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Originally Posted by wanderernomad
Well it isnt mine so not sure if it counts but the incident is worth narrating. I was at a TATA dealership in western Delhi which was like bang on the road. It happened about 8 years back I think, when the metro work was still going on and the entire traffic used to be channelised through the narrow side lanes. The sales guy told me to wiat for 5 minutes as they were giving delivery to another gentleman of this brand new white Safari. I watched with happiness as the proud owner took the keys, got a picture taken, sat in and drove off. We all watched as he proudly started to exit the dealership and then suddenly a loud bang, crash and all sorts of noises of tearing metal and hsattered glass. And then silence. I could not believe my eyes. The Safari had its entire bonnet ripped off by a speeding blue line bus. The engine lay on the road and the remaing body lay parallel to the dealership. What do you say to a guy in that situation?
My goodness this is the saddest thing to ever happen to a brand new car buyer! By the way whose mistake was this? What happened later? How sad the owner might have felt, within seconds of taking delivery his car is shattered by the reckless bus.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

Hi.Wait there is more.
A few days later I was waiting at a signal and a cab banged from behind.A slight dent.Nothing else.
And after another few months my brother in his new Swift scraped my car while parking
You have to live with such things.Accept that as part and parcel of life.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Breaking all records : My 800 got dented on delivery itself!

I dont believe in all that superstitious crap, but that car did seem to be jinxed. Signed papers and Papa opened the drivers door to start it for the first time when T-H-U-M-P - A flower pot from a balcony above falls on the roof. It went straight back in for a paint job.

This particular 800 (Registration no. 6568) had 11 accidents in a 2 year duration from 1991 - 1993.

Haven't read all the incidents yet (just Page1) but GTO's mishap gave me the hardest laugh by far.

I learned driving (on my own) on my Dad's brand new Santro when I was just 16. Dad didn't knew it since I'd sneak it out every time he'd be sleeping. Had a few dents which were blamed on his negligence very conveniently (and in confusion he agreed too). Had another couple of minor accidents after he learnt about my driving knowledge.

Next was Indigo XL & I drove it extensively and managed not to nick it anytime.

Then came my brand new iGen i20, which I scratched against a rock in the 3rd month. Had a major accident in the 18th month. Just got my rear door nicked a couple of days ago by a accident truck (driver's door loose) on its way to garage (probably even dump yard).

These things happen to all of us & in retrospect these incidents just remind us how madly/crazily we were/are with our cars.
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My dad's Astar had a minor incident on the day of taking delivery. Put it into my portico in style (full speed after taking a curve). Forgot to pull the handbrake, listening to loud music, take off my sunglasses and let go off the clutch and bang! - the car jumps and hits my mum's expensive fancy flower pot real hard, bumper is dented and scratched, my fog lamps shattered.

Out comes my mum and yells at me for breaking her favourite pot and ruining the plant
Out comes dad and yells - "you're getting it repaired from your pocket money and savings - start driving your Apache, no more car for you"
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

Well, here goes my incident.

I took a mighty 20 minutes to get my first dent/scratch. I took the delivery of my Ford Figo and drove really cautiously till when taking a right turn some guy (with a brand new car as well ) zoomed really close and managed to nick mine. I had a minor dent on the left Fender.

I did not want to spoil my mood and left after the guys apologised.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

Bumped into this thread and got to read some really intresting posts some funny and some not so funny

So I would like to share my incident, took the delivery of brand new Rapid from Noida and gave the keys to my dad to drive. 2 kms into the drive there was a signal which was yellow and we were in a good speed but managed to stop on time, suddenly a swift coming from behing banged our rear bumper. Got out to check the car and there were 4-5 big scratches. Mood spoiled, called the Skoda showroom and they said they will repair it free of cost. Got it repaired next week.

After that have suffered 2-3 more scratches here and there. Its just a part and parcel of owning a car so have to live with it
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

41 months and 47000 kms later i saw my first dent on the Linea. I am a fast driver while i am quite careful while driving in narrow lanes.

This was caused by a iron pillar on one side of the road but still on the road. I am sure numerous other cars would have had a similar fate. Poor planning by the municipal authorities.

Looking at recommendations in getting this fixed. Here are the images.
Attached Thumbnails
How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent-img_20200408_085054.jpg  

How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent-img_20200408_085101.jpg  

How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent-img_20200408_085040.jpg  

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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

When it comes to the cars which have been driven only by me, that would be the Tiguan, that car has proven time and again it's a tank.

Within a week of having it on the road, it suffered an accident that could have been a catastrophe.

Imagine if you will, it is a nice September night in East Delhi, me, my sister and a friend of mine @Archie_27, also a fellow BHPian are having ice cream, the car has been parked on the road opposite the ice cream parlor, it was done in such a way that it was clearly visible, and not obstructing the way of anyone at all on the 15 feet wide road, it should be pretty safe right? That's where you are wrong my precious reader.

A couple came into have their own ice cream, the girl tried to park the car, but it was evident she did not know how to drive, so us three, in our whole worldly wisdom decided to stand away from the ice cream parlor close to our own car, and just have a chat.

The couple came back and the girl decided that she wanted to drive, the guy to agreed, so he gets this , the girl then put the car in reverse, and just floored it, slamming into my precious Kevin. We all thought that Kevin is not long for this world, and at the least I will need to get the complete rear three quarter fixed. But lo and behold!! Only the rear bumper came a little loose, that was fixed with a nice open palm smack, and just the teeniest of scratches on the black cladding of the bumper.

The guy, whose car and girlfriend it was, didn't even apologize, just said that his girlfriend was new (what in the actual...). He did suffer more damage than me though, his i10 lost the rear bumper.

Over the 28,000 I have had the Volkswagen, the only actual dent it has is from someone opening his door hard into the car, causing a crease, Kevin wears it with pride.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

After driving ~6000 km was under the impression that I am now a good enough driver to avoid silly mistakes. But last Saturday our car grazed an electric pole (All about car dent repair & painting - Processes, methods & tools) on the LHS just because I moved ahead and steered left while joining the main road without maintaining sufficient gap. Was quite disappointed at me but seeing threads of cars getting damaged right from the first day, especially with no mistake of owners made me feel better. Incidentally, our car's first damage happened like that - got rear-ended (Need advice after Accident) at ~2000 km of my driving and had to claim insurance for the rear hatch, bumper replacement.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

I parked in a spot reserved for sub compacts in LA. While reversing and turning (good ole Bangalore shtyle) I nicked a car pulling into the next spot (he was NOT there when I started my manoeuvre. He called the cops! I was warned not to leave the country, my IDP was rejected, and I paid 500 dollars for a nick you had to bend down to see. Even though I suffered because I was ignorant about sub compact parking slots, I admire the system and the way those affected by mistakes of others get swift justice.
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