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Lovely thread, guys !

School: St. Mary's High School, Mazgaon, Mumbai.
Junior College: The Wilson College, Mumbai.
Senior College: L. S. Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai.
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Loyola, Jamshepur ISC 1992
BIT Mesra Comp Sci 1992-96
Life, since then.
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School :
1.Rosary School , Kingsway Camp Delhi - 1992-1995
2.Delhi Public School , Rohini (Delhi) - 1995-2006
College : Institute for Integrated Learning in management , IILM , Lodhi Road
(Affiliated to Bradford University , UK )

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Mount Carmel School 1984-96
DAV Sr Sec School, Una (HP) 1998
GGNIMT, Khalsa College (BCA) Ludhiana, 2001
MICA - Mudra Institute of Communications Ahemdabad, 2004
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Schooling - Hari Sri Vidya Nidhi School, Trichur

Presently doing my UG in PSG CAS,Coimbatore.
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Pre-school: Byadgi Shettar School - Davangere..
LKG - ST xaviers belgaum
UKG to 3rd - ST Joseph Dharwad
4th to 5th - Sainik primary school, Bijapur
6th to 8th - Secab Bijapur
9th - 10th K E Board Dharwad 1996
PUC 1 and 2 : KCD Dharwad 1998
BE (Mech) : KREC Surathkal 2002
MS (Mech): Kansas State University, Manhattan KS : 2005
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Hi you guys this thread is for all those of you who studied or are studying abroad since who knows you may meet some alumni from the same university or even another car enthusiast who resides 2 doors away from you or sits right beside you in class and perhaps once we have quite a few of you from different places we can perhaps have a more varied input on your view of the car scene around there.

get writing

Oops I forget to mention my self, I'm currently studying business at sfu(for those of you who don't know Canada to well that stand for Simon Fraser University) The car scene here is pretty hot as far as downtown is concerned and not to bad otherwise though as far as in school is concerned the real rich kids seem to be alot of the Chinese(mainly mainland China) international student's studying here alot of them stay in west van, quite a few second years student's own two cars for themseves usually a flashy sports car or a modified infiniti g35 and a german suv. well thats about my side of the story, more once i get a little input from you guys

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as for me i live in buffalo, ny. I go to SUNY University at buffalo ( go bulls !). i know the name is funny. actually there's another bhpian here, but i donot know him in person. so where ever you are please let me know. its good to meet some one who actually speaks about cars.

i think the car scene in buffalo is good. thats all i can say. on campus. i can see a '08 M3, some BMW 335i Coupes which are slightly modified and lots and lots of ricers in their civics.

and no one i know seems to know about cars here. all they speak about is NFl or NASCAR.

ok my quick rant about NASCAR. how can you call it a race when you are going in circles like 100 times and enjoying that. no human being will enjoy that. others may have different opinions.
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Graduated with an MBA from Bentley, Boston. Those 2.x years were amongst the most memorable; in terms of fun, experience, learning, growth and career focus. A classmate gave me my first ever Dodge Viper drive. Others got me hooked on to track days. And yet some more gave me rides in exotics. Further, there was a hot blonde in a blue Subaru WRX! Back then (around Y2001), the Indian car scene hadn't opened up as to how it is today. The three hottest cars (only) were : OHC, Lancer & Ford Ikon 1.6. Hell, we didn't even know about K&N Filters then though freeflows & tyre upgrades were common.

I remember googling, ever so often, in the hope of finding an Indian forum where I could discuss cars .
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I am curently pusrsuing automotive enginereing from Coventry University, Coventry. It's a completely different world out here since there's so much more to expereience and discover each day.

The Car and bike scene here is also quite nice especially when u consider the fact that Coventry is not what would refer to as a a big city. The fact that my room window overlooks the car park and that my place is located right next to a big business centre also helps.

Uptill now the course has been great as in it's given me the right kind of exposure about all things automotive. Infact we opened up an engine and put it back together in the first week itself. I have also joined the Formula student team and the karting club here which help me make good use of my spare time.

My only grouse withg the course is the level of math that they teach here which is appalling at it's very best. Drifting away from the topic of studies, the night life here is decent but it's still a lot better than it is in

Oh and a parting note- I 'm going to Birmingham tommorow to witness the MPH motor show. Yipeeee !
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Well i studied at Western Michigan University doing my bachelors in Automotive Technology. Those days were really spent with friends doing burnouts in college parking lots in Camaro IROC-Z's, multiple donuts on iced out roads, yearly gang trips to the Detroit Motorshow, the usual weekend drive in shoestring budget Escorts to chicago to have food at indian resturaunts, repairing friend's cars on the porch, carrying a spare battery around when i didnt have money to buy a new alternator for my Ford Probe, trying to jump out of the car when a friend's newly accquired Diamante caught fire in the engine... oh man the list is endless! Those were the real days.
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Default AIB Class 158

American Institute of Baking, Manhattan, Kansas. Class of 2001.
This was a truely unique school for Baking professionals worldwide.

A stepping stone from the world of artesan style baking to the world of Mega Factories (Wonder bread, EarthGrains , Hostess etc) and bakeries making like 10,000 burger buns and hour, 25,000 croissants an hour and the likes.

The alumini are spread across the world; international students making 75 % of the class strength. Japanese, Chinese, Argentineans, Russians, Germans quite a motely crew !! Was great fun neverthe less with each day ending with a pile of sweet goods to carry back to the dorm.

The sweetest years of my life (literally speaking)
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^^ WOW!! That's a really cool degree you have there. If you don't mind can you tell us where you work now?
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Default Yummy !!!

Originally Posted by khanak View Post
^^ WOW!! That's a really cool degree you have there. If you don't mind can you tell us where you work now?
Hey Khanak,

Was this question directed towards me!?
If yes, sorry for going silent,..I visited this thread after a long while today.

I work for a HACCP & ISO certified food processing company in Gurgaon. Its pretty interesting what we do. I am not sure if its right for me to tell whom we supply to on an open forum,...but given the odds I am pretty sure all of you here at some point of time have tasted our products.

So when you bite into that juicy sandwich at your friendly neighbourhood deli. , or when you sink your teeth into that moist chocolate cake I might have something to do with that.

Cheers Mate !
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Originally Posted by Torque-ative View Post
So when you bite into that juicy sandwich at your friendly neighbourhood deli. , or when you sink your teeth into that moist chocolate cake I might have something to do with that.
Thank you, Thank you and Thank you
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