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Default Re: Solar water heater

Originally Posted by sagarpadaki View Post
How different is this compared to conventional solar panel based water heaters?
The below is what I see in the link. What I understood from the installer then was, its more effective and has less maintenance/replacement costs compared to the conventional Solar heater (Panels). It also has a inbuilt heater core, connected to a normal 15 Amp socket which, I never used. Costed me 18K in 2009.

The Venus Vacuum Tube Collector solar water heater is made up of rows of parallel, transparent glass tubes. Each tube consists of a glass outer tube and an inner tube, or absorber, covered with a selective coating that absorbs solar energy well but inhibits radioactive heat loss. The air is withdrawn ("evacuated") from the space between the tubes to form a vacuum, which eliminates conductive and convective heat loss.

The Vacuum tube collector absorbs the heat from the solar radiation & heats up the water stored in the system through the Thermosiphonic effect.
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Default Re: Solar water heater

Solar water heater (flat plate model) is not heating up the water as it should at our place. The hot water flow pressure in the bathroom taps has reduced drastically.

I suspect some blockages in the solar heater (and not the pipes alone as the flow pressure is poor even in the nearest tap few feet below the heater). The panel surface is clean, thanks to the periodic rains. There are no visible signs of damage like leaking etc.

Does anyone know what to check in the heater?
- any ways to flush out the water/dirt/grit? Can it be done by us?
- flushing the tank?
- what else to check?

Anyone tried?

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Default Re: Solar water heater

Originally Posted by null View Post
Anyone tried?
The solar tank and the piping which carries the water around the panels needs to be cleaned regularly. I get my solar serviced every alternate year and it's been in good shape. During the service they open the joints around the panels and the bottom outlet on the tank and flush all the water out. Lots of accumulated soil/muck would be cleared during this exercise.

You can ask any decent plumber to do this, if NOT for the manufacturer.
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