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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

When my car was only 2 days old in August 2008, my inexperienced brother parked on neutral without handbrake in our apartment basement. The car rolled and by the time he reacted, the left headlight was broken and bumper got deep scratches after hitting a pillar.

When my bike was 1 day old in February 2002, I took it to my engineering college (Manipal). When I returned to bike parking, there was a huge gash on front mud guard, which I still see and it still hurts me. Because the bike was a gift from my mother for my 19th birthday.
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My Santro got a scratch on the delivery day without me even touching the steering wheel. I was still learning car driving hence asked the showroom guy to drive the car to my residence. Me, my wifey and showroom executive started from the dealership, went to a temple for pooja, and finally came home. He parked the car, handed the keys to us and went off. We kept the keys in front of our deity at home and suddenly heard a big THUMP! A Maruti Omni had scratched the side body just above the rear right wheel arch. Felt devastated. After close inspection, figured it was not as bad as it seemed initially, but damage was done.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

A 100 KM. All these kilometers were covered along with a driver as I was learning to drive. Too sad, I didn't realize that all this while I hadn't been driving the car but rather only following his instructions. As a result I gained pseudo-confidence and one (fateful?) day I decided that I'll drive a few KM on my own.
Now,as soon as I began backing out of my lane(galli,as it is called here) I realized how good my driving skills were. For full 30 minutes I tried backing out and finally succeeded but my right front bumper already had suffered a few scratches due to kissing a wall.
On the same day as I was taking a right turn my right rear fender touched the left rear bumper of a parked i10,so one more scratch.(I know it is very much ethically wrong to inflict damage upon a parked car, but since the car was otherwise also abandoned by it's user I thought it won't be worthwhile to meet and apologize to him).
Later I touched up the fender scratch with nail-polish and left the bumper scratches as it is because(correct me if I am wrong here) I thought as the bumper is made up of plastic,there would not be any damage even if it is exposed(without paint).
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

I never thought I'll ever make it to this thread considering my driving style.
But when I bought my first brand new T-Jet+ BN White (after owning 5-6 used cars) I managed to put a scratch "only" after 300 odd KMS. Its a small one but good enough to put me here.
Otherwise till date all my previous cars are scratch free. (touchwood)
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

I got my first scratch today on my Ford Fiesta. 13133 kms on the clock and exactly 7 months after I purchased the car. A biker took a turn in front of my car while I was standing in a signal.

The good thing is that the scratch is on the Chrome fog bevel and not on the paint.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

Mine was on the 18th KM on odo. It (Alto) was my first car and it happened when I tried to take the car on road all by myself on the second day of purchase. One Fiesta guy who was in a rush (honking like mad at the red signal behind me) and thanks to him my new car got scratches. Good thing is that I was prepared for all the scratches and dents as it was my first car and the expectation was also the same.
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Almost 5 to 6 months later. I had to take my mom to Manipal Hospitals Domlur and had no idea about the traffic jams there on a weekend. I was waiting at the U turn next to manipal hospital waiting for the signal to turn green. One scooter fellow rams into my rear bumper while trying to overtake an auto. Did not realise the paint was scratched till next morning. That entire week was spent completely in depression and i wouldnt let my car out of my sight everytime i took her out.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

First scratch on the car was after two weeks. While reversing the car I turned the steering way too much and before I realized the front right part of the bumper kissed the gate leaving many scratches. Just got a touch up done but didn't bother much after that.

First dent was when I waiting to take a right turn near a friend's house when a pulsar guy came in hit the car - Damage was done to the rear right door, running board and the right rear 3/4th panel. Got them fixed during the first service.

My heart sank when I saw the first scratch while reversing the car. I should've been a little more watchful. I was a newbie driver then(Not that I'm an expert now Just did about 2.4k km in over 7 months.)
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

I had completed 35000 km of driving before my first dent when a Tempo traveller kissed my Accent's left wheel arch on Sarjapur Road as I was slowing down to take a right turn. I got it fixed after 1 month but one more Tempo traveller took a liking for the same place near Silk board junction barely a week later.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

On the first day of delivery of my new Wagon R CNG, I was still not experienced in driving as it was my first car.

Took it out with my parents on-board in the evening for driving nearby, while coming back home the gate to our apartment in Dwarka, Delhi was after some slope so initially the car stalled on the slope, when I started again and I pushed the accelerator so as to climb the slope I could not judge the left side and the gate scratched the whole body on the left.

Side beading got damaged and the front door got slightly deformed near the protruded portion, though not much of paint got scratched.

I was in a state of shock.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

Looks like I am in the graveyard of scratches

Mine was when a friend took it out for a spin, idiot could not even make it out of the parking lot. Huge scratch on the right front wheel cap. It can be easily replaced but I din't want to do it with just 300 kms on the odo. The real scratch (body scratch) was when I had just crossed 1000 kms, I was a newbie driver, didn't lower the glasses while parking in a Shoppers Stop...and the result was multiple scratches on and around the right headlight.

The situation now is, I have lost the count
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

I managed 10 months "clean chit" driving without a scratch until a fool in an Auto had a brake failure and scratched my rear left side flank most irritatingly.
It is a particularly horrible feeling in a car like a Yeti.
And the auto driver and his filthy ilk who were around, had nothing to say at all, not even a basic apology - they said "saar, brake fail saar, what to do saar?" and left me literally holding the baby.
No point trying to fight with these uneducated, ill mannered, yokels and infidels.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

I think this would be the fastest scratch for a car out of showroom. I took the delivery of my Punto, took it home which was barely 10 mins away from dealer. Parked in front of house and went with wife upstairs to get Pooja thaali and by the time opened the house door, heard the obvious sound of metal hitting metal. Went downstairs to see some locality kids have banged their bicycle in back of the car. Left some deep scratches in right side back bumper and fender just next to lights. So the car was scratch less for just 15 minutes out of showroom. My wife was very depressed seeing that and I was smiling as nothing else I could do at that point.

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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

1) Wagon R-My first car. The next day after I took delivery. I was working in Mindspace, Malad in Mumbai at that time (2005, August). Parked outside Paradigm. Got down. Thought I should park better as it was at an (slight) angle. Reversed and put the right rear wheel in a partially open drain. The bumper took a hit when the wheel went in.
2) Chevrolet Optra- 2008- a kid banged my car in my residential parking lot with a bicycle. Gash on the rear bumper plus the handle bar went into one of the rear tail lights breaking it. 2 weeks after delivery.
3) Honda City- 2012- July- Had driven the vehicle scratch free for over 2000 Kms. Was waiting at the signal at Mahindra & Mahindra, kandivili. An auto driver came in the wrong way trying to get into Thakur Village. Scratched my front bumper. Ran away before I could give him a piece of my mind (and more). God I hate these buggers. My next vehicle is going to be a tank where they will be running for dear life and not me trying to avoid such goofs!
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

I owned a Maruti Zen and never scratched the car even after owning it for 4 years and putting up 90000 Kms on the Odo. After delivery of the Figo I drove with the same confidence and was hit by a biker exactly two weeks and 3700 Kms on the Odo. :(
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