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Originally Posted by Rtech View Post
umm guys, maybe I didn't clarify this properly, but I'm refering to movies primarily about cars/bikes or racing. I'm not talking about movies with good car chases such as Ronin etc.

My personal favorites are (in no particular order)
- The Cannonball series - First saw them as a kid and the sight of that Countach and those hot girls driving it left me speechless!

- Days of Thunder - Aside from the corny love story thrown in, it was a good movie.

- Italian Job (Old & New) - Ok, this ones blurs the line between robbery and car movie, but the movie is known for the Mini, hence it makes it to this list.

- Motorcycle Diaries : another line blurer, but an amazing movie!

- Faster - Awesome movie/documentary about modern motoGP covering the last of the 2 strokes to the current four strokes. This is THE BEST I've ever seen and a must watch whether you like bikes or not.

Biggest Joke of a movie: Driven!
Thanks a ton. I was looking for something like this and i can now download them all.
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I found driven to be pretty good for a car movie. Starring sylvester stallone!
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Default Viper (1994)

"Viper" (1994)

When criminals are better armed and financed then the police. An underworld kubal called 'The Outfit' pillages the city for profit, and takes control of the urban streets. But now... To fight the rising tide of crime, a new weapon has been developed. The ultimate vehicle for police pursuit and capture. Only one thing is missing... the driver who can tame it's awesome capabilities. Catch the action. Catch the excitement. Catch the ultimate ride. "Viper"
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Initial D, F'n'F, Transporter, Taxi
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Fast and Furious 1 (love the grace said by Jessie at the barbecue - Thank you God for CAI, Titanium plugs, Turbo Intercooler...Amen)
Fast and Furious - Tokyo Drift
Fast and Furious 4
hated the second one.

Driven (the coin flipping scene was the best)

Days of Thunder (the scene where Cruise goes in reverse to beat the pace car)

Transporter 1 (the standing jump from the bridge to the car trailer)

Ronin (by far the best car chase ever!!!)

Bad Boys 1 (Porsche beating a AC Cobra on the airstrip)
Bad Boys 2 (Ferrari on the bridge)

Gone in 60 seconds (Eleanor..Period)
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Default Car and Bike Movies

Bike Movies:

1. Motorcycle Diaries - little about the bike, but somehow Granado and Guevara's connection with La Poderosa was so real that every tourer has a soft spot for this one I guess

2. World's Fastest Indian - Burt Munro became God for me overnight. Loved the metal and the mettle.

3. Wild Hogs - "Ride Hard or stay home" - I guess a lot of us Bullet riders se ourselves in that movie.

Car Movies:

1. Gone in 60 Seconds - The scene with the Crusher broke my heart!

2. Bullitt - Steve McQueen. Respect.

3. Cars - Only Disney could understand Team-BHPians getting all emo about cars this well
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When it comes to movies with car oriented plots:
Fast and Furious Series
Transporter Series(loved the second one hated the third)
Gone in 60 seconds
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Has anyone watched red line,

The film's plot is centered on a street racing circle funded by a group of rich men in order to test their high-powered supercars. It is based on a story by Daniel Sadek, who also allowed his own automobile collection to be used in the film.

Cars used in this moive, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari F430 Spider, Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster,Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Ford GT, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, Porsche Carrera GT, Saleen S7, Koenigsegg CCX.

The best scene is Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren driven Using night-vision goggles and keeping the lights off to minimize police detection at over 200 mph driving from Los Angeles, CA, to Las Vegas, NV, in under an hour and 45 minutes.
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Well, I guess One Man's Dream : The John Britten Story is a real treat for anyone who loves anything with an engine. He built the bike all up by himself and boy, it ain't no ordinary bike.
Just google him and you'll know (that's if you don't already know him). Sadly, he passed away back in 1995.
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The best one I have ever seen has got to be GRAND PRIX.

The last race at Monza on the old banked circuit is sinple amazing.
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There is a movie called Vanishing Point !!!! ... The protogonist lives in his car and dies in the same... !!!!
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
So agree.

Random thought : The original "Fast & the furious" movie, without doubt, stimulated a whole genre of souped up Civics & Supras. I'd say it brought drag racing to the masses (versus only specialists earlier). It sure brought the concept of 1/4 mile runs to the lay man.
And so did the movie Tokyo Drift, it introduced Drifting to the masses, i never payed attention to it before i saw the movie, and it also inspired a lot of local boy racers to try "drifting' in their Altos, one of my acquaintances managed to run down his moms brand new SX4 down a hill while trying to drift on the Shimla road at 80kmph, a perfect example of people taking wrong inspiration from the movie.
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Would a movie on "safe driving" have the same effect? Would Vin Diesel portraying safe driving as "cool" make the masses drive safe? Well, just a thought.

On a related note, Fast & the furious got me thinking of turbos et al. Yet, Team-BHP made me quit street racing. Proud of it
I dont think so, the movie would fail miserably, what would be exciting about Vin diesel driving a Prius at 40mph and then stoping at a red light . But small 50 second videos from such street racing movie stars emphasizing on safe driving would be great , and hopefully would reduce incidents like i just mentioned.
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I liked Quentin Tarantino's 'Death Proof'. In fact, I really liked it a lot - it is a grindhouse sort of a movie.
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Originally Posted by avinashpai View Post
I liked Quentin Tarantino's 'Death Proof'. In fact, I really liked it a lot - it is a grindhouse sort of a movie.
Death Proof had 2 great car chase scenes ( well one actually, coz the first one isn't much of a chase ) and a lot of boring talk( a little too much infact ) in between. But the final chase scene was one of the best ive seen in the movies. Otherwise, i preferred Rodriguez's Planet Terror to this one.
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Clint Eastwood's 'Gran Torino' is a fabulous movie! Although the story doesn't revolve solely around the car (the Grand Torino makes only a few appearances through the film), it's a must watch!
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