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Default Cheated by Tuners Inc (won't give me my supercharger!)

I have started this thread regarding TBHPian Harrie and his workshop Tuners Inc, as there have been other incidents of dealing with him that have gone wrong. Initially I thought that what happened with me was either a mistake, or personal, and thus there was no need to publicise it. This is evidently not the case. There is already another thread detailing the hassles of dealing with this member. I am presenting my story below.

I do not actually hope to recover what I have lost -- 1 supercharger, Rs 10k in cash, one expensive and rare automotive book. This thread is simply to serve as a caution/warning to others, who might interact with this member. My estimated losses in dealing with this member are over Rs 1 lakh.

The facts:
  1. I purchased a supercharger on eBay in the UK. Harrie's brother was studying there at the time, and Harrie offered to have it shipped to him and have him bring it down. This was in May 2008. The item arrived at his place in the UK. Confirmation was sent to me.
  2. For a month or I was told that his brother is coming down and will bring it. This changed to Harrie's friend coming down, and bringing it since he is a British Airways pilot. This then changed back to his brother getting it, since the pilot's flight routes had changed.
  3. After a couple more months, he just stopped taking my calls. This was around September. Since then, I have not spoken to this person on the phone.
  4. Recently I discovered, through another BHPian, that Harrie is advertising MY supercharger for sale. Obviously he has not put it up here, since I will see it, but he has put it up on various social networking sites.
The excuses:
Initially they were regular -- out of town/phone not working/not reachable. Then they started to get more ludicrous. Harrie had left a fibreglass spoiler with me for delivery to some customer. He then said I must return it to him. When I agreed to do so -- why would I want to keep his stuff when I don't have space for my own -- he simply stopped communicating again. He also said I owe him around Rs 5k for the item, which I had asked his brother to pay via local cheque in the UK, for some additional charges. I asked him to deduct it from the 10k he owes me. Again, he stopped communicating.

My most recent communication to him was congratulating him on the purchase of his new car, and asking him again if I could get my stuff back. He has not even opened the PM I sent him. During the period I used to try and call him, he would not answer calls upto 20 times a day. All SMS would go delivered and unreplied to. Often, he would be on call-waiting, a sure sign that there is nothing wrong with his network or phone.

For all those saying he does not log on and have a chance to respond, please do not be under false impressions. He is logged onto social networking sites, and surfs this forum without logging in, thus being registered as a guest. Besides, he has not replied to a PM sent 3 months ago, and I'm quite certain he has logged on since then.

Please note that I have compelling evidence to support me each step of the way. This is not a personal attack. I would be happy to get my stuff back, but since I don't think that is going to happen, maybe this thread could serve as a cautionary tale to anyone who is considering dealing with Harrie or Tuners Inc.

Moderators: Please feel free to change the title, if you deem necessary, or to shift this thread to a more relevant section.
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Sorry to hear about your ordeal @v1p3r. The title of the thread should be ' Beware of the following cheats on T-bhp ' . Just a suggestion. Did you file a Police complaint ?
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Its disgusting to see how low people can go for money. Hope Harrie get this sorted out
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A police compliant is definitely in order. Especially when you and James clearly know his address and mobile numbers.
It is always a gamble to trust people on internet, especially from far away cities. But, we definitely need to take action as and when such incidents happen to deter other wannabe crooks.
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This is really preposterous! How can we trust anyone without being careful. Even the buy and sell section would give me scares if i want to trade.
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Can you publish the address/website/profile name is various sites of this person so everyone can be alert.
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Well one possible way out would be to request fellow BHPn in Coimbatore to visit Harrie's workshop and request for an explanation. I am sure this would sort out the in-differences.

Going to the police and filing a complaint can be the last move.
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This is very shameful indeed, 1 lakh is no small amount amount by any means. I think you should still push for getting your stuff back. This sort of behavior certainly deserves a hall of shame as mentioned on the 'other thread' by a member. I've only had good experiences so far dealing with fellow bhpians. I never thought I would hear of something like this on team bhp.
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Very bad cheating incident that too from a TBhpian!
As you said, he might be reading all these write up about him.

Suggest, if MODS approve, you may provide full style /address of the guy and his
workshop, so others can be cautious and alert?
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Originally Posted by nairrk View Post
Suggest, if MODS approve, you may provide full style /address of the guy and his
workshop, so others can be cautious and alert?
No need. Harrie has already posted a detailed reply in James's thread giving his adderss including details of jurisdictional police station. Hope, he would so here also to clarify the matter for smooth resolution of the dispute.

Last edited by J.Ravi : 25th November 2009 at 10:07.
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Guys if you have been cheated(many others also have faced the same thing), then it will be good to give all the details like his mobile no, his address, etc etc any details pertaining to him. So that other people will be on high alert.
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V1p3r, Im glad you came forward and posted your story. I really hope you get the supercharger back. When we piced up the mivec, he was telling us about how he managed to get the supercharger down and how he is gonna put it into a car. That impressed us a lot as we didnt know the correct story/background.
He replied to my thread and im all set to reply back to him now!
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First of all please dont go opening up threads for you whims and fancies. Let me get the points clear here...

1. You had bid for a supercharger saying it will go into my mivec.
2. You called up and said you dont have a credit card and wanted my brother to give a cheque for 6500 INR.
3. I was supposed to ask my brother to bring it down.

Now you say you have paid 10k for it, i persume its your credit card. Can you please put up a receipt for it here? And can you also please put up the 1L losses here?

I dont want to go about on the details which led me to retain the supercharger ( for which I paid the money ).

If you can put up a receipt for the money you say you have paid please do it. MODS please lock this thread until he puts up proof of it.

Please dont post up stuff unnecessarily.

I can and will if needed file a complaint. And please dont think you can get away easily. I can and will do all that is necessary to push forward with this.

I can get all of the ex-members and present members who know about what happened to come here on to this thread and post up every single event that has occured. I mean EVERYTHING that has been withheld because certain of us think its cheap to stoop to your standards.
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What is the world coming to ?? This is pathetic

It is shameful, to note what people can stoop to, in order to make some money.

I think there was a similar thread which Iceman91 had started. Maybe the two can be merged & all the gory realities can sit in one place & warn people of the real persona of a "tooner"

Last edited by Eddy : 25th November 2009 at 10:45. Reason: Removed OT content
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Akshay's claim - He paid 10k for the supercharger. I paid 72 pounds for the shipping to my brother in the UK.

Can you please tell me of one seller on who accepts credit card payment for the item, but requires a cheque for the shipping?

The total item cost was 72 pounds including shipping. Nothing more was got from it.

Akshay, you have really opened up a can of worms here. Please be prepared for the consequences. Not threats. You'll find my reasons in a separate thread.
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