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Old 27th January 2008, 15:04   #31
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Hi people!

the expressway is just amazing. u can just zip past anyone. very risky though, I clocked 160 on my Indica Turbo last night, at about 12:45 am (the road was quite and empty) during the days i've also seen a lot of pedestrians crossing . it is very risky. i think they should install high bars on the dividers so that pedestrians don't cross them et all. and make a few subways.

As regards to somebody writing about DND being expensive of what i know its not owned by the NHAI. as in its made on private land and hence they charge so much. they even charge the army vehicles
Ggn expressway is on contract to DS constructions for 20 years after which it will come back to NHAI and in anycase they need to take permission from NHAI and Rites on the amount of Toll to be collected and the rules on exemptions etc.

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Used the TOLL on Saturday morning at around 6:15, the entrance road to toll is HUGE, i mean HUGE from Delhi, while leaving for Jaipur and actually saved much time one use to wander between gurgaon traffic. It was smooth ride on the toll apart from the pedestrians crossing the road wildly even at that time.

On coming back i.e. Yesterday evening it was a manic, may be the biggest traffic jam i have seen even, there were at least 2000-2500 cars at least waiting for their turn even with so many toll gates operationing continuously. At last, Toll authority had to make the TOLL "Free" so as to control the wild traffic increasing every second.

The moment i crossed the TOLL Gates on a speed, suddenly I remembered the scene of 2Fast 2Furious wherein cars are dodging cops and 100s of cars are running out of the garage at same moment....

It seem Authority needs to take some concrete steps to control the traffic like separate-dedicated lane pass holders & vips, separate-dedicated lane for heavy movers like buses and trucks as they otherwise add to the chaos..

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I got a free ride today morning at the border plaza. Guess the traffic was too much for them to manage.
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But this toll is turning out to be a nightmare for people entering Gurgaon in morning and leaving gurgaon towards delhi in evening.

guess what

spent 40 mins in morning there and trust me it was the most horrible toll i have ever crossed.and will never use it again i believe if the same situation persists.

No VIP lanes too.

now i understand why they had to make it FREE on sunday evening.
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Its a holy mess out there because people are just lining up wherever they feel like - even the "Tag" only lane is being blocked by cars lining up to pay cash.

This morning, they were manually diverting from one lane to the other. Whatever time you are saving by using the newly opened RTR Marg flyover is being neutralized by the toll gate mess.

Lol, when will we ever have "lane" discipline!
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Old 28th January 2008, 15:37   #36
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NH24 Toll Plaza is turning out to be nightmare. On Friday night, at around 11:10 PM, I stuck in a huge traffic jam for almost half an hour, while coming from Delhi to DLF III Gurgaon and it was due to their system failed for some reason. Finally they had to let everyone drive without paying the toll. lol. Today in the morning at around 12:00 PM, I had to wait for 15 minutes to cross the toll. Moreover their people are not profersional enough and they do not know how to deal in pressure situation.
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AND i thought that bikers were the only ones pissed because they've been relegated to the side lanes with call center cabs, trucks, buses and other low lifers :|
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Very useful and informative info!

Im surprised why they havent allowed carry forward of unused balance? Thats very strange and outdated. Even prepaid cell users get to carry forward their unused balance.
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Default Delhi-Gurgaon expressway traffic stuck in a numbers jam


Came across this in the live mint. Delhi-Gurgaon expressway traffic stuck in a numbers jam - livemint

It seems that traffic volume on day 1 was almost what the consultants had projected in 2013. The article also mentions that some of the delays was caused by people paying cash tolls. Probably things will ease if people use electronic cards. Secondly, article mentions lack of toll etiquette which caused delays as much as 45 mins.

Does anyone know what electronic toll collection means have been installed there.
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The toll was opened on 25th Jan. and I picked up my smart tag two days earlier. Was hoping that I woud just zip past. But that was not to be. Once you reach the plaza, all the time gained is lost.

And rightly said, no toll etiquettes. Even though lanes are clearly demarcated, cash paying cars butt in the card and tag lane thus causing delays.. Either they can't read or are plain stupid..
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Did anyone read the Jug Suraiya article regarding the toll gate on this route in the Sunday TOI Bangalore edition? Absolutely hilarious. I am putting in a section of what was written by JS in this column:

From Times of India (Feb 3rd, 2008) by Jug Suraiya:

It was at this toll plaza that I heard those famous first words: Abbe, saale, lathi oopar karo . The speaker was the driver of a 3-wheeler vehicle locally known as a 'Tumpoo' and the 'lathi' he referred to was the electronically operated, state-of-the-art crossbar, which was in the lowered position, disenabling the Tumpoo driver's egress from Gurgaon and ingress into Delhi. Understandably irate at this 'lathi' barring his progress, the Tumpoo driver demanded of the toll booth attendant that the non-cooperative item in question immediately be raised, at pain of physical assault, if necessary. The toll attendant tried to explain that a) no Tumpoos were allowed on the highway; and b) that the Tumpoo driver was anyway in the wrong lane, this being the exclusive lane for the special, remote-sensorable Tag Card which the Tumpoo did not possess, and that the Tumpoo driver should go to one of the Cash lanes to pay the toll, which would cause the crossbar to rise and enable the Tumpoo driver to continue his journey.

Unimpressed by such Jesuistical nitpicking about Tag lanes and Cash lanes, the Tumpoo driver responded with a terse: Teri Tag-Vag ki aisi-ki-taisi (Roughly translatable as 'Go stuff your Tag-Vag') and, disembarking from his vehicle, began to wrestle with the recusant 'lathi' to get it out of his way. Two uniformed security men jumped on the Tumpoo driver and began to wrestle with him, to stop him wrestling with the 'lathi'. The drivers of sundry other vehicles blocked by the Tumpoo joined in the fray, though it was not clear on whose side they were, the Tumpoo driver's or the security guards'.

Anyway, the 'lathi' succumbed to primal muscle-power, and with a state-of-the-art groan of defeated machinery bent sideways, at which point the Tumpoo driver disengaged from the melee and equanimously continued his interrupted travels.

It was an epiphanic episode. For it showed that the lathi - that emblem of rural realpolitik and feudal proprietary rights as summed up in the succinct phrase ' Jiski lathi uski bhains' (He who has the lathi has the buffalo) - has been reincarnated as the blunt instrument of negotiation between the latter-day landlordism of the sarkar and the countervailing amiable anarchy of the general citizenry. Which is why we can have state-of-the-art highways, and any number of other state-of-the-art state-of-the-arts. But in the end we'll always be left with the short end of the stick. Another word for the lathi.
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Default How Would It Impact Airport Traffic


Last time I went from Ghaziabad to Domestic Airport by cab, on 24th of Jan, the new flyover was open and free, there was no firm board on the turn off to Domestic, just a guy standing with a playcard showing sign to the airport ( great confusion around then). I am again coming into Delhi on 11th Feb.

Would like to know if my cab will have to pay toll to use the expressway from Domestic Airport till Daula Kua? If he goes thro the old highway (non-expressway) will this increase driving time grately @ 10 AM? If there is a great saving in time, it would be worthwhile paying toll (Rs.20 ?) one way.


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Thought I would give one quick update. The toll is now pretty well managed (compared to when it was opened) for the amount of traffic it caters to.

-- The waiting time has reduced to only a couple of mins or so at around 9:15 am on weekdays. This is in the exclusive TAG lane.
-- The toll has increased to Rs 17 and 8.5 (discounted).
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i use the TAG lane, come in around 11am and leave around 7pm, pretty smooth all the way.
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Try using the tag lane at around 8.45-915 AM. It is bad though other lanes are even worse. Somedays in the morning, the jam starts even 1.5 km before the toll crossing, on the Rajokri flyover itself.
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