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For me and most other car enthusiasts it would be the 2002 ohc vtec.Totally was way ahead of its time.The way the hyper 16 engine used to rev!!phew..
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Here goes my list

Contessa - Yes it is my dream too. May own some day

New Superb with that Turbo petrol muuuuhaah - Out of my budget now and Skoda image

TATA Safari - Was out of my budget - Waiting for the new Safari to come out. It will be mine in another 3 years

JEEP - I did get one CJ340 - yeah

Baleno - Couldnt own one but my Brother in Law has one. Have driven it to my hearts desire.
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Nice thread.
For me its gotta be the Palio 1.6 Sport or S10.
Reason i missed out is 'cause when i tried to buy a new one last year, Manipal Motors didn't bother giving me a test drive despite visiting the showroom a few times and calling i-dunno-how-many-times.
And getting a decently maintained used one is a bigger pain that i would've imagined. Lost the appetite for it after a used car dealer tried to slip me a car with an accident history by glossing it over.
I now own a Swift, a beautiful vehicle no doubt, but still feel a pang of disappointment when i see the old model red palio 1.6.

And the other car has to be the OHC (i've driven just one of them, and i will never forget it till. Too young to buy it when it came out and wasnt sure if i wanted to buy a used car for the almost the same price i would pay for a new practical car.
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Originally Posted by anandkumargb View Post
Well, in my case the car is still in production.

I always wanted to own a Scorpio. When I bought my DDIS last year, I was seriously considering Scorpio, but then dropped out bcos of Price and poor plastics and overall quality. For me ride quality and suspension is of utmost importance, realised this after I bought Swift. Stiff ride and pathetic suspension.

The new Muscular Mhawk Scorpio is a VFM!
you are right about the ride and suspension of the swift...the dealer guy told me it is 'sport' suspension!.........c'mon, a 75BHP 1.1ton vehicle, a 'sport' car???!!!
rainy day visibility is also a cracker!!! check out the pics
Attached Images
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Mahindra Jeep Classic - I want to buy a Brand new one, But its out of production.

Ambassador Mark II - Childhood liking. Other cars never game a chance to own this.

Safari - My wife and I decided that "One day we should buy that" but when the time came, I found mHawk is superior.

Civic - I dreamed about this car a lot - But when i got a chance to test it, its seat hight and ground clearance just let me move out of that idea.

All new City 2009 - Went with a 100% mind to buy it - After TD, I found it difficult to get in and get out. Not the right one for Tall boys.

Laura 2009 L&K - Out of my Budget.

Cars I may own if I could reach: BMW 3 series and Jeep Grand Cherokee

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"BANKED" Dreams

1. Back in 2007 my family had eyed the Mitsubishi Montero for long, when the time came, we decided against this monster and opted for a Mitsubishi Pajero. LACK OF FUNDS :( Due to some glitch with the bank.

2. A couple of months later when the cash was available we wanted to buy a C-Class Diesel, ended up buying a Skoda Laura L&K, again Bank screwed up.
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Originally Posted by sterlingjames View Post
you are right about the ride and suspension of the swift...the dealer guy told me it is 'sport' suspension!.........c'mon, a 75BHP 1.1ton vehicle, a 'sport' car???!!!
rainy day visibility is also a cracker!!! check out the pics
Agree on both counts. The Swift suspension is hard , mainly because it has to take the heavier engine and it has a blind spot the size of a BTMC bus on the A pillar. But you still have to love the car.
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Back in my school-college days, that was during the 90s, I was really crazy about the Pajeros and Land cruisers that were imported to Kerala from the gulf countries.
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Default Standard Herald and Citroen 2 CV

When I was a kid, an uncle of mine briefly owned a Standard Herald.
She was nice and low slung, majestic in red and white, and had a unique sound about her. I used to dream of owning one of them someday...
That someday never came, and the Herald is no longer in production.

Then there was this beautiful red Citroen 2 CV, which push - landed in my building compound one rainy night. Fell in love with her looks and quirkiness. Spent hours with the mechanic who (unsuccessfully) tried to get her on the road. She was carted away before I could grow up and offer to buy her !!!
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I will always miss the Palio S10 and the Skoda VRS; I couldn't afford it at that time. Why I like them? Well, it was love at first sight!
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Default Which car do you regret NOT buying?


Do you regret not buying any particular car when you could and now it is not available? If so, which one?

In my case, around 2005-06, when I was happy with my Palio, I really loved Fiat Adventure. It had everything I wanted from a car then (and even now): good powerful engine, great ride and handling, good space, very good GC, great looks (subjective, but I liked the looks), all four independent suspensions etc. It was also affordable. I even recommended this to some friends whose needs were exactly satisfied by Adventure. Unfortunately, they ignored my advice and ended up with Swift Vxi!

Anyway, I could have myself afforded Adventure that time and should have bought one. Instead, I was happy with my Palio so did not seriously consider any upgrade. Ironically, now my Palio is too old and when I look around for a new car, I really miss the Adventure. Even today, Adventure would serve my needs exactly and it is a 100% match to what I want. But unfortunately, it is not available any more.

I really regret not buying one. Do you guys have similar experiences?

Please note that I am not talking about those dream cars that we all dream about but could not buy (in my case, this lists starts with BMW 540i and does not end). I am talking about cars which we could actually afford, were available, fitted our needs, we loved them, and yet for some lame reason we did not buy them and now we regret.

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This was in the UK, when I was getting rid of my 17 year old Ford Fiesta and looking for another car to buy.
I had set my sights on a mint condition E28 M535i.
My wife talked me out of it.
I will regret not being able to buy it for the rest of my life.
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Elantra Crdi: Waited forever to make a decision but Hyundai pulled the plug sooner than I thought

Palio GTX/S10: Failed to realize its true potential and when I did, it was already too late.

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I regret not waiting for the Swift D , and getting an indica Turbo instead.

Thankfully, I'll not make that mistake again
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Having been the owner of two palios and one punto, I dont regret that I did not buy a specific car.
However I do regret having sold both my palios :(
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