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Okay, just finished reading this thread, I was not getting good thriller to watch tonight, it was late too, so thought this would be a good post to go thru. Interesting thread with some interesting stories.

I remember we used to scare other students with Ouija board / spirit board and then used to get tons of galis from others when we are cought, it was fun.

I had an experiance, I was staying at my aunt's place for more than a couple of weeks. I was sleeping on first floor, alone; the other room on the same floor where three of my cousins were sleeping, the entrace to the other room was quite far from my coat. I was right besides the stairs; my uncle and aunt were sleeping down stairs. I already entered the first phase of the sleep which is not so intense (i'm known for my sleep and had my neighbours break house windows so my parents can enter the house late night while I was sleeping nicely) and I started feeling something, it did not take much time for me to come back to concious state, I felt that the blanket I covered myself was being pulled downwards, I ignored first time, I again felt its still happening, I got really scared at first, paused for a few seconds, made all efforts to make sure I'm not dreaming and I've all my senses awake, is that one of my cousin doing that or who can that be!! while all these thoughts going thru my mind, I again felt the same thing in few seconds, this was third time. I again paused for a few seconds and got up quickly removing my blanket, immediately went to the stairs (I'm sure my uncle or aunt are not going to do this but wanted to make sure I can see something) and dont see anything nor do I see any movement around the entrance of the other door (its bit far, i dont think someone one of my cousin may have done that, all three of them were too small think of such a prank!!). I was awake for a few minutes, made sure there is none under the bed, it was kind of a guest room not being used with just two coats and a table (right besides my coat where I keep my head) where my aunt's 'kuldevi' photograph was kept. I had some positive thought looking at the photograph of the goddes, it felt a bit good.
I was at certain point with some thoughts in my mind that I really wanted to face whatever it is. No doubt, I was really scared and also started gayatri mantra before I went back to bed again, but it was the only horrific experiance I can remember I guess. Its been more than 15 years now! I learnt a lot more over the period of time and feels like I was much brave at that time - you bound to become coward living in this world.

I heard many people stating here that they believe in evil spirit, black magic and negative energy sources - I have not experianced god so far, I may have some belief just to cover my doubts but may not have accepted it as a truth - there is a difference between belief and truth. I learned to look at the things naturally as much as possible - I'm not saying god doesnt exist, nor I say god does, I simply dont know!! And may be the same thing for ghosts or so called spirits,, Lets see if life gives me enough opportunities to conclude on this, even if it doesnt, I'm happy not knowing lots of things

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Whoa! This blanket pulling thing is quite common in the US!!

Its said that usually a female 'spirit' is responsible for this! (but I don't believe it, and I'm not saying that there's nothing there )
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was the car a Skoda!!

Originally Posted by funkydevil View Post
Hey guys, just my 2 cents to this wonderful and scary thread.

Me along with quite a few friends of mine in a convoy of 3 cars, were in goa. We stayed down south goa in a friends bunglow. Time is somewhere between 2-3 am. The 3 cars were headed back to the bunglow from 'Carevella'. The bunglow was pretty far away and it does take a while to get there. Outta no where my friend driving one of the cars, gets this idea of taking a shortcut to reach faster. Now i dunno the roads of goa and wasnt driving since i had a few drinks that day but was no where close to drunk. Plus out of 4 people in the car excluding me, 2 people are completely sloshed. Altough my friend has been through this road many a times, he has never gone through it at night. The car had a pretty good ICE, and all of you guys know that even if a car stalls, the ICE still remains on.
Now as we go along, suddenly the car just goes dead. I mean ICE, engine everything. Its completely DEAD!!! At nearly 3 am, in the middle of no where were stuck. Tried to start her up a few time's but to no avail. Friend decides to check out the engine. Meanwhile I decide to go take a P**. There are lots of bushes and low lying grass covering the ground n thats where I start to see a girl dressed in white, hair covering her face walking towards me. Now where in the world is a girl gonna land in such a place at 3 am!!! I ran towards the car and tell my friend what happened, he took could see her, which proves me not being drunk. I tell him not to tell the girls at the back as they spooked easily anyways. I decide to give the car a push start and tell my friend to just floor it the moment the car starts. With a prayer i start to push and my friend try's to get the car started. With luck or whatever you wanna call it, the car starts somehow and i just jump into the front window of the moving car and tell him to BHAGAO us the hell outta there.

That till date has been the most scariest experiency of my life. The next day i went to nearly all the churches in the area.
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This happened 4 years back. I'm settled in Chennai and my parents are in Kerala. Whenever I call home, I usually used to talk to my mom and not to my dad. That day (first Indo – Pak series after a long break) India – Pak cricket match was going on . My dad was a huge cricket fan but he used to avoid watching matches on TV as he was advised by the doctor not to get too excited due to his weak heart.

That day, I felt like calling home and talking to dad. I told him that India was winning the match and he was very happy. Later in the evening, something was urging me to call up dad so I called up. Mom picked up the phone and told me that dada was not feeling well and that they were taking him to hospital.

Since it was late in the evening, I could not get a ticket on train or by bus so I booked the first flight out to Cochin the next day. At night, I came to know that my dad had a massive heart attack and he was on ventilator. I spoke to his doc and doc was very worried and told me that my dad was in critical condition and anything could happen.

Next day, I flew to Kerala and rushed to the hospital. They let me into the ICU. I saw my dad and I called out his name. He opened his eyes, looked at me and placed his hands on my shoulder. Then he closed his eyes and passed away. It was as if he was waiting to see me before he died.

We had the traditional 13 day mourning period afterward. When the family priest came home for the ceremonies, he told me that my dad passed away at a very inauspicious time and that people who pass away at that time usually would want to take someone or something with them when they go, and asked me and my family to be very careful.

I did not believe him. The very next day, our pet dog who usually never ventures out of the house even when the door is left open, ran out of the house as if possessed, ran through the long narrow lane connecting our house to the main road and was run over by a lorry which killed him instantly.

Spooky !!

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Originally Posted by mustang89 View Post

And the last one that happened with me, about 2 years back i was working on a project, i felt asleep, a few moments back i felt that there is a garage downstairs and i went there and started working on a car, but when i tried to come out from there something started pulling me down and i started shouting and pulling myself up holding the stairs.To my shock i was actually standing on my bed and i had held the moving fan and turned its blade down, while the force i was feeling was that of my amma who got afraid seeing me doing that strange thing.DAMN!!! THAT WAS THE WORST NIGHT EVER..i woke up drenched with sweat,my hands burning as i had put them inside moving fan..
That was really funny....

When you try to hold a moving fan, you will get banged really hard which would normally wake up a person. How come you haven't felt it.
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Originally Posted by mustang89 View Post
and manish such things do happen.
i will recount an experience,just in the front of my house there is a road where there used to be no streetlights. Once a dog cried there for a week or so, as it said that a crying dog means that it has seen death, but to the sensible mind it seems S***T. But strangely after that week two accidents happened on that road at the same point in the same strane way, bikers colliding with a pole near the side of road, sadly after few more days there was a death just across the road.It shows that there is something which sometimes appears to some people and not to others.
C'mon dude, there's nothing spooky about your appts. I can see them from my roof. :P

Although, that telephone pole has always been a disaster in waiting. Its way close to the road and the road has a turn and a gradient. Perfect recipe for disaster.

There is a park close to my house (and mustang89's), now its maintained by MCD and used to have a lake, rides et al. Now the lake is more of a marsh and the place is so foggy you can't see your hands in the winter. I bet its haunted.

Our college is super haunted too. We have a pond close to our place. Now rumour has it that every once in a while a few drunk guys decide to pay a visit to the pond and never return.

Once me and 3 other friends decided to discuss our spooky experiences. We sat down on a backlane in college which borders the 'jheel'. As our college is quite outside the city, it invariably has a spooky atmosphere. All was okay till we started discussing movies.

Now this sounds stupid and lame... but we were talking of the movie 'Bhul Bhulaiya' and couldn't recall what was scary about it. All of a sudden we recall the way Vidya Balan screamed together. The lamp over our head flickered and a slight breeze blew.

Haha! It was **** funny! Four 6' tall guys scampering away!

It had a small twist left. Right outside our hostel gates I saw a Santro with the front door open. It was 3-4 am and it was a weird site. And with our present state of mind, it provided the icing on the cake that was us freaking out.

Good times!

By the way, our college has a lot of ghost stories... Perhaps DCEite and others wanna share some!
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Damn! This thread was spotted by me at this odd hour (3:29am to be precise). There goes my sleep :(
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My Experiences:- While driving down from Chennai to Bangalore, @ 10:15 pm to be precise July 2007, was alone, and suddenly there was this strech , after passing a small town ( dont remember the name) , when I felt something was sitting with me in the car ( Trust me ) , and my arm hair, suddenly all spiked up, and a sudden cold feeling rushed in the body.

I went verbally aloud to myself, What the **** ..!!! This strange incident carried on for a few mintues, and then all of a sudden eveything was normal.

Have been discussing this stuff with people, whenever I get a chance, and my dear friends expalin, that its possible, maybe somebody persihed in an accident on that perticular area and stuff like that.

That was Paranormal for sure.
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Default Supernatural / Haunted experience on road, anyone?

Today i heard from a friend that a very experienced and composed driver, in his neighbourhood, had a nasty crash when he rammed behind a stationary truck, killing 3 in his car. Upon asking him, he swore by god that there was nothing on the road at that spot, and at very last moment suddenly out of nowhere there popped a truck. He claimed it to be something supernatural the prohibited him from seeing the truck. No one was left alive except him in car to back his story.

It makes me wonder how many BHPians have experienced something supernatural on the road. Come on guys share your experience.
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Here's mine spooky story. Although the incident raised my hair for only a split second.

I was driving my Activa. It was night. The road was near our home, and the street lights were off. It was dark, apart from the headlights of my Activa, which barely managed to penetrate the darkness. The road appeared to be deserted.

Then about 2 feet above the road some distance ahead of me, suddenly a pair of eyes appeared. Like an apparition. They were glowing. Glowing in an eerie way. And it was frightening. For a split second, it was.

Turns out a dog was crossing the road and hearing my Activa, he had decided to take a look. =))
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There was a street light a few hundred meters away from my home, that used to go off and then come back on whenever I passed by it on the bike. This did not happen always, but I noticed on many occasions for it to be a coincidence. All other streetlights used to remain on. I never stopped to see if it happened for anyone else (too tired after work). This was many years back and I no longer stay there now.

I kind of thought it was because of my body static electricity

I can make a lot sparks out of woolen material in dark cold or AC room.

Also, in winter, if I touch the car body near the handle while getting in/out, I get a spark between car body and my finger. Sometimes it stings! I think this is a more common occurrence.

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@echo 77 : I am still wondering how this can be spooky in the first place. The good news that I can share is , it happens to everyone.
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The single street light shutting down a number of times when I passed by was definitely spooky. I used to look out for it.

Static electricity was just an assumption for that. But if it was so, I would have got electrocuted.
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Well not exactly spooky for me but I observed a Phenomenon and took a Photo as well which is posted in Non auto image thread.

In coonoor on the way to Dolphin point the road was blocked due to a village temple festival , We parked our vehicle and took a stroll to the spot.

There was a queue of 7-8 devotees with Trishool pierced across the cheeks and they were in trans , They were taken one by one to a spot where on beats of drum they went in to spasm and Trishool was pulled out by others. There was no blood or flesh in the hole process I looked quite closely to check if the piercing is real or some sort of trick but the metal rod was actually pierced.

They had no sign of pain or fear on their faces
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Originally Posted by indianvirus View Post
Upon asking him, he swore by god that there was nothing on the road at that spot, and at very last moment suddenly out of nowhere there popped a truck. He claimed it to be something supernatural the prohibited him from seeing the truck. No one was left alive except him in car to back his story.
He might have fallen asleep while driving, and came to his senses all of a sudden only to realize the truck in front of him - this may be a possibility. many don't realize their mind slipping away while driving sleep deprived.
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