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jerish666 10th December 2008 09:39

Basically from Thrissur Dst Guruvayoor.Born and brought up and settled in Trivandrum "Thalleee".

SYJ 10th December 2008 09:44

residing at cochin,near vytilla

supremeBaleno 10th December 2008 10:09

Mavelikara, Alappuzha district.

Another NRK here - Born in Kerala, schooling in Gujarat, Assam, Kerala & TN and in TN for the last 20 years.


Originally Posted by JayD
I'm in cochin, vyttila to be precise.

Keep coming to Vyttila atleast once a month as my sis moved there recently - but never got around to meeting any Cochin tbhp-ians. Was surprised to see Cochin traffic almost on the lines of the mad-rush in Chennai. :D


Originally Posted by kuttapan
One day, I'll be back !

Aah, the mallu anthem/dream. :)

alabjarus 10th December 2008 10:39

From Trivandrum, but settled in Bangalore since 12 yrs.

josepeter 4th January 2009 13:53

Kochikaran, NRK for many years. Now a pandy in Chennai! Drive whenever i can to Kochi...

rippergeo 4th January 2009 17:37

Used to be a NRK, then decided to come back. Used to hate the place when I was younger, then saw a little of the world, and decided- There is no place like Home!:)

ascertain 5th January 2009 22:14

tee van drummmm
Original product of Trivandrum, Pattom -then shifted to Kannur for Medical studies, now 50% Kannurite, Presently living in Mysore Now ratio is (20,40,40)

jkdas 5th January 2009 22:55


Originally Posted by ascertain (Post 1117764)
Original product of Trivandrum, Pattom -then shifted to Kannur for Medical studies, now 50% Kannurite, Presently living in Mysore Now ratio is (20,40,40)

Pariyaram? Which batch?

Fountainheader 5th January 2009 23:07

Am not a mallu but spent 4 years in CET. And I really love Trivandrum, one of the better state capitals in India :)

VEA 5th January 2009 23:27

seems i'm the only one from Aluva! (ekm district)

sudheeshnairs 5th January 2009 23:28

From Trivandrum, where I lived till April 08. From May 06 to April 08, I was flying between the TVM and Bangalore. Now shifted to Bangalore, but frequently visits TVM/Kerala. Not sure how long I would be here, miss my beautiful city.

supremeBaleno 6th January 2009 09:07

Would it be useful to add a poll to this thread with the 14 districts of Kerala as options ? Would give a district-wise representation on tbhp.

ascertain 6th January 2009 11:02


Originally Posted by jkdas (Post 1117815)
Pariyaram? Which batch?

1999 Batch at Pariyaram Medical College. You Too?

Jaguar 6th January 2009 14:30

Born in Trivandrum
Studies in Trivandrum - Delhi - Trivandrum
Now working in Bangalore for the past 5 years

vinaydas 15th January 2009 19:51

Born and Bought up in Bangalore but home town Engandiyur 24kms from Trichur 9 kms from Guruvayoor.
Absolutely love my hometown :)

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