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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

After satellite dish TV became available in the early & 90s, there used to be an anime series called Robotech on Star channel( predecessor of Star Plus) in the evening 4:30 onwards. It was sandwiched between Wonder Years, Different Strokes, Batman(Classic/TV) on weekdays. Robotech was the only one I watched with keen interest after coming back from school. Anyone remembers it?

It had a great soundtrack too. This track used to give me goosebumps everytime there was a combat scene. The Fighter flown by the hero and his squadron was a VF-1 Valkyrie, that was based on the F-14 Tomcat.

What is your favorite Anime?-1.jpg
What is your favorite Anime?-2.jpg

There were other Japanese anime series that used to be aired on Star in the early 90s, one of them I clearly remember was Gaiking.
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Originally Posted by skanchan95 View Post
Robotech was the only one I watched with keen interest after coming back from school. Anyone remembers it?
Don't remember this show in particular, but along the same lines, I fondly remember watching SWAT Kats(not anime, but enjoyed it still). Other anime shows I remember watching on TV were Detective Conan(Case Closed), Dragon Ball and Capeta.

Naruto remains my absolute favourite, fillers can be annoying but endure through and you are rewarded with a beautiful plot. Enjoyed watching One Punch Man and Death Note too. Didn't quite enjoy Fairy Tail as much as I had thought and lost interest midway, same story with Baki Hanma.

Currently watching Mashle: Magic and Muscles, it's a new show and alright so far, but can't quite comment yet on whether I like it or not. Have heard good things about Demon Slayer and it's definitely next on my list.
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Originally Posted by MotoBlip View Post
Don't remember this show in particular, but along the same lines, I fondly remember watching SWAT Kats(not anime, but enjoyed it still).
Swatkats came much later in the late 90s on Cartoon Network. Just like Robotech/Macross, it was an aviation themed animated series. And just like the VF-1 Fighter in Robotech, the Razor & T-Bone's Turbokat was based on the F-14( and J-35)

What is your favorite Anime?-tk_insp12.jpg
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Another wonderful thread.
Some of the names here remind me of the subsequent seasons I have left unwatched.

My list goes like this
1. Naruto (loved it and would read up on the manga before the animes release)
2. Bleach (left it somewhere in the middle)
3. One punch man (still following and can't wait for the next season)
4. Dragon Ball (love how they have kept it going)
5. Death note ( nice thriller)
6. Rurouni Kenshin ( just don't remember other than the storyline, however, have seen
characters on shadow fight 4 Arena that often reminds me of this anime)
7. Tower of God (watched the first season)
8. God of High School (watched the first season and waiting on the second one)
9. Castlevania (watched the first season, and will watch the subsequent seasons next)
10. Vinland Saga (currently watching the second season)
11. Boruto ( just watching clips currently as the fillers are very exhausting)

One piece is something i missed out on.
Looking at my list if you guys have some suggestion for a must watch do recommend.

PS: I am 35 and still like watching anime.

thank you,
Happy motoring.
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Ah, a topic after my own heart.

I'm a crazy anime fan, though I say it myself. I started watching anime with Fist of the North Star, followed by Rurouni Kenshin (it was released as Samurai X back then). I prided myself on shying away from the mainstream animes like Bleach, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, Code Geass etc (my Chuunibyou acting up, probably). Until I finally got hopelessly entangled with One Piece.

List of my all-time favourite animes:
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (my personal favouritest!)
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • One Piece
  • Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Death Note
  • Rurouni Kenshin
  • Gintama
  • One Punch Man
Out of the more recent ones, I like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, just for the brilliant artwork.

But I absolutely love Jujutsu Kaisen - for the animation (Gojo's eyes OMG), the strong plot and the stronger characters (no damsels in distress here, sorry). Pretty sure it might enter my favourites list above if the creators maintain this standard.

Oh, and I started reading manga in the mid-2000s. My favourite was, and still is to this day, Sun-Ken Rock! An eternal classic.

And if Korean webcomics count here as well, I'm a huge Solo Leveling fan. The plot is meh, the characters are even meh-er, but what a sheer hallucinatory power trip that webcomic was!!

Currently reading The Beginning After The End and Legend of The Northern Blade, two other excellent webcomics.

Bless you, fellow weebs! Raise your lightsticks!!

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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Thanks for creating this thread.
Out of the very limited and mostly not-so-popular animes that I've watched, here are my favourites:-
• Initial D
• Bakuman
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Animes, Japan’s best gift to human kind!

Listing some of my favourite over the years:

1) Ramayan – Legend of Prince Ram. Introduced me to the world of anime. Amazing production quality, cast and songs.
2) Dragon Ball & Dragon ball Z and other arcs. My favorite is Dragon Ball Super.
3) Bleach – Suffered with many filler episodes but third arc “Soul Society – The rescue” defines the series. Last year series was revived with “1000 Years Blood Wars Arc” and its second season is coming in June-23.
4) Cowboy Bebop – Oh dear space cowboy. Dark, Moody, relatable and genre defining animation and soundtrack.
5) Death Note - First arc is amazing, second is passable
6) Hunter X Hunter
7) Monster – Story, Story & Story
8) Hellsing Ultimate – For animation quality, can skip original Hellsing
9) Full Metal Alchemist – Brotherhood
10) Demon Slayer – Masterpiece of storytelling, character development (one will even empathise with antagonists), artwork and sound.

Of the newer release, Hell’s Paradise seems promising.
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Long time Anime watcher and Manga reader here.
Started somewhere around 2001-2002 and was smuggling 15mb episodes of Naruto on floppy disk and stuff Good ol Days!

I am a music educator now and i try to get as many Students (and parents) hooked to anime as possible The Music and the amazing OST's will stay in your ear and heart your entire life.

Been soo many years and between many websites(RIP Kissanime you'll be missed) where i saw these amazing Japanese gifts to the world.

Naruto, Bleach and One Piece are the undefeated top 3 for me.
The baton is passed now to My Hero Academia. Me and my wife are absolutely hooked into this series and is a must watch .

I've always been a gamer so Isekai and game based Anime are some of my favourites, some Anime recommendations for Game lovers as follows:
Sword Art online Series
Log Horizon
Hunter X Hunter - greed Island arc (also nicknamed Haitus x haitus which fellow otakus will know)

Isekai is another Big genre which guys would love, which is basically Reincarnation in a different world after death(beware of truck-kun). Some amazing anime in this and too big a list to type here. I mostly love the comic ones in this.

Comic Anime will make you cry tears of laughter. Many suggested one punch man. I'll recommend Disastrous life of Saiki K ,small 10 minutes fun filled episodes my "aibo's"

Martial arts again is humungous list, to name a few:
History's strongest disciple
Hajime no Ippo

Music based Anime:
Your lie in April
Piano no mori
Nodame cantible
Beck- Mongolian chop squad

Magic and fantasy fiction again a huge huge list.
Dark genre which will make you think like crazy (Death Parade,Goblin,Slayer)
Slice of life (Barakamon)

I can go on and on and on as much of my life as a teen and adult (uptill Marriage) was Anime.
If anyone needs any recommendations, just mention genre and I'll try to get you initiated.

P.S. I always tell my students 2 GOLDEN RULES for watching Anime
1:Thou shalt only watch anime in Original Japanese with subtitles
2:Always give any anime atleast 5 episodes before you decide to watch ahead or not

Anime lovers 'IKUZO'
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Oh boy, I was just wondering when someone would start talking about anime in here. Picking favourites among all the anime that I have watched is a damn pain though.

Here goes some of my most liked ones which are in no particular order: Death note, Naruto, Bleach (The new arc is pretty lit), One Punch Man, Monster, Initial D and so on.

Originally Posted by Itachi_Uchiha View Post
Oh, Initial D. I have heard quite a lot about it, great choice! Infact it is in my watchlist and i will make sure to watch it at the earliest. And thanks for the detailed explanation.
Well, you got to be kidding me!! Haven't watched Initial D, but on a car forum talking about anime. You just committed a blasphemy.

Just joking . But seriously, you have to give it a try. The first couple of seasons have some CGI (Computer-Generated-Imagery) in the animation but you'll get used to it pretty fast. The races are pretty sick and the show gives some detailed explanations about cars and driving.

Plus, you'll get a whole new appreciation for Eurobeat after watching this .

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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Death Note : During my college (B.Tech Days). I really liked the L character than Kira.

Naruto : This was IMO the best anime ever . I was so glued to it, I used to watch two Episodes (each episode is 20 minutes) in the local train enroute to Office during my Chennai days and two more while coming back to home. I have collected some action figures and planning to add more to the collection.
At times I listen to the background scores in YouTube whenever i feel low or need motivation
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

I haven't watched many anime, but the ones I have watched, I've watched them 2-3 times. My favourites are Naruto (The best anime ever in my opinion), Castlevania. I also liked AoT and Death Note.

Currently watching Vinland Saga, and it's quite good. Maybe it can become one of my favourites.

Some of my friends don't consider Netflix anime such as Castlevania, Vinland Saga etc. as "True" animes. Doesn't bother me at all. I love watching them nonetheless.
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Ive seen swat cats and mostly whatever existed in Cartoon Network back in the days. My favourite being Voltron which was really grippy. One could not stop watching this show
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

For me, DBZ was the first one I watched. But when I was younger, Naruto was my favorite.

Soon learnt that there are like tons and tons of anime!
Bleach and One Piece came next. Moved on to HunterXHunter, MHA, DeathNote, FMA and few others.

Currently due to time crunch with work, baby-sitting my daughter and dedicated time for home and family, I am restricted to watch whatever is there on Netflix.
So hooked on to Demon Slayer now. A normal anime but beautiful animation and soundtrack.

But my favorite soundtrack would always be Naruto OST and Bleach OST (On the Precipice of Defeat)
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

My favorite anime series are

1. Demon Slayer
2. Baki
3. Yasuke
4. Kengan Ashura

Demon Slayer Entertainment District arc final fight sequence had the most amazing choreography I have ever seen in anime or movies. I have avoided watching the new Swordsmith Village Arc since episodes are dropping weekly now. I will watch it in one go when the entire arc is complete.
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

One piece to me is the G.O.A.T!

The worldbuilding is top notch and the creativity in terms of the fruit power is so fresh. The social issues covered are eye opening as it builds throughout the arcs.
That said it is not for everyone, as the pacing is handicapped, and it takes time to commit and watch One Piece. Catching up to One Piece was a lifetime experience for me. Eagerly awaiting Gear 5!

Naruto was good, but the war arc was a letdown in terms of execution for me. Still a great anime.

Bleach is good too. However it isn't as compelling as One piece. I blame the characters, both One piece and Naruto have exceptional characters.

Jujutsu Kaisen has the potential to be great. Eagerly waiting for season 2.

Demon Slayer is fun, and the animation is probably one of the best, but the story is typical, still enjoyable.

Have a lot more on my watchlist!

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