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Re: The 2023 Cricket World Cup

The chokers tag has been given to the wrong team. I guess we now know who are the true chokers!!

Humiliating and will haunt the fans for a long, long time. This is even more humiliating than the 2003 finals.

On the other side, immense respect for the Aussies. They have this incredible ability of rising to the occassion and they always deliver when it matters. It is something which we never had, and never will.

I never considered India a No.1 team, be it in the past or in this tournament. Hard to accept, but I guess today's abysmal performance hammers this fact home.

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Re: The 2023 Cricket World Cup

The individual quest for becoming the GOAT finally culminated in an en masse sheepish surrender in the finals. A result that not many fans were ready even to imagine.

The 2023 Cricket World Cup-img_20231119_205200.jpg

The difference between the two teams in this match lies not just in the Head but also in the heart.

Congratulations Australia.
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Re: The 2023 Cricket World Cup

As Maxwell has so acutely observed in one of his podcasts, subcontinentals like us and our cricketers let their emotions override judgement in pressure situations. Look at the drooping shoulders on the field and player finger pointing in this thread.

Something that is useful to sharp teams like the Australians in pressing the right buttons and extracting the outcome they desire.

Before the match, there was no-one who could come close to the blues, it was a team of 11 match winners who conquered the whole world (well, as much of the world as there is in cricket). Its a quirk of a knockout format that it only takes one (bad) day. And we loose our rhythm when the heat is on.

Doesn't mean we rubbish that astonishing run. It was exhilarating while it lasted. Thanks India for an amazing journey, and you have to give it to the Ozzies, they turn it up a notch when they really have to.
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Re: The 2023 Cricket World Cup

Australia showed what confidence and preparation can do in crucial times. To decide to bowl first after winning the toss and putting India to bat needed some other level of confidence and they showed it in ample amount tonight. They were better prepared and they meticulously planned for the whole match with every player in mind. The way they employed fielders in crucial positions and the way they fielded is a perfect lesson for every team sport.

Australia performed clinically and congratulations to Australia and specially to Travis Head for his brilliant century. It’s not easy to perform in front of a partisan crowd and they came out with all guns blazing. Congratulations to our team as well for all the joys that they provided all through the tournament. Better luck next time.

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Re: The 2023 Cricket World Cup

Must really appreciate the bowling changes and field changes made my Cummins. Looks like they planned every over of the match. Congratulations Australia 🦘
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Re: The 2023 Cricket World Cup

India was outplayed by the Aussies - though to be completely objective, the dew factor played a significant role in the final. The idea of having a slow, dry, used pitch for the finals misfired. A good pitch reduces the impact of the dew since the team batting first already likely notches up a decent score.

The way India shut the gates after Iyer's dismissal - was a rude reflection yet again of lack of faith in the (non-existent) tail. Most teams wouldnt have gone into as much of a defensive shell losing just 3 wickets at the top as India did. To be fair, the defensive approach was certainly vindicated as the lower order batting order folded up meekly.

In the balance, one bad day for any team is always statistically expected. That it happened in the finals is disappointing.

Well played through the tournament though, Team India - would have been great to finish on a high - but such is life !
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Re: The 2023 Cricket World Cup

We are being too critical on the ICT I believe. They played very well up to the final and really over achieved when no one were not expecting them to be unbeatable till final before the World Cup starts. It’s true they failed when it really matters but after all it’s a game and someone has to lose. Well played lads! And congrats to Aussies on yet another world cup win.

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Re: The 2023 Cricket World Cup

When Travis Head took that stunning catch off of Rohit Sharma, you just knew it was going to be his day. POTM in the Test Championship final, World Cup semi final and now the final as well. Take a bow. 18 months ago, he was fighting for his career, playing to keep his place in the side.

Brilliant captaincy by Cummins. Bowling changes and especially the field placement were just perfect.

Congratulations Australia. Deserving champs yet again.

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Re: The 2023 Cricket World Cup

Sad day!! It wasn't our day.
Isn't the Ahmedabad stadium the one with biggest boundaries in India? When the schedule was announced, I had thought that time itself that the final shouldn't be at Ahmedabad (but it was there you know why!).
The Australians are used to playing at big grounds, remember the 2015 finals? Poor NZ was thrashed in the finals after playing most of their matches in smaller NZ grounds.
They should have had simply scheduled the final at Wankhede, where our players are more at home and smaller boundaries would have helped us score more runs.
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Re: The 2023 Cricket World Cup

Currently, my feelings are a mix of disappointment and frustration. Yes, an entire month feels wasted after witnessing this letdown :

Name:  Screenshot 20231119 212802.png
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On a positive note, India performed admirably throughout the entire tournament. We managed to break the longstanding belief that India would not qualify for the finals. Now, let's hope we can overcome the final hurdle in 2027.

The Australians played exceptionally well, surprising many who initially underestimated them . Travis Head proved to be a real headache for India. However, I can't help but express my disappointment at India's fielding performance. There were moments when they seemed to let the ball slip away carelessly. In contrast, the Aussies fought relentlessly until the last minute. They did their homework, answered all the questions correctly, and emerged victorious.

While India seemed to excel in the classroom discussions but stumbled when it mattered most—the exam. As the saying goes, it's not about answering questions in class but performing well in the exam that makes one the ultimate topper. Better luck next time, India!
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Re: The 2023 Cricket World Cup

On the bright side, few Youtubers and Commentators believed that the ODI format is becoming redundant over time; if India had won this world cup, I think with the power that BCCI holds, this would've become a valid concern.

Just a hunch because everyone seems to enjoy T20s and Test cricket more on average than the ODIs. Although nothing beats the viewership statistics when India plays a World-cup final, the averages would say otherwise. The average end viewer doesn't really bother to watch any bi-lateral series simply because everyone's busy with their lives and the hype doesn't really build up unless if you're a cricket enthusiast.

So I think we're now definitely going to see a 2027 World Cup, or at least up until India wins another cup.

Good Game, Well Played Australia.

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Re: The 2023 Cricket World Cup

Our batsmen are an irresponsible lot apart from Rohit and Kohli. Gill, Iyer, KL Rahul have all given away their wicket too easily throughout the tournament. Even Gavaskar said the same in league matches that they need to focus on building their innings specially once they have scored 30-40 odd runs or just reached half-century. Sky looked absolutely clueless throughout all games and I think he should be allowed to only play in IPL cricket.
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Re: The 2023 Cricket World Cup

All said and done, for all the financial clout of BCCI and perks accruing to players thereon, Indian players seem to lack commensurately in a defining aspect - HEART!

The Aussies have enough and more of this, so they won.

For diehard Indian cricket fans, this has been the story for ages, barring few exceptions. Wait for 2027, or stop following this marketing juggernaut, it’s your choice.

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Re: The 2023 Cricket World Cup

Objectively speaking, as soon as they lost the toss, team India had an uphill task. The wicket was extremely hard to bat on in the first innings. In fairness though, the Aussies bowled to the conditions, and fielded well.

This match was decided by the dew. One must question the wisdom of playing a day-night format for crucial matches like the semis and the finals. A day format would've been more even to both the teams.

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Re: The 2023 Cricket World Cup

Although I feel sad that our team lost the match, there is one tiny bit of smile here and that is because, had our team won the match, the next 2yrs our ad industry would have been flooded with irrelevant TV ads all featuring these 11 players. Now with the loss, at least these guys will have a reduced TV presence at least in the advertisements.

Might boost liquor sales for this evening too.

I don't hate cricket, but when you see ads that have absolutely no connection with cricketers and still they pitch for the products, it reminds of you Amitabh Bachan being overused for similar ads, with no logic and no connection.
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