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Default Ferrari FXX - A Ferrari that I can afford now

Did't find a thread on this so posting this here.

via: Exclusive Ferrari FXX Pedal Go-kart For Budding Kid-racers - Born Rich

The Ferrari FXX pedal go-cart is a mighty good way for you to initiate your kids into becoming Ferrari worshippers like you and also have loads of fun racing around the block. The new Ferrari FXX pedal go-kart from the house of Berg Toys has a nice sports-car like stance, comes in Ferrari red and also manages to look quite big for a pedal go-cart. This go-cart uses the good old pedal power to push it forward which means that it is safer than the motorised go-carts because you canít go too fast in this one. We like the five spoke alloys, replete with the Ferrari logo which makes this cart look very hot. The go-cart is also loaded to the gills with various safety features like disc brakes and even a seatbelt for itís racing seat. So that means, no nasty crashes with overenthusiastic kids managing to push the go-cart to the extreme. You even have an on-board chip to measure your lap times and top speeds. Pretty neat, we must say. Yours for £1239.

Not too expensive eh! So what if I'd look funny at the intersection pedaling the cart.
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look at the tyres and alloys haha ......

Anyways no doubt FXX was a legend, car nahi to pedal cart hi sahi
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Wouldn't be too difficult to put a motor in that !
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There is no need to, its a Pedal operated Go Kart
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Its even got air dams in the front.
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The real question to ask is "Mileage kya hai"
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Ferrari !! where is that man wins name is always taken when some one talks about Ferrari here.

BTW, keerthi you said you can afford it, but can you fit inside it?

Should this thread be in sifting gears? OR may be we can take this as a move by FERRARI as marketing strategy and hence the thread is in right section.
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Neat toy....worth a buy for those delicious looking wheels alone.
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A recumbent bike with four wheels. Actually you can pedal much harder from this seating position. With the right gearing you can make this thing go pretty fast I am sure.
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Whats the slalom peak like?
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And that too with a hand brake ?!?! MAN...!! powerslides are for sure!
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We are also building a racing go-kart with full 4 wheel suspension and all wheel disc brakes for our University's Capstone Project.
The total cost is about $2000.

I designed the suspension which is an independent McPherson strut in the front and a trailing arm with shock absorbers at the rear.
I'll post the pictures later.

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Awesome wheels! Too good for a toy!
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Originally Posted by GTO - Touring View Post
Neat toy....worth a buy for those delicious looking wheels alone.
very true. Those are neat wheels. Mileage ? depends on the user's fat composition. LOL
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I'm suprised this was approved as a toy given the fairly strict laws in most countries.

The 4-point harness looks like a bad idea. Instead of the child jumping / being thrown off in case the cart overturns - this will drag him along.
The same reasons why go-karts dont have seatbelts!!

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