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Default Urgent - Passport lost in different state

Urgent help needed for my friend.

He had a passport issued since 2006 in Gurgaon which was issued from Passport office Delhi.
He recently shifted to Ghaziabad (UP) as he changed jobs. Unfortunately he has lost his passport and all efforts to trace the passport have been unsuccessful.

Now as far as i know, i adviced him to go the nearest police station and lodge an FIR for lost passport, so that he can get the new passport reissued. However there are two questions:

1. Since his passport was issued from Delhi passport office, should he lodge FIR in a Delhi police station OR a police station of his current residence - ie Ghaziabad ?

2. Where does he apply for the re-issue of passport- in Delhi office, or in Ghaziabad passport office ? Since he doesn't live in Gurgaon anymore, police verification will not be possible in Gurgaon address? Or does he apply for the new passport with NEW address proof(ghaziabad) in the Ghaziabad passport office ?

Kindly leave your advice/suggestions.

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A friend of mine lost his Chennai issued passport in Hyderabad.

The Inspector of police refused to lodge an FIR.
When we told him that we are within our rights in demanding an FIR he told us fine. But will do nothing to trace it and instead enter a report saying he does not believe the passport was lost.

His argument was that some other Inspector had been recently demoted or suspended because of a lost passport. The passport turned up later and was used for some illegal activity. This officer wanted to avoid a situation like that for himself.

The point is, be ready for all sorts of non sense from the Police.
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Dceite, I did loose my pasport once and went through hell. I got a FIR filed after a lot of trips to the police station. Then with the non traceable certificate I went to the passport opffice and got a new passport. I would recommand that your friend file a FIR with the local police and get a non traceable certificate at the earliest. Then apply for the duplicate passport with the new address (provided he has a valid address proof).
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1. He has to make a FIR at the nearest police station where he is currently living. He has to provide the details of how and when the passport was lost and regular details like passport number, issue/expirty date, photocopy of the first and last page if available etc.

2. He has to collect the copy of FIR and submit it with a new application at the nearest passport office of his current address. He has to furnish details of his location from the previous passport issue till date along with the necessary proofs

3. Passport office will send the application for necessary verification
Your friend has to present yourself at the police station of the current address and answer the questions if any and pay the fees (if any)

4. Once the police verification is completed, he can get this application converted to Tatkal and pay some additional fee for conversion

5. passport would be delivered to the current address within stipulated time under tatkal scheme

Alternatively if your friend knows the Police Commissioner or the State Secretory etc, then on their recommendation he can get a new passport within few days.
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Default Thanks a Lot

Thanks a lot for the thread, I couldn't believe my googling would lead to t-bhp on this topic. However we have a new issue. The passport was recently issued and its been flicked along wiht the laptop bag.

We have the copy of passport application, could we get the passport number from RPO for the FIR ?
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Originally Posted by ownerofazkaban View Post
Thanks a lot for the thread, I couldn't believe my googling would lead to t-bhp on this topic. However we have a new issue. The passport was recently issued and its been flicked along wiht the laptop bag.

We have the copy of passport application, could we get the passport number from RPO for the FIR ?
Check this site, you will get passport number from here I guess.
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Default Passport lost in different Country

Reviving an old thread here, however could not find any other relevant thread for this.

Posting info incase you are travelling to a country out of India and end up in a situation of loosing your passport. One of my colleague shared below information who is posted as expat in Germany and lost passport in France
- First and foremost, please log a FIR in the nearest Police Station
- Collect the copy of FIR.

There are 3 scenarios now
- You are a tourist flying from India. Go to Indian Embassy in that country and collect the emergency certificate. Basis this certificate you can travel back to India.
- You are an Expat in that country. Go to Indian Embassy and apply for new Passport.
- You are an Expat in neighboring country. You can travel back to the country where you are posted basis the FIR. In your posted country go to the Indian Embassy and file for new passport.

Sorry this information is limited to Schengen countries. However, I would assume that you can go to Indian embassy and collect emergency certificate to go back to your posted country and apply passport at the Indian Embassy there for all other cases
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