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I would love to buy a Getz CRDI, but its out of my budget at present
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I would like to sort in chronological order my desire starting 2000

1. Safari Executive- Too much of an ask at fifteen
2. Maruti Baleno - Low VFM, excruciating mileage and high maintancae killed the desire.
3. Swift- Protagonist of my next Budget, Missed out this year as dad changed lanes
4. New Civic - The day I put my first child at school.
5. Maserati GranTurismo - No comments...
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5 Cars that I really love:
1. Fiat Palio 1.6/S10(love the canary yellow paint on the S10)
2. Honda City 1.5 VTec(the original one)
3. Subaru Forester(as much fun on the beach as on the hills)
4. Skoda Octavia vRS(damn quick)
5. Ford Mondeo(a great great drive)
But unfortunely none of the cars are still in production in India
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Default How can i forget ...

Maruti Gypsy ...

Its my dream since childhood ... Gypsy is the real statement making car on the roads. People specially girls will turnaround to see who is driving

I just love it with soft top or open one. It is really a SUV types vehicles
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Originally Posted by hkborah View Post
5. Standard 2000 - Wonder how this car never got a mention in the 5 pages so far.. Of course it was bad to drive with the 1.8L Vanguard engine.
I would have mentioned it, but I did have the pleasure of owning it. Wasn't the engine a 2L one? I bought the petrol engine from Chennai. Had a stopver at Erode in my sister's place. The Drive from Erode to Alleppey (around 340kms) was a non stop 5 hours on a Sunday (0945 to 0245) with just 2 of us and with AC on. It even gave 9.5kpl for that drive. That was in early 1992 when four laning was not even thought of!

Originally Posted by SuperSelect View Post
Great taste sir ! I've myself been quite a fan of the Boxer engined go-anywhere beauty !!
That mad sales executive (in spite of assuring him that I am not in a position to buy it) made me go down the side of a road less hillock and back up with the whole family with me.

Believe me, if I had the money to buy it then, I would have!

Not bold enough to go for an out of production vehicle.
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Default Getz Crdi

I love the getz crdi for the kicks it can give though its a small car.. After i sold the santro i was looking out for a small car to own.. but my dad kept postponing it as he was waiting for the punto. Sadly in our country buying a car is a family decision. Punto hit the road but he didnt like it nor did i, he finally said buy the getz crdi but my luck ran out as the car was out of production. Now i'm in a Swift DDIS
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Here's my list:

1. Zen - Didn't have money then
2. Contessa - Was too young and didn't have money Still wanna find a well maintained car and take a ride in it.
3. Palio 1.6 GTX - After the loan and downpayment could only manage the 1.2 Sports.
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Octavia RS :When i had paid for my octavia (never got delivered so went for a corolla) the RS was not available. Come 2009 when i bought the linea the RS was not in production anymore. I wish it was still available.

Esteem : After 9 years of my esteem when i sold it, I would have still bought another esteem if it was in production today.
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Hehe, funny how the OHC is on almost everyone's list. Honda could seriously do a limited production run of a few thousand OHCs and I'm sure each one will be sold faster than many of the cars available today.
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Open Jeep- Open jeep fascinate me, this take me to the down memory lane and remind the famous advertisement “crazy about Topless Models”
Tata Sierra – Used to fancy about this but too costly to afford. If TATA plan to launch this again, I will be the 1st person to buy one
Fiat Palio – Love the car but settle down with Opel Cora Sail -1.6 in years 2005. Only reason I did not buy because dealer did not send the car for test drive even after multiple reminders. Felt they were not interested to sale. Even now I like the beauty
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This thread is going great guns - 6 pages, 84 replies and five stars in all of five days..

Mods, I propose we add a poll, namely - "Most desirable car that is no longer in production".

The contenders would be: (Judging by what seem to be the most talked about models in this thread - we may add more if found suitable.)

Maruti Suzuki Baleno
Fiat Palio 1.6
Hindustan Contessa
Maruti Suzuki Zen
Honda City (Original)
Chevrolet (Subaru) Forrester

Can we have this please ?
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Hi all,
here's a short story on how i missed having a Zen instead of a 800.
It was way back in '97 that we decided to get a new car.I wanted the 800 as it was suitable for our pocket and had everything we needed in a car (we had P Padmini then :-) ).Now my brother was of the opinion that we could get a second hand Zen which was a little bigger for the price of a new 800.

Now the story goes my dad calls me at the time of booking asking me to decide which car to go in for the 800 or the Zen.I didn't wanted a second hand car so i named the 800.

One fine day me and my dad were driving in our brand new 800 and my dad asked me why i didn't wanted the bigger zen.I replied i didn't wanted to have a used car to which my dad quoted he was not considering a used Zen but a new Zen.I was like .
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Well the hopeful wishlist is huge but the practical wishlist starts and stops with the OHC Gen 2 (1.5 Vtec).

We had couple of 1.5 Vtec then (Gen 1) and it was illegal for me to drive (not 18 then), so could not push dad for exchanging Gen 1 for a Gen 2. Making do with a DDIS (i am not complaining) but another eye is on the lookout for a Gen 2 OHC in good condition
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A merc W123 for its stately looks and pedigree...I still keep sighing whenever I see one on the roads, did not have money when a good piece was available and now can't come across a good piece when I have the money !
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Default Cars u missed out owning

Lancer SFXI yellow color way too expensive (arnd 10 lacs) in early 2000. full on a stunner, own a black lancer now. stunning performance
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