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Originally Posted by csentil View Post
Excellent drifting can be done... :-)

I doubt it if its possible. Be careful when u explore this option.

Have fun anyway
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Oh.. its just a joke.. You don't have to drift urself.. the slippery mud will take care of it.. and once your tyres are caked with mud its funtime.. :-)
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Aah the rains. Just the perfect excuse to get wet on an open bike and permission from the wife to down the couple(atleast) of extra shots to prevent the onset of cold
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Some points to remember

Water makes roads slippery.
Water with oil is much better.
Anticipate where oil might have collected on the roads.
for example turnings, toll booths, signals etc.

Enter such places slow.

If you are in a slippery spot trying to brake will cause a wheel lockup.
Avoid it.

Potholes can be 2 inches deep they can also be 2 feet deep.
Avoid riding into them.

Water can hide a pothole.

A good focussed headlight is a must.

If you ride too fast into water it will spray up.
This wave can be strong enough to cause a loss of balance and also blind you.
Be carefull when other vehicles approach the water, they will also cause waves.

Wear bright clothes.
Improves your visibilty.

Have a functional brake light.
If possible ride with atleast one more rider.

Wear a good jacket.
Full lenght pants will help save your skin.

If you dont wear a helmet, you don't deserve a motorcycle.
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Nothing beats an empty Airport Rd on a weekend night, with 100 horsepower on Neovas pounding through blinding rain.
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God i was in my convertable (car converted to boat ) near rajarajeshwari nagar
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I grew up in Kerala and the times that I love the most are when it rains (it pours there!).
-- Rode on cycle, RX 100 when it used to pour
-- Played football and cricket and got drenched
-- Had ridden with dad with raincoat on to and from the primary school in bajaj scooter

Little did I realise that those were some of the best days in life! Was always cribbing about 'home work'.

Now my wife will kick my *** when I talk about thoughts of getting a mobike (she sees hosur road every day, you know)
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Default Its raining, Mumbai!

What a pleasant surprise last evening! I walked out of work when it had just started drizzling. Within 10 minutes minutes, Marine drive was totally drenched in rain. It made for a great drive back home. Great music and thoughts to match.....rains have a way of isolating you from the world.

Love the rains?

P.S.: Please drive with caution. The first showers can make for extremely slippery roads.

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We had good showers here in Pune yesterday.
I went for a short 'offroad' drive in the evening and nearly got my 4x2 MM540 stuck in a mudhole. Mud Glorious Mud!
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No such luck here in Hyderabad yet. Eagerly awaiting for the first rains, i just love the smell of mitti when it rains!
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No rains here yet. According to weather department, we should have been hit by monsoon by now.
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Lots of fallen trees here in Pune. Took an extra hour for me to run around in circles and dodge all the roads that were blocked due to fallen trees and electric poles.
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Well IMD says monsoon is already on in Coastal KA and KL
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After heavy rains, its been quite 2 days in Bengaluru. The IMD predicted heavy rainfall for a week and they have been proved wrong again.
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Yes, it did rain quite well last evening in Pune. I was at CCD in Viman Nagar with a office colleague when it was drizzling. The moment we stepped out, it started pouring, so we went back in and had another cuppa .

Drove back late from work as usual to beat the traffic.
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