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benbsb29 1st March 2009 16:22

The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)
Music and Lyrics

Hugh Grant stars in this movie as a pop star of the yesteryears pop band called 'Pop'. Strong in the 80s, the band broke up and the lead stars went solo. Hugh survives by giving shows at functions and parks, and just about makes it. Soon, he is presented with a chance to redeem himself if can deliver a new hit with the chance provided to him by a modern day Shakira spoof. Drew Barrymore helps him with the lyrics, and is integral to the movie as well.

A cute story which although predictable is nicely woven with a decent mix of songs thrown in as well.

Watch it.. it wont dissapoint.

Bennyboy Rating : ***

deepclutch 2nd March 2009 00:19

AnyOne saw Revolution OS ? :p

abhibh 2nd March 2009 03:13


Originally Posted by Dippy (Post 1193631)
Pink Panther 2

Steve Martin is back in his role as Inspector Clouseau. The Tornado strikes again by stealing ancient artifacts from various locations across the world including the famed Pink Panther diamond again. This time a team of detectives from around the world are hired to solve the mystery and Clouseau is appointed head of the 'Dream Team'. What follows is a laugh riot on how the mystery gets solved with Clouseau's stupid antics.

Steve Martin is fantastic in the role of Inspector Clouseau. I just love the French accent he uses. Watch out for the scene where he takes on the Pope. The rest of the detective team is funny too. Aishwarya has a proper role in this movie as she plays one of the detectives. Not a wink and you miss her type of role. And yes she is looking gorgeous.

Definately worth a watch

Rating 3.5/5

I gotta watch this one. Its on my priority list.

BTW is this dialect still there in this movie:
It is lovely weather we are having. I hope the weather continues.

I would like to have a damburgen :D

harry10 2nd March 2009 04:03

Saw Eagle Eye today-
Nice movie.
Can watch anytime.

mobike008 2nd March 2009 09:24

Saw " We own the night" starring Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg. Nice movie about family bonding.

Mark doesnt have much of a role. It Joaquin all the way and he acted quite well. A decent watch

maddy42 2nd March 2009 21:30

Well i went to watch "A curious case of benjamin button" and came out feeling weird.

Movie's about a guy called Benjamin(Brad pitt) who is born as a old baby. He leads a life in the reverse fashion. Starts growing younger as the days passes and very similar to a clock in a railway station which is mad eto go reverse by its maker in the hope that his son whose life is lost in a battle can return home alive.
So the actor has been abandoned in a old age home and is being taken care of by a nanny in the same place as her own child. So he does things which a young chap does but it looks weird as it looks more like a 70 yr old kissing a 15yr old:-)

The weird thing i found about the movie is this
1) How does his body start shrinking when he grows older because he was born as a baby so he should die like a 85yr old baby faced tall guy.
2) Why is the movie based with the hurricane in the backdrop. It served onlyu one purpose and that too in the ending.

Well watch it on home video and dont waste time in a theatre for this one. There is a very good looking classic bike in the movie. Looked somehow like a yezdi with bullets sound. Only pleasing thing in this movie.
Overall 2/5. This movie got me bored and made me ponder over whether the jury at the oscars watch such movies or doze off through it and thats the reason they get nominated???

d_himan 2nd March 2009 22:16

watched 'revolutionary road' starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet.

Basically details a couple's attempts to break out of their mundane suburban lives. A very moving movie which would set really set you thinking if you're currently stuck in a rut - its in the 'American Beauty' mould. Amazing performances from both the lead actors.

maddy42: bang on, the best thing about the movie were the bikes. The Yezdi kinda one was a 'Triumph T110' and there was another - an 'Indian Scout'. Beautiful exhaust roars.

jkdas 4th March 2009 09:16

Looks good. May 21st!

harry10 4th March 2009 14:39

To everyone who have seen Pink Panther 2-
Is it worth watching in the movie hall?

yatinchoubal 4th March 2009 14:53

I heard Aishwarya is just for 20mins in this movie. Is it true?

HappyWheels 4th March 2009 14:54


Originally Posted by jkdas (Post 1198122)

Just saw this trailer at the shopping mall when I went for lunch today! A definite 'must watch' one on my list.

Guess Arnold's political career (and age) did not get him a role in this one.

jassi 4th March 2009 15:15

pink panther 2 - funny if you leave your brains out or have good company - if you get a good print, you can catch it at home though 3.5/5

delhi 6 - it had its moments, however its not really worth watching in the theatre 3/5

my ratings on pp2 and delhi6 maybe be bloated by 0.5 cos i had good company lol:

dev d - i really liked this movie, very well made and only after the movie did someone tell me that this is a modern adaption of devdas. I would say worth watching in a theatre, although its no family movie :) 4/5

mobike008 4th March 2009 15:32

Watched " Tropic Thunder" and i was not impressed with the movie despite it starring Ben Stiller. Otherwise, i am fan of Stiller and this movie was a bit over the top. Nice storyline but was executed shabbily and the jokes weren't there either.

Watch it if you have nothing better to do.


anurag_p80 4th March 2009 15:58

Watched Changeling and Yes Man.

Changeling: Decent movie, with a different Angelina. It is pacey, but seems like a movie we have seen before. Very predictable. The story is simple, but told really well. Angie's child disappears one fine day, and a corrupt PD "finds" a different one. She protests, and the PD tries to stifle the protests. Worth a watch once.

Yes Man: I never get tired of Jim Carey's antics. This one is on the same lines as Liar, Liar, and similar antics. A nice feel good movie, although you will find very few places where you can laugh out aloud. Watch only if you are a big fan of Jim Carey. Else, give it a miss. You wont miss much.

@mobike: Agree completely about Tropic Thunder. Only liked Mathew McConnaughy's character with his insistence on TiVO. :D

jassi 4th March 2009 16:04


Originally Posted by anurag_p80 (Post 1198864)

Yes Man: I never get tired of Jim Carey's antics. This one is on the same lines as Liar, Liar, and similar antics. A nice feel good movie, although you will find very few places where you can laugh out aloud. Watch only if you are a big fan of Jim carey. Else, give it a miss. You wont miss much

i agree on yes man - i am jim carrey fan and liked it, however its nowhere near his old days of ace ventura when nature calls or bruce almighty :)

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