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Default How to minimize exposing ourselves to accidents?

While you go through the newspapers, you could see reports on fatal road accidents everyday without fail. Most of them are two wheelers run through by a heavy vehicle or car, head on collisions, heavy vehicles getting into the opposite lane, ramming onto the smaller vehicles & many more

Kerala Online - News - 3 MBA students killed in accident

I pick one of the recent accidents, where 3 college students were killed by a speeding lorry, rear ending onto the car, killing all the three in the spot. We don't know the exact picture, but by going through the news it seems, due to the fault of the lorry driver, 3 young lives were claimed

Majority parts of our roads are single lanes & we really do not have control if an oncoming vehicle rams into light vehicles in coming in the opposite directon.

I would like to share one of my experiences here. I was on a long trip to Kodai, traveling towards dindugal on a single lane road around 80-90 kms/hr, behind an ambassador. It was a hot summer afternoon with no soul in sight on the empty road & enough spaces in between. All of sudden, he slowed down drastically applying sudden brakes & I almost rammed him from behind before cutting to the right hand side. Luckily there was no vehicle in the opposite direction. Later I found that they were brokers trying to locate a land for showing to a prospective buyer. When one them identified at the last minute, just to alert the driver, he without even caring anything, slowed down drastically right in the middle of a highway. I learnt, how difficult its to stop, even with enough gap inbetween & even at those moderate speeds.

This can happen even in cities, but chances are high while we expose ourselves for higher durations (long drives)

I believe that reading experience of others itself, will create an alertness on how to handle specific situations & may come handy

On such long drives, will this thought occur to you? If yes, will you just leave it to your luck or take any precautions as you drive? If yes, please do write down those precautions

Edit: A different source says the students were racing on the highway, which resulted in accident.

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first precaution would be to learn about your vehicle's overtaking and braking capabilities.
As most of the accidents happen while overtaking or sudden braking.

Avoid tailgaiting while overtaking,make sure that you have full view of right side of road,before you overtake the slower vehicle ahead of you.

a lot more is there,will keep adding to the list
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I take following steps to keep myself away from accidents:
In City:
1. Allow the fast & furious drivers to overtake.
2. I always honk at 2 wheelers while overtaking, when they see you in rear view mirror then overtake.
3. Its a pain when a pedestrian is trying to cross the road and stands just there on your path. You can just brake slowly the car, hope no body rear ends you.

On Highway:
1. Keep 15-20 meters gap from the vehicle ahead. The distance will be more when going over 100.
2. If i have to follow some vehicle, then i used to follow cars which are doing same speeds, Never follow Scorpio's, safari or innova's coz they are mostly driven faster and they are in hurry to cover long distances.
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One thumb of rule I follow is to whenever there is a slightest of doubt in my mind while overtaking I just don't overtake. Any such doubt I consider as a potential hazard. So I wait for the potential hazard situation to be over and then start the overtaking maneuver.
Never ever tailgate on the highway. I try to keep a healthy distance so that I can stop in case of emergency. That counting 1001 to 1005 works for me (counting 1001-1002-1003 as saying 1001 takes approx 1 sec), I learnt this on TBHP itself.So counting till 1005 gives you a gap of 5 seconds. And depending on your speed you can increase the seconds.
Honk whenever you want to overtake, that horn is a safety device atleast when in India.
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City Driving
1. Keep a safe distance from the front moving vehicle
2. Keep good alert on all sides of the vehicle .Use ur side mirrors properly.
3. Dont go past the signal unless it turns green.
4. Avoid sudden Braking.
5.Avoid High beams
1.Overtaking should be swift and w/o any hesitation on ur mind.
2.Honk thoroughly when u approach a junction or in areas which need attention.
3.Avoid Racing in highways and push ur blood pressure .
4.Try to take a small break for long journeys..It can make ur mind relaxed.

There are lot of points but i just can remember this much from my experience now..
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This is a reminder to all dear Bhpians that we operate a machine that kill, destroy, not only our families but the families of others. This happens every single minute of everyday in our world...

This advert has won 8 awards in Cannes .

Drive Safe, we need you around for a long long time..
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