  • India might have/not have approved all therapy drugs for distribution within India. This is a US-focused document, hence it needs to be taken into account.
  • This document is intended to educate the end-user, not a substitute for any medical advice.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Hello Narayan - I am shocked to hear and am quite sure you will come out triumphant and many stories to tell us. I can understand what is going through on your family minds as I am from a family who has two cancer survivors among them one is my own sister.

It was 10 years ago and she has regular 6 month health checkup routine. But suddenly in one check up, it came out of blue. She fought hard and now a successful mom preparing her kids to face the world. Please don't ignore the mental health of family members during this stage. It is as important as your treatment.

To all Team BHP members, in addition to your personal health insurance covers, kindly take an critical illness add on cover for your home female members who may not be employed and push them to take health checkup after 30 years of age. Not all companies care enough for family members beyond employees even under exception.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Dear Narayan Sir, I can very well understand the tough time you and your family are going through at the moment, I salute your courage and maturity to pen down your thoughts and learnings for the general good at this critical juncture.

I am sure that you will win this battle, my prayers and wishes for your quick recovery. One thing I say with certainty is that T- BHP loves you and would be thrilled to see you full steam soon. Regards
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Dear Sir,

At the cost of being seen as little intrusive, I seek some info. separately.....if possible.

My father was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer (My family has history of BPH, this is first time it became malignant) in 2019. Since, then I have managed to read, discuss, identify way forward to a great extent..

He went through radical prostatectomy in 2019 followed by radiation therapy and monthly dose of hormone therapy since then. All this has taught me valuable lesson on how to approach cancer and what NOT to do. Since in your case it is in kidney as well and I presume that all is fine post surgery. My views will be limited to prostate only.

1. Identify Gleason score. This shows how severe the malignant cells are and thus the
remedial action. My father GS was 4+5=9
2. Don't panic. With modern medicine and evolving ones, very few creates problems. I
know people managing it for the last 15 years.
3. Lifestyles changes- Better to consult a Nutritionist. Take more and more green
vegetables, Kimchi, Kombucha. Fermented foods are best.
4. Meditation. Pray for the life God has given and express gratitude.
5. Prostate cancer is mostly male hormone driven. See if radical prostatectomy can be
done. This is specially useful when there is no metastasis.
6. PET scan every 6 months
7. Keep radiation as last resort before chemo as this creates lot of problems with gastro
8. Keep a track of what this Guy (Rahul Purwar) is doing.
He is the founder of ImmunoACT at IIT-Mumbai, who is doing a trial in India for
CART-Cell therapy. This is a very expensive therapy available in western countries. A
part of personalized treatment for cancer at fraction of cost in India. Currently they
are conducting trails in India. This is supposed to be golden therapy for cancer in
9. Hormone therapy has it's won side effects, please ask Doctor if Orchiectomy can be
done. In my father's case, it was never suggested. He took almost 36 injections after
which I asked Doctor why is this even required if Orchiectomy can be done? He had
no answer. He said, yes, it can be done. Always ask for alternative and best available
treatment. Hormone therapy injections (Firmagon or Degapride are expensive drugs
and have side effects. Orchiectomy side effects can be managed and the source of
strength to cancers cell can be removed. I discussed this treatment with TMH-Mumbai
and they supported my logic. My father underwent Orchiectomy and he is doing fine.
10. What most Doctors do it is to monitor the growth of cancer cells through PET and
based upon favorable results of it and LFT (Liver Function Test) they advise
medicines. What I have seen is that Doctors don't always advise optimum solution.
They say 'Wait n watch'. One medicine advised may not work after 6 months. They
will advise another more expensive medicine. This goes on until they exhaust all
medicines. Only option left is Chemotherapy.
11. If you are undergoing radiation, make sure that it is done diligently exactly as per
advise from the surgeon. Ask the Surgeon to give you a diagram of location where
radiation is to be given and monitor it.
12. All medicine that you take, make sure it comes from authorized sources as there are
lot of fake medicines in the market. I used to source medicnes from Sun Pharma

I pray to the lotus feet of Lord Krsna to give you strength. You will be in my prayers.

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