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Default Team-BHP Classifieds Appreciation thread

Trying to sell a Ford Mondeo no matter how good the condition is not an easy task in Mumbai. You have to deal with dealers, brokers etc who keep telling you how bad the mileage is, how expensive the maintenance is and also how fords do not have resale value.

I decided to sell my car on the 9th of Feb 2011. Spoke to a few dealers, brokers etc. I was shocked when all of them offered me between 75k to 1.25l for the car. I had to listen to the usual excuses.

The next day searched multiple car trade websites and to my surprise saw my car listed for 2.75L by a dealer I hadnít even spoken to. Most of the other Mumbai cars I found were between 2.5-4 lakhs.

Decided that the best way forward was to list it myself on a few websites for a reasonable price and see where it went. Listed my car on the 11th on TBHP Classifieds.

By Tuesday received about 18 calls for them, 6 of them dealers offering the max of 1.5l. the rest were all individuals. On the 16th i had someone come to see the car. He fell in love with it. We closed the deal for 2.45l the next day. Received payment on Friday. The funny thing is one of the dealers offered him the same car for 3.5l.

So Iím really happy about the fact that:

I managed to find an end user for my car within a week
It went to a fellow enthusiast just like me
All middlemen were eliminated
Good a fair market price for the car (buyer and seller)

Thank you Team BHP, the classifieds section is really helpful. I'm sure a lot of other members have similar experiences.
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Default Re: Team BHP Classifields Appreciation thread

RPM congratulations on getting a fair price for your vehicle and also to the buyer.

Well it is a normal practice for all brokers to quote higher price. I remember in 2005 we were approached by a broker who quoted rs. 2 lacs for our 2001 Accent GLX. He said its a fair price and cited another accent, owned by a person known to me, was sold for a similar price. I straightaway denied and 2 years later, in January 2007 we handed over the Accent to First Choice(or was it Automart, dont remember correctly) at a price of rs.2.39 lacs.

Last edited by bblost : 21st February 2011 at 13:14. Reason: Post edited. Please use the used car price thread for such questions.
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Default Re: Team BHP Classifields Appreciation thread


Thanks for making my morning . Always good to hear of positive experiences. The Mondeo isn't an easy car to sell, as you have posted yourself, and a 1 week turnaround is impressive.
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Default Re: Team BHP Classifields Appreciation thread

I can also testify for the classifieds. I picked up my lancer from the classifieds in december last year. In the process, I met a BHPian and made a friend for life!
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Default re: Team-BHP Classifieds Appreciation thread

I too sold my Corsa Royale 1.6 through TBHP classifieds to another person who was an avid reader of this forum.

After 5 received calls, It was sold in 10 days flat and I loved giving it to someone whom I virtually knew.

Thanks Team BHP!
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Default Re: Team-BHP Classifieds Appreciation thread

We sold our zen a few months back.

It had clocked 1.7L kms. And it needed a change.
The final nail in the coffin was the AC gone bad. There were dents in several places, the windshield had cracks too.
So we decided to sell it off.

Finally it was put up on Team-BHP classifids. And was sold to a person in Bangalore.
He came all the way to Cal to take delivery of the car.

He was a nice chap. He probably used all his savings to get that car. And I was happy that the car was atleast in good hands. Needless everything went well as expected.

To my horror after 15 days he called and said the car was not delivered.
The transport was arranged by him only, and the person in charge of transport was not responding. He was completely disheartened. So were we.

From our end we immediately lodged a FIR. We went to the transport office and found that it was a rented house. They have left. We had a talk with the owner who had no clue whatsoever.

But thanks to the WB police department, who put up a bait for another car transport and somehow (I dont know how) the culprits were tracked. On sensing trouble, they decided to return the car back to him. They also pleaded him not to contact the Police, saying they were low on resources. I dont know what happened to those transport guys. I am only relieved that the car was delivered in 1 piece.

Lesson learnt:
1) Never trust any local transport/broker etc. A few extra bucks for a well known agency is worth it.
2) Although the legal responsibility was over when the keys were handed over, the moral responsibility was still pending. The transport option chosen my him was definitely wrong. But we could have saved the ordeal if we had looked into it beforehand.

We had 5-6 calls regarding the car. May be the price was set a bit low as we were to sell it in a hurry. (Vento TDi was coming.) So it was a first call first serve basis. That was how he got it!

If we are in need to sell cars Team-BHP is surely the site for us.
For buying? not so much. The prices set are pretty much on the higher side. And I hate negotiations.

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Default Re: Team-BHP Classifieds Appreciation thread

I had put up unused iPad-1 16GB WiFi for sale. Got an inquiry seeking nego. After waiting for few weeks, I reduced the rate and got multiple inquiries. Finally sold at a pretty reasonable rate to a TBHPian. Really liked the overall process.

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Default Re: Team-BHP Classifieds Appreciation thread

Probably the fastest response ever - sold an old Sharp Viewcam within 12 hours of the ad being activated on Team-BHP classifieds. Paid for without seeing the camera through deposit into account, and I've couriered the product to Udaipur from Delhi!

Had no idea that things apart from cars could sell so quick on T-BHP Classifieds - and that too, to a non-member of the forum. I'm impressed!!

Edit: Had put up a simultaneous ad on Quikr. No response from there at all.
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Default Re: Team-BHP Classifieds Appreciation thread

I was always a lurker on teambhp and had joined teambhp for the sole reason that i could sell off my tata safari dicor 3.0L <insert sheepish grin here> <and runs for cover>

This was during the older classifieds days though.

Well, the car got sold off within a week to a bhpian and i got hooked onto teambhp!
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Default Re: Team-BHP Classifieds Appreciation thread

I listed my Samsung Galaxy Tablet on our Classifieds Sunday morning. Got activated by Sunday evening. By Monday morning, I had 5 buyers for it.

Sold to the first respondent and a BHPian
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Default Re: Team-BHP Classifieds Appreciation thread

I sold the stock alloys of my Punto to a team-bhpian and fellow punto owner from this same forum.

All it took was a phone call from him and we settled on the price. the rest was a fairly easy and smooth process. Thanks to Team-BHP.
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Default Re: Team-BHP Classifieds Appreciation thread

I had the opportunity to use classifieds when a mobile phone listed by "shajufx" caught my eye. Dealing with him was a pleasure and hassle-free. We quickly agreed on a mutually acceptable price (lesser than the one he quoted). Thanks to a friend who volunteered to close the deal, I was able to "personally" wrap it up (Shaju insisted that I check the handset out before I buy it). Now that I have been using it for a week, I am extremely happy with the purchase.

Overall, a big to classifieds and Shaju.
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Default Re: Team-BHP Classifieds Appreciation thread

I bought my 2013 Thunderbird500 from a fellow BHPian - reached out to him within hours of the ad posting, and we concluded within 10 mins
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Default Re: Team-BHP Classifieds Appreciation thread

Had listed the stock stereo unit (RCD 320) on the Classifieds section over a month back and sold it yesterday. Quite happy with how the deal went.

eBay India wouldnít let me list it since it came under the Automotive Accessories section which require some specific clearances apparently and they wanted to get in touch with the user prior to approving the listing. Sadly that never happened so the forumís classifieds section was the only place the ad made it. I did not bother with Olx or Quikr since Iíve heard of some ridiculous lowballing and offers being made over calls and mails.

After the ad was approved, I got a few calls but most of them were concerned over the stock harness mating with the sockets on the HU. One gentleman from Bombay had called me a week back and I insisted him to check the sockets and harness interchangeability from the VW service center. He said he would get back. I wasnít really expecting a call but he called me on Saturday last week and was driving down to Bombay from Ahmedabad yesterday morn. Co-incidentally, I was planning to visit Valsad yesterday so we met at the service lane at the NH-8 bypass, exchanged the stuff and left the scene.
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Default Re: Team-BHP Classifieds Appreciation thread

Thanks to TBHP classifieds section, my friend was able to sell his Gypsy King within a week's time.
The able offroader has found a new home at Wayanad!
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