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anyone have any info on prestige nottinghill on bannerghatta road?

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Originally Posted by btirthankar View Post
Rental Value Method:[/b]
Find out the rental value, it can fetch and will that rental accumulated over 10 years be equal to the 9.38 lakhs. If Yes, the investment is OK.
As a Rule of Thumb.

If you want to do detailed ROI and Financial Analysis, that will take time and you will have to factor in the interest cost on home loan, monthly maintenance, property taxes and tax savings u/s 24(b) and 80CCC of the Income tax Act.
So the rental value method doubles your money in 10 years. This is loose calculation, because we're not including effect of interest cost, maintenance cost, and taxes

So at-best - you'll get a 7.17% annualized return.

I feel for a 10 year period, stock market, fixed instruments, or maybe commercial real estate, can offer better returns. My 2 cents.

And if you're looking for a place to live, and not an investment, then this whole ROI calculation can go out the door.

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Originally Posted by amitsingh08 View Post
This is loose calculation

I feel for a 10 year period, stock market, fixed instruments, or maybe commercial real estate, can offer better returns. My 2 cents.

And if you're looking for a place to live, and not an investment, then this whole ROI calculation can go out the door.
yes that was a rough calculation as most people get wary of complicated excel sheets etc. The method is easy reference for whether the asset entails real returns or not.

True. Residential property is not a good 'investment' anymore in comparison. But it is an essential asset (much like our vehicles)
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I am looking to buy a place in Bangalore ORR / Whitefield area in next 3-6 months. So wondering what is the 'going' avg per sqft rates for a) apartment; b) villa in the ORR and Whitefield areas ?

I mean one reads a lot of price correction etc, but when you contact a builder, he seems to quote rates which are unchanged ? So, any inputs appreciated :-)
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anyone know anything about hiranandani's project in chennai on OMR? seems interesting.

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Originally Posted by btirthankar View Post
Yes Builders interpret Built Up area in a manner that you feel comfortable. And Yes 44% is shaved off.

I am sorry.. but a blanket statement like that is both misleading and untrue! I do know of cases where this is as low as 20% (which includes the flat I have just finalised in Bangalore)

There are three measurements in construction.

1. CARPET AREA - This is the internal area of the property arrived at totalling the internal wall to wall measurements. (some may include plaster thickness - and some may not.

2. PLINTH AREA - This is the area of the property including the wall thickness (the area occupied by the walls )

3. SUPER BUILT AREA - this is the area including the common areas - which can include the passages, landings, club house, amenities, etc etc etc. However I agree that each builder has his own methods of calculating Super Built Area - This is where builders really can lay it on. I have known cases where the overhead tank is also taken as a part of the SBA calculations!

The only way of checking is to get the builder to commit internal dimensions on paper (generally a part of the agreement) and then hold him to it! (if possible!)

Given the current situation, I recommend investing only in flats ready for possession - and that money exchanges hands only at the time of registration!

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Car Parking for Home Buyers

I had been to Mantri Park around a year ago to inquire about a Flat at Goregaon E (Mumbai) was quoted around 45 lakhs (1 BHK) including registration etc.I was also told that i would have to pay 3 lakhs extra for car parking space.
My question is, how valid is it for a builder to ask for the buyer to pay extra for car parking if he is entitled to be part of the housing society to where he is purchasing the home ? Isin't there a clause where housing societies allocate
the buyer with a car parking space without paying extra?

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Unfortunately thats how things work here.

It is illegal and thats why for Open Parking:

1. You would either pay in cash
2. You would pay through cheque but receipt will mention something other then parking.

In either case, this transaction would not be mentioned in Sales Deed.
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Guys, have been busy house hunting (ready possession only) last few months in Mumbai. Some deals I came across:

1. Kalpataru Estates, JVLR - 7200 - 7500 per Sq Ft . A 2BHK for around 82-90 lacs. I might book one for 82-85 if the deal comes through.

2. Nahar Amritshakti, Powai - 6000 Sq Ft currently. Might drop to 5500.

3. Raheja, Lokhandwala Kandivili - 63 lacs all inclusive 2 Bed.
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Guys I am looking for a 3 BHK in Surakshaa Fairview in front of Satya Sai ashram in Whitefield Bangalore .. Any idea about the builder or the appartments ??
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ANy idea about SVR Flora : 2 & 3 BHK Luxury Apartments in HSR layout. I read somewhere, there is a DUmp Yard near this. Stinking smell etc.
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There was a recent AD from csc Realty selling apartments for 5L. Did anyone take a look at this one?
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Hi friends,

We are seriously considering buying an apartment in ETA Star, The Gardens in Magadi road, Bangalore (Bangalore Properties, ETA Star - The Gardens, Bangalore).

Does anyone have any experience dealing with them? They are quoting around Rs. 2900 per sq. ft. for full payment upfront (normal price is around Rs. 3400 per sq. ft.). Possession, they claim will be in June-July, although I doubt that they would be hand over the flat that soon.

Anybody got a better deal from them?
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It is NOT advisable to buy ANY project under construction at this time - no matter how lucrative the deal may seem. Please put down your money ONLY for projects ready to move in - that too with all clearances including Possession Certificate in place!
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Investing in property : Naharpar Faridbad or Gurgaon ??

Note to mods : Kindly do not merge it with regular property threads, as it is an advice seeking between two places rather then a general advice. Thanks.

Looking at current clashing property rates and receiving numerous smses on weekly basis offering 2-3bhk @ 25-30Lakhs I am too much lucrated towards investing in property.

Bahadurgarh Currently very slow pace progress is on-going in running residential projects (Only 1) and so slow is on future plans of bahadurgarh. Purchasing a plot might had been an option but royalty asked for a 2 lakh price land is too much according to my calculations. (Read too much black money required) Looks like property mafias are going to exploit bahadurgarh as well.

Sonipat/panipat -A very close known is major player in sonipat property market and have cleary denied idea to even enter into sonipat property market. When asked reason... He said "I care for you hard earned money "

After considerable amount of research and googling I came upon an assumption where-in one can invest in either Naharpar Faridbad or Gurgaon to see the healthy money growth.

Naharpar Faridbad - A visit over the place and you can see only roads, some under-construction apartments and handful dealers sitting all over the places with rattling the property they are dealing in to be most VFM where-in possession is to be offered by 2011-12!! Still with various growth options offered like metro connectivity by 2011, badarpur bridge construction, kalindi kunj bridge construction for better connectivity with Delhi & NCR it looks a lucrative option for an investment. This is further supported by the fact that it the place will be into the vicinity of South Delhi.

Gurgaon - With the issue of Gurgaon master plan for 2021 suddenly gurgaon boundaries seems to be increasing. With the extension of dwarka metro up till Metro depot/ISBT near sec-82, suddenly many residential apartments schemes popped up in the metro route (Sec 37a, 37b, 37c, 37d, 101-110) and nearby Metro depot/ISBT (Sec 82, 83, 84, 85) & seems to be a health investment preposition. The said preposition is further supported by introduction 2 SEZ projects nearby Metro Depot/ISBT.

Now as a investor with an avenue to invest in a property of 30-35Lk and 5-7 years timeframe I am struck and unable to decide between Naharpar Faridabad or Gurgaon !! Where should it go ??
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