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Old 5th June 2010, 11:16   #901
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@Milecruncher These are my personal views . well i could guess every scene in advance what was going to happen and that to from prakash jha is not pardonable. Whats the point if you have all the best actors around and no concrete story. These seasoned actors are going to perform but what about the plot and i do not want to give away any thing so am not being specific. But for me it was one of the worst movies i have seen in my life.
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I saw 3 Idiots movie again. There is one error in the movie. In the shot when the results are declared, in the result sheet Nitin Bhaitya is figured twice and not too far away from each other. Some number in the column preceding name are different. The entire list of names sound very similar like Vizam and Nizam. They could not even gather some good names.

I feel that Nitin Bhatiya is a mistake because I have seen that when two names and surnames are similar, authorities put in middle name. This was true in my college when two students were in same class, same first and last name. Here to distinguish the students, the authorities put in middle name. This is generally the norm I have seen in many colleges, not just mine.

But in 3 Idiots, they have just mentioned the name. Mistake IMHO.

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Originally Posted by X-Machine View Post
Just back from the premiere of Rajneeti.
If you're a lover of hard hitting serious cinema, this ones for you. Post RGVs Satya, this is the one that comes close and really impresses.
Is it as good as Gangajal from PJ? - that's the benchmark PJ movie in my opinion.

Originally Posted by normally_crazy View Post
A couple of shots like Hrithik's dancing and some lovey dovey moments between the leads is all that the movie has to offer.
Oh man, that must be bad. I change channels whenever one of Hrithik ads come on TV where he does his dance stuff.
The 80's called - they want their dance moves back.

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@carboy: This is on a much larger scalebility than Gangajal. So a tad better IMO.
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Boy o boy, did I love it ? The first half is one of the most gripping ones EVER. Brilliant performances, thankfully no songs, amazing direction made my day. Will stick out my neck and call it one of the best movies in the genre. Shades of Mahabharta are evident in the movie, it would have been perrrfect had the second half been tighter by ten minutes.

But 4.5 stars guys. Go watch it.
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Old 6th June 2010, 23:25   #906
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i saw the movie yesterday with a few of my friends.
The plot is so so obvious that even a child could guess whats going to happen next.
The worst character IMO opinion was Ranbir kapoor who basically is a Michael Vito Corleone wannabe,its very tough for me to imagine him in the shoes of a mastermind plotter,somehow he was trying very hard to get that stupid serious look on his face.
Katrina cant act some scenes involving here were painfully irritating,Ajay devgan rather overacted in the movie. Arjun rampal was more of a cocky teenager than a leader,only person who deserves credit is Manoj his character had depth and meaning and he did his role well.
There was a 30 second item number which i found to be absolutely useless.
The Background score somehow felt unoriginal.
In the End

I can imagine quite a few politicians sitting at home watching the movie and saying "wow kya drama hai" .
A perfect making of a bollywood movie , all the masala, twists,sex scenes and revenge.
my rating 2/5 because of of the concept and not the movie itself.

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Old 7th June 2010, 06:36   #907
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I am not much of a movie critic. I don't know what screenplay means and I can't measure a character's depth accurately. I watched Rajneeti last night and it fell short of my expectations. I didn't find myself cheering any character on nor did I hate anyone. At no point was I emotionally involved in the movie. 3/5, maximum
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I liked Rajneeti and would give it a 3.5/5

The end was a bit ' filmy ' and there were some un necessary scenes BUT looking at some of the movies these days this movie kept me in my seat for 3 hours and that was reason good enough that the movie will be a hit.

Everyone was enjoying.

This was more on the top seat politics. So maybe that is why the fanfare and huge sets.

The acting by Manoj Bajpai and Nana Patekar is awesome. Ranbir and Arjun were ok ok.

No songs except a stupid item number which was completely bizarre.

A nice flick. Total timepass.
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Old 7th June 2010, 12:55   #909
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Saw Rajneeti Last night & boy what an Awesome Movie, totally loved it, the direction is crisp & it keeps you hooked.

The movie does start on a confusing note

The story is broadly based on Characters from Mahabharat & Ranbir's character follows the GodFather path But hats of to Prakash Jha to incorporate these 2 stories into this one.

Brilliant performances by all the actors.

@NC- Your review doesnt match with your rating

Rating 4/5
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Mahabharat in modern context. Only thing missing seems to be 99 brothers of dhuryodhan and 3 more pandavas!

Neverthless , a good movie with terrific acting performance by almost all the actors.

Rating - 4/5
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Old 8th June 2010, 10:28   #911
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Did dialogue "Tum mere jeyesth putra ho" invoke laughter in the theater in anybodys case ? It certainly did where I was watching
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Awesome movie, great direction, lovely song, power pack performances by one and all, even the supporting caste is awesome.

Loved it

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Default Raajneeti

Just came back from the movie and won't too many things except that liked it/ Awesome performance by everyone.
Would rate it 4/5.

I think understand now why few people didn't like it. Unless you are a keen follower of politics all this will feel very run of the mill and the length of the movie makes it a drag.

Btw did anyone notice the Mahindra Legend.
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Originally Posted by MileCruncher View Post
Btw did anyone notice the Mahindra Legend.
I did.

I liked the movie Rajneeti. cold and hard hitting.
But I think Ajay Devgan is wasted in that role.
Nana Patekar does the best of that character.
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Old 12th June 2010, 08:24   #915
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Like everyone mentioned, it had heavy shades of Godfather in the entire movie. Based in a politics in MP, it showed the brutal way how conniving those politicians are with a sweet smile on their face.

For the first 15 minutes or more, movie went over the head, couldnt understand who is who with all that heavy hindi language being thrown at you. Slowly the story line sunk in and it was pretty decent from thereon

My opinion of starcasts :-

Nana Patekar was wasted in that role. Only gestures, smile and nodding. Come on, no crazy dialogues for him??

Ranbir Kapoor was just about ok. Like someone else said, it was hard to digest his transformation from a PHD student to a scheming politician. Cannot digest at all.

Arjun Rampal, was the second best performance in entire movie

Manoj Bajpai, he stole the show. Superb histronics, facial experession and body language. No wonder, KK touched his feet

Ajay Devgan did a repeat of Halla Bol and his eyes looked dangerously dopey

Katrina Kaif acted wonderfully and her pain and unwillingness to let go of her love was well potrayed. She has really come of age.

I dont know the character artist's name ( Ranbir's dad). He always delivers a whopping performance in such roles. I love him !

Someone was comparing this movie with Prakash Jha's "Gangajal".

As they say, a film-maker can only make one great movie. And, this applies to PJ as well. Rajneeti is not even a patch when compared to "Gangajal" which hits you where it really hurts, even if both topics are totally different.

3/5 (Less due to length of movie, too heavy vocabulary and lots of predictability)

NOTE: I was happy to notice Arjun and Ranbir use my phone..LOL. A Blackberry Bold (9000). Infact, i think Arjun uses that phone offscreen as well as i saw him using the same phone in "Housefull" as well. Did anyone notice?

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