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Surprise 13th May 2005 18:37

Help smoking Team-BHP members quit smoking
Quitting smoking is very easier as I have did it more than 100 times in my life


I had read a post inline with smoking (what brand do you smoke). Just thought to initiate this thread

HOW MANY TIME HAVE YOU ATTEMPTED TO QUIT SMOKING & What made you to smoke you again & your tips to others that needs to be followed to sucessfully quit smoking?

Jaggu 13th May 2005 18:44

been there done that, never works if you work lol

Shan2nu 13th May 2005 18:46

My best attempt to quit smoking was by not starting it in the firt place. Hehe

There's no better sollution.


Montoya 13th May 2005 20:57

i agree shantanu but what about those who have??

Shan2nu 13th May 2005 21:03


i agree shantanu but what about those who have??
That's why i said "My Attempt". hehe


kooldude 13th May 2005 21:31

the best way is not to start smoking coz the habit once developed is very difficult to leave

ported_head 13th May 2005 21:36

Hmmm.....somehow these smoking related threads always get hijacked by non-smokers.

Montoya 13th May 2005 21:53

Haha. That means Ported head you smoke??

ported_head 13th May 2005 22:10

Errrr.......yes I do.

Montoya 13th May 2005 22:11

so PH do you want to quit smoking.. or you a chain smoker..

ported_head 13th May 2005 22:21

Am I a chain smoker? No.
Do I want to quit smoking? Currently, No. Later, maybe.

turbo_lover 13th May 2005 22:42

i have quit smoking and it has been almost 50 days... in 5 years this has been the mother of all quits for me ..i used niccotine gums they helped me out a lot ...

trust me its soo much better without the smoking ...

Shan2nu 13th May 2005 23:10

For anyone wanting to quit smoking, try and download this vid.


revtech 14th May 2005 00:06

firstly i agree with shan2nu, once you start its very difficult to stop.just eat a lot when ever you want a cig go get something to eat and have a lot of worked for a friend of mine and he hasnt had one for tha last 6 months after smokin a pack a day for two years before that.

and ported_head you right.there are more non somkers in these smoking threads than smokers lol..


X-Machine 14th May 2005 03:15

Another smoking thread!!!lol.

Anyways,i have tried a couple of times in the past.70 days once,and i started again.
The second time was when i had jaundice.I quite for around a month.But picked up the ciggie thereafter.Although i do intend to quit later,but not so soon.


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