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Can you tell your friend to get the bandwidth limit on the BIAL website increased.

- No attachments on transport options is opening up.
- Many Images are not opening.

I hope this does not happen to their capacity planning of passenger handling

Originally Posted by eclectix 1st View Post
Thanks. But not required (or due) as I am just a messenger.

My friend who works in the advertising dept for BIAL had sent it to me a few days back, but asked me not to share it with anyone till its officially cleared for release.

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Wow! looks like BIAL has its task cut out. There is no excuse for delays due to ATC etc which we are hearing. I hope these things get sorted out very soon. I am also surprised to hear that airport is already crowded!!

But, but, but I have a wide smile in my face considering it took under 40 mins to reach office as against an hour People commuting around old airport road have been hugely benefitted!
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Even though i have to commute for 2 hours to reach the airport, it has made my surroundings around HAL airport a lot better. No huge container lorries blocking the small windtunnel road, no auto and cab guys parking to avoid the airport parking, all the cargo handlers shouting out in the middle of the night.

One major drawback: All the pretty air hostesses residing around the HAL airport are fast dissappearing...
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Hi Guys. is there a smoking lounge now?
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Originally Posted by dadu View Post
Can you tell your friend to get the bandwidth limit on the BIAL website increased.

- No attachments on transport options is opening up.
- Many Images are not opening.

I hope this does not happen to their capacity planning of passenger handling
Already did. Apparently the IT people are working on the issue.

As for the passenger capacity, I suppose they should immediately start implementing the Phase II expansion of the project.

Once the new Govt comes into force, they should start thinking about it.
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Default Sad Experience

I had to take a day trip to Mumbai on Saturday 24th May and was quite excited about the new airport experience.
Friday 4.30 pm - called Meru and Easy cab - both said all cabs to airport already booked - Ended up calling good old City Taxi - Rs 15/km. journey took 50 min (at 6.30am) from Banaswadi road to BIAL and cost Rs. 700/-
First impression after getting off the cab was good. I could see ample parking with the Volvo terminal in the distance.

The queue to enter the terminal gave a sense of deja vu - HAL all over again. About 50 people in the queue and two such queues. Security guard sitting outside in a tattered chair probably an HAL relic. CISF manning security of all airports is a given - why has this been ignored at the design stage?
Check-in was a breeze. Took the escalator to reach security check. The check took lesser time than HAL but was just about adequate - dread to think what will happen after a year or two.
After clearing this there is a Crossword on the left followed by a refreshment area which houses three establishment - a barista and two others (can't remember the names). All the three were packed! To the right there is a smaller travel focussed shopper's stop.
After walking down you reach the boarding gates with individual waiting areas - 5 to the left and 5 to the right. There is one toilet block for each side and the men's room on the right was locked and not functional. The one on the left was hence over crowded and stinking - floor was wet and dirty and there was no housekeeping staff around.

The waiting area was as crowded as HAL and had a tough time finding a seat.
Boarded the flight on time and in a smooth fashion. Flight time was 8.55am and the aircraft doors closed exactly at this time and then - nothing - the push back happened at 9.30. The captain cited ATC delays.

Return: Landed at 7.45pm. Aircraft waited on taxiway for 10 mins as no parking bays were available (same old HAL!) finally got a bay - ladder type disembarkation - no aero bridge available! took a bus to the terminal and had a long walk out towards baggage claim area.
The belts are the flat type and not the inclined ones as is the trend with newer airports. The length of the conveyor belt is so small that people were crowding to get a peek - exactly the same as HAL.
After walking out - I discovered that there is a waiting for 30 min for Meru/Easycab. The Airport Taxi Union (same guys as HAL with Indica's and Omni's) have no office yet and are standing like touts. Decided to take the Volvo - The terminal is badly lit with only one signage that was not very clear - passengers were moving about asking the drivers for route details and fending for themselves. Managed to find my bus and ride back was comfortable.

There is so much pending work yet with respect to signage and external amenities. None of the airline lounges are functional. I can't imagine what the state of the airport was on its scheduled date of opening in April.
I can't help but compare to the new HYD airport which i experienced last month - It was so spacious and smooth that BIAL feels woefully inadequate in comparison.
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Originally Posted by SUV View Post
I thought the Airport was done to Redo / improve the Runway and the Apron Area

Was in Pune over the weekend and the Airport was very much open to air traffic during the day... Atleast till mid noon...
OT: Over the weekend as on Saturday? Yeah, the airport was closed to relay the runway.
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Originally Posted by mjothi View Post
I saw Mr.Brunner and his collegues having "Heiniken" there in Kingfisher sports bar.
Hope his collegues did not include the Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Aircraft maintenance people. Its reported (Bloomberg) that 341 flights were handled on the opening day. If everyone complained on delays after check-in, now you know the reason for it.

Originally Posted by Steeroid View Post
PS: Bengaluru Intnl Airport sounds funny. It should either be Bangalore Intnl Airport or Bengaluru Intnationalu Airportu.
Points to be suggested to the Unique Zurich and Siemens AG who partly own the place !! KRV (Karnakataka Rakshana Vedike) already made a protest rally demanding the name to be given as "Nada Prabhu Kempegowda Airport" claiming to be part of the culture (in line with the "Chattrapathi Shivaji" Mumbai naming).

Anyone mentioned about the user's fee above ? Hope its not a killing compared to other airports. It will take atleast 6 months to see everything functioning in its full swing and the fequent flyers getting used to the new set up. Road works are still incomplete from the city.cheers: BIAL website sucks bigtime (regular message is "Bandwidth limit exceeded") ! I hope they have not hosted the site in a free server !

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Default One more review on BIAL - Arrival

Landed at about 12:05 PM form Chennai by Kingfisher. No aerobridge - so the coach ride and walk out of the terminal took about 12/13 minutes. First impression was that the new Hyd airport arrival is better. But I could be wrong, for I hardly explored the place.

Outside the terminal, there were enough sign boards which told me where to find which mode of tranport. I decided to try the bus since I was in no hurry to reach anywhere. A 2 minute walk to the bus bay and there were quite a lot of people offering to help - courteous and well informed. Figured route no. 4 goes right in front of home and boarded the same. The coach was nice - efficient air conditioning, enough racks for luggage and fairly comfortable seats (no head rests though). The bus left the bay in about 5 minutes. I bought a ticket to Coles Park for Rs. 100 which was great in comparison to the cab from HAL which used to cost Rs. 250.

The bus ride took just about 50 minutes, which was excellent in my opinion - moderate traffic only. And they obliged to stop where you wanted, which meant I got of exactly in front of home.

Overall the experience was great and I will definitley opt for the bus whenever possible.
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Just came back from BIAL. Started from home at 6.45 am and reached at 7.40 am. Distance was approx 45km. But while coming back it took more then 2 hrs to reach home.Started at 10am and reached at 12.10pm.
Also there is "NO" UDF for domestic travels. It's applicable only for International departures.
Ample parking spaces. Use P2 lot if you are sure that you'll park for less then 2 Hours.
Toilet for Non-Passengers is available right beside the Cab waiting area.
There is no seating arrangement till now for Non-passengers.

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Default And Yet Another review

Probabaly my flight was one of the first few to land at BIAL on 24th ..

First impressions on landing and entering the terminal through aerobridge.. good.. good to see an interntional style airport at last in india.

Even though the airport is well made -- foeighn ishtyle.. I think capacity was not planned well. It is already cramped to the limit with barely enough place to stand in the departure and arrival area. Staff also needs to be trained .. we were actually directed the international arrival area and actually in the customs and immigration area . Were whsked away on shwing our jet airways boarding pass to the domestic bagage claim ( seaprated from the internation baggage claim area by jsut a glass door which anyone could go throgh-- shockingly ). Baggage also arrived after 20 -25 minutes.

In the departure area Check in area beign great with lot of checkin counters).

.. after security:

lots of shopping but with very few food joints.. The barista outlet had queues a mile long ...

However, the overall airport feel was of an international airport anywher ein the world.. soem teethign troubles were bound to happen.. but i give it an overall thumbs up ..
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Default Plane goes missing at the new Airport

This is a nice one

B'lore: Passengers fume as crew hunts for missing plane
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Originally Posted by jp1 View Post
I swear I had just read that and i was like what the hell?? How could they not spot their plane. Funniest part was they thought the plane had left .
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Originally Posted by jp1 View Post
I think there are conspiracies being hatched to open HAL airport again
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Originally Posted by srishiva View Post
I think there are conspiracies being hatched to open HAL airport again
Yes, very much possible!

If you noticed, this incident happenend on the Inaugration day (May 23) night, and it is reported today (May 28) on IBNLive.

BTW, it is a NEW airport, staff & crew are yet to familiarize themselves with the new systems & surroundings.
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