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dileepcm 8th January 2019 18:37

Re: Kerala Guys, where in Kerala are you residing?
I believe this thread has been sleeping for a while. Just found it!

My name is Dileep, I belong to the north tip - Kasargod district but settled in Netherlands (for now).

sumukha 9th January 2019 08:16

Re: Kerala Guys, where in Kerala are you residing?
Happy to see that the thread is active.
This is Dr acharya PHV. Moved to Pulpally, Wayanad , Kerala from Bangalore two years back and enjoying my retired life peacefully. Passionate about BMW and Volvo.

TSIboy 9th January 2019 09:20

Re: Kerala Guys, where in Kerala are you residing?
I'm from Kottayam, was brought up in AbuDhabi. Based in Ernakulam (Kakkanad) and I'm studying in Thrissur right now. Got about 4 months left here before life takes me to the next place.

ashwinprakas 9th January 2019 23:55

Re: Kerala Guys, where in Kerala are you residing?
Oh my! Can't believe I missed this thread!

Ashwin from Kollam...err....Trivandrum!

Used to work in Human Resources for a Big 4 auditing firm and have spent about 2 years in the Infopark (Kakkanad, Kochi) vicinity before getting transferred to Technopark (Kazhakootam, Trivandrum) where we bought a place(Pothencode) and I settled down, worked there for under a year before resigning by the end of 2017 to pursue a better life.

Come 2019, I'm still at Trivandrum, yet to stumble upon a continuous stream of revenue as my interests have moved towards the public sector but in the meanwhile I fill my tank by undertaking part-time content writing assignments.

I ride a Bajaj CT100B(Identifier, Reflectors and Hand-Guards) and a Bajaj Pulsar 220F(Identifier, Bar-Handle, Top-Box installed) and drive a G10B Zen(Identifier, Unwashed!) and a F10D Estilo(Identifier, Debadged with HVK badge on both ends), All vehicles are KL 02 registration except for the G10B Zen which is KL 01 registered! :)

sparameswaran 10th January 2019 01:59

I am basically from Kottayam.
Left home, for higher studies and then job, in 2002 and never returned to live in Kottayam, since.
Was in Trivandrum (2002 - 2005), Aluva (2005), Lucknow (2006), Chandigarh (2007-2009) and now in Pondicherry (2010 - )
Hope I will be back to my home town eventually!

kozhissery 10th January 2019 14:51

Re: Kerala Guys, where in Kerala are you residing?
Wow, why I did not update my profile here - 'cause did not see it??

I'm Unni hailing from a small town called Shoranur in Palakkad district. Currently settled in Trivandrum due to his financial/family/social commitment basically to fulfill daily needs like Food/Cloth/Shelter/Petrol/Kids education and what not.
Truly a global guy who was born as a Malyalee, learnt languages spoken by Britons, works on a machine designed by some American assembled in China for somebody in Japan while eating/munching some junk food first created in some eastern European place filled with vegetables from Egypt usually brought into office by some guy zigzagging around in Indian 100CC bikes (patent for which is from Japan).

My daily drives
Honda City Petrol

Romins 10th January 2019 16:33

Re: Kerala Guys, where in Kerala are you residing?

Born and brought up at KL 32.
1996-2003 Spent 7 years at Cochin- CUSAT and working.
Living and working at Bangalore since 2004.
2010-2014: Spent 3years travelling around India soul-searching.
Currently staying at KA 51.

Got a blog named after the 24hr emergency railway ticket.

*mmtp = mallu mallu transfer protocol

deemash 4th February 2019 13:14

Re: Kerala Guys, where in Kerala are you residing?
Born and brought up in Cherthala, alleppey district. (KL 32)

Left the place for my B.E at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal and finally now settled in Coimbatore (TN 38) since 2005.

I miss Cherthala, our friends, blood relations, family temple, the climate, the water..etc :)

My better half also from Cherthala and we visit Cherthala at least once in a month.I get a chance as well to drive approx 220 + 220 kms.

I prefer driving early morning or in the night past 8p. But off late as am getting aged, it is getting difficult to drive in the night and crossing Ernakulam is a big big mess.

Will be back to Cherthala for my retired life (if there is so called retired life).

Sunil2307 12th April 2019 23:02

Re: Kerala Guys, where in Kerala are you residing?
From Kottayam/ Chingavanam/ Velluthuruty (KL-33).

Staying in Bangalore, Whitefield.

winsler_srider 18th June 2019 20:40

Re: Kerala Guys, where in Kerala are you residing?
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Hello Guys,

I'm Prasad, always from Kochi.
For those who are available here, check out this thread:

Also, as a suggestion to all Malayalees please read the below description and act accordingly. :)

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