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Rtech 12th April 2005 00:03

The Giveaway Thread: Post up anything you want to give away FREE to a fellow BHPian
UPDATE (August 2007): As this thread has now gone universal, I guess we need to specify exactly what we expect here.
  • Only items you wish to give away to a fellow member for free should be posted here.
  • Items can be almost anything which you feel could be of some value to a member.
  • Lets be sensible in posting items as well.
  • If you are a member who wants a particular item, please PM the respective giver.
  • Remember, this is just a helpful thread among mates, so please do not complain if something does not work/defective etc. It is a giveaway afterall!
  • Do not Horde! If you have no real use for an item, do not take it simply because it is free! You may be depriving someone who may have a real use for it.
  • Pass the favour around. You got an item you can use for nothing. Do not expect to sell it to another person to make a buck. Lets keep the cycle going.
  • Update (24.09.07):This is a GIVEAWAY thread. If someone wants to give something away, they will post it here. Please do not make posts asking for stuff. Those will be deleted.

Well, I am forced to part with another load of my collection of auto magazines.

In order to make place for the newer issues of various car and bike magazines, I have to remove some of the lesser read stuff. As F1 racing is more like a one time read magazine for me, I decided to part with most of the issues (still kept the special ones!). I'd rather they go to another motorhead's house than to the ruddiwallah for 20 bucks a kg!!

After giving away a few, I am left with about 26 magazines here. There are a few '97, '98 magazines mixed with others from 2002 and 2003 with the bulk of them being 2004 issues.

I also have a few HOT 4's(3 or 4 I think) - an Aussie mag on souped up street racers.

Convenience dictates that you make some kinda arrangement to pick 'em up from me, or if you are out of town, well, don't know...we'll work something out. Priority given to the more senior and respected bhpian's.

Dippy 12th April 2005 00:19

Hey rtech I guess wanna check uot the HOTs


Vulken Auto 12th April 2005 09:06

ME TOO!!Can you atleast send one mag to hyd :p

Rtech 12th April 2005 10:01

@Dippy: sure, will bring 'em next time we meet. P.s. remind me!
@vulken: PM'd you.

Like I said, I just got 4 of those street scene mag's. I guess I could divide it up?

GTO 12th April 2005 10:05

Rtech!! Give me a taste of the real Formula 1. I'll stake my claim on the 97 & 98 magazines please.



Rtech 12th April 2005 10:17

Sure thing GTO. Will keep those aside for you.

speedsatya 12th April 2005 10:58

1 HOT to dippy ,1 to vulken and give me the remaining 2


Rtech 12th April 2005 11:06

Well, F50 has already staked his claim to one more of the "Hot 4's". Looks like you got the last one!

drifter 12th April 2005 15:34


I wanted the mag on souped up racers. Drat!!! missed it. :p


Rtech 12th April 2005 15:57

Sorry drifter, no souped up CRDi mag's with me :D

Hey Ported, I got a special Porsche mag with your name on it!

Dippy 12th April 2005 16:00

Any other mags you got with say Ferrari or Lambo on it by any chance? :D


Rtech 12th April 2005 16:01

Dippy, F50, Vulken & SS : 1 "hot 4's" each!
GTO: '97 - '98 F1 racing
PH: Official Porsche Mag.
Aveek: some other F1 racing mag's.

I guess that cover's it unless someone else wants some F1 racing, in that case aveek's share will go down! Please don't PM, just post here.

aggressive_anush 12th April 2005 16:19

Hey.. I have some F1 racing mags lying around with me that i dont think i would be reading again. Aveek.. you could probably take them from me when i get them out of my garage. :D Would probably be easier for you to pick it up from bangalore itself.

aveek 12th April 2005 16:20

Peace dude...
Yeah, apart from F1 racing, do you have any other magazines? Like Banzai or something??

aveek 12th April 2005 16:24

Anush... bring 'em on!!
As you guys musta notcied, I am on a major collecting spree... for what reason, I have no clue, but yeah... I fugured that I can make some money on the weight after 5-7 ears or so... after reading them all and taking the interesting pics... hehe...
Rtech, apart from F1, do you also happen to have Lambo's mags?? Exclusively Lambos I mean... saw it a few weeks back in a bookstore, was wonderin if you had em by any chance... hehe...
watch out, here comes the raddi wala... :D

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