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Default Your Oops! Moments...

While we may make fun of a lot of people (and their stupidity) for various reasons, we ourselves have a lot of stupid/funny incidents at some point of time during our automotive lives when you would wish nobody saw how you were then. How about coming up front and sharing those for the laughs ?

Here's mine ():

1. I normally wear a Studds Ninja helmet which is a convertible type helmet which can be both open face and full face. At city speeds, I normally ride open face to have better visibility. Once I used another helmet that was a full face one and wanted to spit out some saliva. Don't EVER try this. Had the nastiest feeling ever spitting 1 cm right in front of my face which was smeared all over the glass and some of it rebounded back to my face. Yuck and Ouch.

2. Incident very similar to the above, I had my Ninja in full face mode and was damn thirsty. I was at a long signal and removed a bottle of fanta from my bag to drink. I did not realize that the helmet was covering my mouth and poured fanta all over my helmet, my shirt, pants and my bike's tank. As you can guess, those who noticed were laughing out loud.

3. The first time I accidentally engine braked, I thought I'd damaged the engine and something was seriously wrong with it.

4. When I was learning to ride, I used to imagine the clutch to be like a flip-flop bit or an on-off switch. 0 or 1. Didn't know it had a gradual action and this factor alone made me spend a LONG time figuring out how to handle a geared bike and stop it from stalling the moment I put it in gear (well, nobody I asked bothered explaining how the clutch worked, so it wasn't really my fault).

So guys, what's YOUR story ? Bring it on!!
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Default Re: Your Oops! Moments...

Oops, was clicking some pics on an slr, all pics were coming pitch black, was trying to adjust the exposure, then a friend pointed out the lens cover which was still on. Damn!!!
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Default Re: Your Oops! Moments...

When i bought my car in 2006, I didnt knew how to turn on the High Beam.
I used to use the pass switch (like the available on bikes) by pulling up the Right hand stick up. After one and a half year, when i met another colleague, who showed it to me, i felt like.... OOps, i should have read the manual.

Another case was, In the month of december, i used to drive with Heater on. This used to cause lot of mist on the internal side of the wind screen which i used to clean with a soft cloth. I bought that perticular cloth to clean the windscreen especially during winter seasons.
On a free way, another fellow driver from another car was having chai, Even we stopped for a break. I cleaned the wind screen and went out for a chai. That guy explained on how i should use the AC to get rid of it. As the car had ribbons, (new car) This was in 2006.
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Default Re: Your Oops! Moments...

Originally Posted by MHG View Post
So guys, what's YOUR story ? Bring it on!!
Your first story reminded me of something similar that happened with me.

Year 2007, October, went out riding to Purandar Fort along with my team, on the way back I had slid up the visor of my open face helmet as it was causing some visibility issues. An insect decided to make my mouth its home, alas it didn't quite survive to enjoy it though. Now, this sudden entry made me spit almost instantly (Man Vs Wild had not gone on air then)
Now once it exited from my mouth, carrying the slain insect along I could actually see it flying behind and one of my team members was almost in the line of fire, I could see the look on his face - full of shock yet scared

Well he managed to dodge it
At our pit-stop I apologised to him and explained what made me do that, we did have a good laugh though.

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Default re: Life's like that: Real life anecdotes

Some months back in our building a white street dog comes every mid night and was digging up our garden and getting all the trash from outside.

We had a security guard from a village in Assam. My wife was about to ask him in English does the white dog comes to our garden but before she even asked him i told her if you ask him in English he will not be able to understand so i asked him
Me - "safed kutha atha hai kya rath ko garden mai
Security - Safed kutha nahi atha hai saab
Me - tho
Security - White kutha atha hai
Wife - she was in splits

And till today she keeps on sharing this incident with all my cousins & friends.
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Default re: Life's like that: Real life anecdotes

Reminds me of an incident with my Bandmate.

We were recording one of our compositions in a recording studio. My band's keyboardist plugged in his synthesizer to record his parts. It was a new Yamaha Motif (new back then) and the connections were fairly complex (he had lot of synth plugins on laptop and wanted to use them) using MIDI wires etc. After all his jingbang connections were done, he played a couple of notes but to our panic, there was no sound. Following is the conversation we had then.

Me :- Aabey jhandu, tera tuntuna kyo nahi baj raha hai ??

Him :- (baffled and confused) Pata nahi kya lafda hai... ek kaam kar, tu headphones pe check kar, mein connections check karta hoo

Me :- (irritated)Aabey badir, aisa tuntuna khareedta kyo hai jisko theek se baja nahi sakta. Idhar studio kaa bhaada badh raha hai (me checking keyboard output on headphones), Isme to kadak aawaz aa raha hai, tere connection mein kuch jhool hai boss

Him :- (equally irritated) Aabey sab connection barabar lagaya hai, saala aawaz kyo nahi aa raha hai

This continues for 10 minutes till the time Chotu walks in. He is the 8 year old son of the Chaiwaala who gives chai in the studio.

Chotu :- Bhaiya, chai le lo.

Both of us irritated & struggling with connections :- Chotu, chai table pe rakh de, hum log aabhi bahut busy hai

Chotu :- Kya hua bhaiya ? mein kuch madat karoo ?

Me :- Chotu pareshaan mat kar yaar, ek to yeh tuntuna baj nahi raha upar se tu joke maar raha hai

Chotu is equally confused looking at us fiddling with the wires. A few seconds later, he walks in the recording room and calmly switches on the main monitor speaker's power switch.

BAAAAMMMM, comes the volume.

We were trying all the ends of world without switching on the Monitor speakers.

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Originally Posted by Sabareesh
Reminds me of an incident with my Bandmate.
---------------------snip------------ all the ends of world without switching on the Monitor speakers.
Funny stuff, man.
Do post the translation too, although I don't think anything in English can catch the essence of a "tuntuna" !!!?
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Default re: Life's like that: Real life anecdotes

Originally Posted by Sabareesh View Post
Reminds me of an incident with my Bandmate.

That reminds me of one of my incidents.
Was at a friends place to assemble his computer. While I was unpacking things, my friend is sent to bring some household grocery.
I start assembling, and then I switch the power supply on. The monitor glows, but when I press the power button, nothing happens. I check the fans, switched off. I am shocked, the CPU which I tested minutes ago at my place, refuses to work now.

Reopen the CPU and am checking for problems. I check the SMPS, the Power switch for loose connections and all. By then, my friend arrives and we discuss the problem. Even he does not understand anything. Finally, we decide to give it another try and thats when we realize, the plug in which I put the CPU's socket was not working.
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Default re: Life's like that: Real life anecdotes

Hi Team,

This happened to me when i was new to bike riding and was still in the learning phase after a month of bike purchase.At one of the X-type crossing in the busy market road, I was riding on the side of one Mahindra Mini Bus and we both were
cautiously passing through the slow moving traffic.Suddenly we got the clear space and started accelerating our respective vehicles to pass.

Then out of no where I felt something fell in my shirt pocket from one of the windows of that minibus.Unknowingly, I put my left hand in the shirt pocket,
only to find that it was the piece of burning cigarette butt but thankfully my fingers were un-burnt.

It happened so quick that till date I feel how quickly my mind reacted at that time .

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Default re: Life's like that: Real life anecdotes

One week night, we're hanging around the house. The movie "Rock On" and one of its really nice songs was playing on TV. I was enjoying the song, so was Mom (though she doesn't understand the lyrics, she loves soft rock, dance, electronica and even some hip-hop).

Mid-way through the song, I turn to Mom and ask her "So Mom, the 60's were all about rock & roll. Did you go to any rock show?"

She gives me a blank stare (the kind when she doesn't want to say "no")

I prod her on "You know, like the Beatles?"

Her eyes lit up

She says "Yes, I've been to the Beatles rock concert, with Dad and the family".

I'm shocked. I ask "Huh? Where?"

She says proudly "At Wadala! They used to play in every navratri!"

Me & kid brother fell down on the floor laughing . In case you didn't get it, remember that Gujju Dandiya band "Beaters"?

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Default re: Life's like that: Real life anecdotes

This happened near my cousin's place. A cyclist was leisurely heading out to hist destination and coincidentially, there was another person, who looked like a pujari on another cycle.

Now, the cyclist and the Pujari are going parallel with each other. now, the cyclist suddenly decided to turn left and began to cut off the pujari. The pujari was shocked, not knowing how to react, he followed the cyclist into the alley, and a hilarious blame game broke out between them.
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Default re: Life's like that: Real life anecdotes

This dates back to our MBA classes. Our college had a uniform, but it was necessary only on 2 particular weekdays (prob. Mondays & Thursdays) unless the guy/gal is not making any presentation or any other formal appearance.

One day, our teacher declared that some company was coming for a PPT & placements tomorrow. Now one guy stand up in front of the whole class & asks "Sir, do we need to come in our dress?" (by dress, he meant the uniform, though incorrect usage)

To which the teacher responded "yes, please do not come undressed!"

By this time, the class burst into a laughter. I was amazed at the sense of humor of our research teacher!
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Default re: Life's like that: Real life anecdotes

Okay, so 2 weeks back, At our IT training ( part of CA ) we were given a project work, on which we have to prepare a ppt and a project file. Good enough, our topic was easy one too, So we group of 8 guys and girls start discussing the same.

On next day, one of our group members, got a ppt file from internet on the same topic, So one of our group member did editing in that and we got the same printed and we submitted the same too.

As, the ppt was not prepared by any of us and nor we knew what is written in that, We just have a basic idea of topic, So comes the day of our presentation and we distribute slides to each one uniformily and starts preparing in mind to give the presentation in front of faculty and students.

Good enough, I was the first one to start, then followed by other members. So, i go and start my presentation, Only to find out that, there was confusion between slide which i have to present and the guy after me have to presesnt.

So, after intro, my first slide comes, And when i saw that, Too my horror, i didn't even knew that, that was my slide and what's written there, I have no idea. Bhaisahab lag gayi, I am standing in front, with a slide, i have no idea of, everyone is waiting for me to speak

My confidence goes for a toss, But with no other options left, i start reading what's written there and after which i switch to next slide which i have idea of,

Only to found out that, cross questioning will be there from faculty members and students Still, i don't know how i managed to pass through that day. Phew !!

Thank god, i had good relation with my teacher, who still gave me B grade, despite not answering his single question. Not to forget, my group leader got a good amount of earful after the presentation.

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Default re: Life's like that: Real life anecdotes

I think your story belongs here

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Default re: Life's like that: Real life anecdotes

Originally Posted by vivekiny2k View Post
Haha, not exactly, as this is the compulsory training, which we have to undergo. We are made to study about ram, rom, linkers, compilers, OS etc.

Why i am supposed to know about Ram or rom, in CA.
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