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Old 31st October 2009, 16:52   #16
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Nice thread.

1. Maruti Suzuki Esteem : Would love to own this car . Had almost bought one (missed out due to some delays in financial adjustments).

2. Tata Safari : A true Beast. Missed out closely on this one too (settled for a wagon R, was looking for older safari's).

3. Maruti Suzuki Zen: A pocket rocket. Narrowly missed this (settled for m800).

Finally, waiting for an opportunity to buy any one of the Above (Hopefully there wont be any narrow misses).
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1. Honda City VTec - OHC Crystal Lights
Who did not want this beauty, gem of an engine, great dynamics, the first affordable super car we had. Dad, then, had a perception of Honda's being expensive to maintain, so it was struck off.

2. Fiat Palio 1.6 GTX
Wanted the pocket rocket real bad. Dad did not want to buy a Fiat because of the famed A.S.S.

3. Hyundai Sonata 2.7 V6
Loved the Jaguar shape then; Was too expensive to buy

4. Maruti Gypsy 1.3 Open Top
Was my dream During College to have an open top Gypsy with girls around me; for off-roading too !!!!

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A 2003 Mahindra Classic. Went so close to buy one and yet it did not happen. I am happy that I could find myself a good CJ340 now.

If I may add a bike, the Suzuki Shogun. Dad thought it would kill me.

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Nice Thread.

1. Baleno - Beyond my budget
2. Honda City/Civic - Beyond my Budget
3. Scorpio - Beyond my budget

I managed a Zen though.

The Scorpio if it is still there in 2 years time could be fulfilled who knows?
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In addition, I would also have loved to own a DOLPHIN. Tiny little thing, nice dynamics, stonker of an engine with unlimited souping up capacity, and a fibreglass body that'll never rust ! Wow !
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The Palio 1.6 /1.3 models. Almost wrote a cheque for the 1.3, then decided against it.
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Old 31st October 2009, 23:35   #22
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BMW 3 series. Wanted it's for it's Handling , performance and the sheer feel. It lost out to the A4 due to sheer sex appeal and 'that' lovin feelin.
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Old 1st November 2009, 08:44   #23
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the maruti gypsy 1.3 couldnt afford it then can afford it now but now with the family dont know where to park the kid and the car
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1. The Tata 207/TL single-cab. 2L TCIC version, as is exported.
Reason : not available in India !!
No guys, the Tata TL Crew-cab is not an option.

2. Safari / Safari 4x4 3L Dicor : out of budget in 2005.

3. Civic Si Hatchback.
Reason : Not available in used car market in 2003. Was very rare.

Originally Posted by dre@ms View Post
All time favorite. Contessa classic. What a car at those days. It looks like a chariot.
@Dreams - is the Conti about a desire to have it, or - as the thread starter says - you missed owning it. Like when you were in the market for a car, but could not buy this dream car because of some reasons ?

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BMW 5 series: its way beyond my budget
Audi A4: same reason as above
mahindra classic: too crude to be used as my daily drive but i have still now dropped my idea!
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Omni: Just because it doesnt has an AC
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As a kid i was also mad about open jeeps and thought i would buy one when i grow up.I may still buy it or its modification a convertible one day.

When i finally gew up and could afford a vehicle i had set my eyes on Fiat palio.I promised to myself that i will buy only this car in future when it was lanched in India.

And when moment came to buy one, Fiat was surrounded in so many controversies and its sales were all time low that i could not gather courage to buy Fiat palio,my dream car.So i just went ahead and bought Getz when everyone else wanted me to buy either Swift or santro.

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Didn't really miss out on any cars in India, but I do wish I'd bought a particular black Toyota MR2 (Gen II) instead of my '93 Accord in Boston. I had checked either car out, and fell in love with the driving experience of the MR2. Either car was in pretty much the same $$$ range. However, I was on a very tight student budget and couldn't afford the MR2's high maintenance if anything went wrong. C'mon, mechanics charge like $40 - $80 per hour in the States!

The car I'm glad NOT to have missed out on? My '97 Jeep. I love her to death. Just a year after driving her home, Mahindra ceased the Classic's production.
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Old 2nd November 2009, 11:06   #29
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Almost missed out on owning an OHC. Otherwise, a Ford Mondeo. Still have my eyes set on that car, maybe some day...
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Lamoborghini Countach '88 - I was 8 years old, didn't have a DL yet :(

On the other hand, Indian cars I would love to own are the
OHC type 2 VTEC.
Maruti Suzuki Baleno 1.6
Palio GTX
and the Alto 1.1

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