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Default Cars you missed out on owning, and why...

As newer models hit the streets, older ones are forgotten. Very often we look back with a pang of regret, at yet another 'discontinued' model and marvel at it's positive attributes.

The reasons for not having owned a certain car at a certain time can be many - some have a tight budget at that point, some see a more practical option, or it can simply be that we were too young then !
How often have I looked at an old Honda City, and wished I'd owned it at some point !

This thread is for all those "missed out" cars, and the reasons we missed out on them. Here's my list:

1) Suzuki Baleno - loved its understated looks and sterling combination of ride and driveability - It was wayyy beyond my budget in it's heyday
2) Hindustan Contessa - The first Indian "Limo" - I was too young to own a car then !!
3) Maruti Zen - Loved this pocket rocket. When I started out, it was too expensive. And when I could finally afford it, there were better and more practical options .
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I know exactly what you mean. I'd add the Palio 1.6. What a great car in its day, but now, its not a sensible buy anymore.
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1.Baleno-Beautiful handling.strong allrounder.-Out of budget at that time.
2.Honda City Type 2 Vtec-stonker of a performance car at its time-out of budget
3.Ford mondeo petrol-Stonker.just stonker of a car.performance handling.everything was this car.had it baan available now i would have bought it with my eyes closed.-out of budget.
4.Skoda Octavia vRS-TURBO.that too factory one.Huge mod potential.-production stopped when i went to buy it.called up skoda sales manager at aurangabad too.and asked him i'll pay extra for it.still he declined.last new piece was scooped up by abhinav gupta from our forum just days before i was in a position to buy it.

But then there are more things to come and everything happens for a good cause.

I know for a fact that If i had bought any of those cars out there i wouldn't have 2 of my most loved possessions right now my civic and my 12r.
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Default Scorpio

Well, in my case the car is still in production.

I always wanted to own a Scorpio. When I bought my DDIS last year, I was seriously considering Scorpio, but then dropped out bcos of Price and poor plastics and overall quality. For me ride quality and suspension is of utmost importance, realised this after I bought Swift. Stiff ride and pathetic suspension.

The new Muscular Mhawk Scorpio is a VFM!

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Only 1 car which I wanted but the production was stopped.

It's the Maruti Alto VXi 1.1L with the WagonR engine. Man what a car and what a hoot to drive.
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From my childhood days I dream of owning a Safari 4X4. Still can't afford it.
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It has to be the GTX. Had to settle in for the cheaper 1.2 NV
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For me it is the Alto VXi, the TATA Sierra and the Peugeot model from PAL.
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Since childhood I am dreaming following vehicles.

1. Open Jeep: Like Rajesh Khanna driving in "Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Aayegi Tu". I am really fascinated about this jeep with open/down windshield. Driving on hills. I can afford it now but due to problems like parking space, logistics, time etc, it seems not possible for me right now. If somebody give me job at my hometown next day I will buy this Jeep and Live my Dream.

2. Safari (Now added 4X4). When I was in school every time I use to see Safari I was mesmerized by its presence. Still I am. I dream about Safari and I am inching towards to own my dream. But when?


3. First generation Hero Honda CD 100. WOW "what a bike?" This only came from mouth when I used to see Red Color Hero Honda CD 100 during 80s. It was real change from Rajdoot, Yezdi, Bajaj Scooters. Although I am owning HH Passion but that charm is not there.

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When the Opel Astra was launched I was smashed with it's looks. But totally unaffordable for me. And when it was affordable much better options exists and that car ceased to exist.
After joining TBHP, I wanted to own a old vtec. Had searched for it almost two months but somehow couldn't find any that time. So went for my other love, Baleno.
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From ages ago:

1. 309 GLD
2. Maruti Esteem
3. Fiat Palio
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All time favorite. Contessa classic. What a car at those days. It looks like a chariot.
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Here goes, in no particular order.

Palio 1.6 GTX: Was outdated by the time I bought my first car (Swift).

ANHC / Cedia: Jumped segments when I purchased my second car (Civic) but I would have loved to own this.

Ford Mondeo: Way out of budget when it existed. Would have loved to consider it currently. It sold in such few numbers that I'm hesitant to purchase even a 2nd hand one.

Ambassador (with the 1.8 Isuzu engine): Our family's first car in my memory was the original M. 800 Jap model. Too young to have ever really experienced driving an Amby since it was never a serious purchase option in the last 15 odd years.
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1. Ford Mondeo: Just didn't buy it due to all the reports about its problematic fuel pump & very poor resale value .

2. Suzuki grand Vitara v6: Didn't have the budget for it at that time neither had the pockets to afford its 6.5 kmpl in Delhi traffic.

3. Fiat Palio 1.6: I still rue the day I went to the Fiat showroom in 2002 & bought myself a 1.2 elx palio, even though I did have the budget for the 1.6.

I still want / looking for a well kept pre owned Vitara or a Honda accord (Type - 1 in India).
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Palio Stile Sport 1.6. Had booked it but Manipal motors just kept postponing and then finally said they could not honour the booking as they were shutting operations. That kind of killed the desire.
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