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Default Expressway Tragedy: Bad Management and Importance of seat belts...

This happened on the 8th of Feb 2006...

It was about 2.20pm when i left my house to go to mumbai... Well it was like any other boring drive on the expressway (boring for me as I keep doing it almost once a week)... Well i hit the expressway at about 2.50 pm... I pass the HP fuel station just after the first toll booth and crusing at 110kmph... Everything is ok... All of a sudden i see a scene outta an english action movie... A Hunydai Santro about 300-400 mts ahead of me topples three times.. from the 2nd lane to the outer dirt patch and back in the 3rd lane facing the oncoming traffic after revolving 3 times.. I hit the brakes immd. as I was not sure where the car wud land in the mean while... I pull my car to left, park it with hazards and get outta the car run towards the spot of the accident... What i see there is kinda shocking...

There were 3 people lying on the road.. One lady not too badly hurt externally was about 30 feet from the car... A young chap 22 years old with very serious injuries... hole in the abdomen and chest and face badly bruised lying about 4 feet from the car and another lady 2 feet from the car lying behind the car who was in a pool of blood in the time i reached her.. She breathed her last in about 3 min due to severe blood loss... (Sorry: If the the explanation is Gory for some but had to be mentioned to explain the importance of the situation)

A lot of people stopped but only 4 young guys, 2 girls and 2 elderly people actually helped out in the incident... Everyone else were stupid onlookers...
Well we tried to call 98224-98224, the expressway emergency number and after like 10 min got thru and called for 2 ambulance.. In the meanwhile some MSRDC guyz arrive, who are supposed to manage the expressway.. They are of no help... Me and another guy were fractically trying to identify these people and get in touch with their relatives.. I had seen a Cell phone in the car when i reach there but when i go there again after 10 mins to get it for number reference the cell phones stolen.. Talk about MENTALITY...Anyways finally I ask one of the girls to go thru one of the lady's bag get hold of a number and inform the relatives... The ambulance arrives and then we are frantically shouting the amulance guyz to first take care of the lady who was far away as she had the most chance of survival... Then one of the guy shouts at the doc to get another strecher for the young chap... We told the emergency ppl that there are 3 people who needed to be taken... But only one ambulance comes..

By this time it was about 3.40pm... Most people who had stopped to see the show had left and only me and the other set of 4 guys and 2 firls waited... We are still awaiting for the other ambulance but we guessed that this is surely not gonna happen... Finally one Constable arrives at 3.50pm.. We cover the body of the dead lady with a duppatta... We hand over the belongings of the passengers to Cop but he too doesnt have any kind of communication equipment and we only make calls to the nearest cop station becoz he wants to talk to the inspector...
Finally we all decide its no use waiting anymore and left at 4.05pm..

God bless the Lady's Soul and hope that the other 2 who were taken to the hospital get well soon!!

It was a situation that I will never forget...

The things that were running thru my mind for the remaining journey was...

1. Only if the passengers were wearing seat belts they would not have been thrown out of the car...

PEOPLE PLEASE WEAR SEATBELTS... They are the difference between life and death!!

2. What if the 3rd person was alive and becoz the other ambulance didnt arrive the person wud have died due to delay and lack of infrastructure..

3. What kinda Express Highway Management System exists that the people responsible dont even bother...

GOVERNMENT/MSRDC please do something about the Infrastructure Management and BASIC NECESSITIES!!

P.S. Something interesting I found out about the expressway infrastructure which i think is really stupid.... They have installed 2 phone every 2km .. Which is very nice but then the stupid thing is that instead on alternating on both sides the phones are opposite one another... If they would have alternated on either side of the road there would have been a phone every 1km... This is what someone mentioned there when one fellow asked why not call from the emergency phone as we were not getting thru the emergency number from our cell phone!!! TALK ABOUT PLANNING-- Stupid aint it ???

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Gosh thats a terrible incident there .. Condolences to the family of the lady and wish the the other two a speedy recovery ..

Yes EVO u are right .. Seatbelts are the most important thing that one needs to look at the moment they get into a car .. Im alive today to write this post , only because a seatbelt saved me (more on that later) .. thru personal experience i say " guys pls wear ur seatbelts" .. They do save lives ..

As far as the authorities are concerned , the less said about them the better .. They deserve to be shot in such cases for not being humanitarian enough and respecting ones life .. All we can say is guys take care while driving and buckle up .. And EVO hats off to u ..

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That must have been a ghastly site EVO! May the deceased lady's soul rest in peace, and I hope that the others got timely medical attention. Kudos to you for stepping in and helping, inspite of it being such a gory site.

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My condolences to the families of those who passed away, and my prayers for those battling in hospital.

Evo, I can't say much, except that I salute you for being one of the minority who stopped to help.
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Evo, sorry for the deceased lady. May her soul rest in peace.

But it is indeed great that you stopped and helped them in all possible ways. You could have been very well among the passing on-lookers who stopped, looked and left as if nothing happened. Kudos to great humanatarian spirit!
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That was a terrible experience to go through Evo.

Firstly, my condolances to the family.

About seatbelts, yes, they are lifesavers, but if a car rolls, chances are that even if a person is wearing regular 2 point seatbelts, they may not be able to hold a person in place in such extreme circumstances.

Now to the terrible management. This is what frustrates me the most. People in power have no idea about how to deal with these sort of accidents. In cases like this, every minute counts and the lack of communication can be the difference between life and death.

Also, the actual medical team that accompanies ambulances in India are simply drivers. They have no clue how to treat a patient and are simply there to transport them from the scene of the accident back to the hospital. This is another area where a borderline patient may actually be killed due to the way in which he is handleed.

Lastly, its good to know that you stopped and helped in any way you could. Not many people do this unfortunately. My mother and I had the misfortune of being witness to a highway accident where a scooterest was knocked down by a truck. The guy was lying unconcious in the middle of the old mumbai-pune highway and no-body stopped to help. Trucks were literally squeezing past him and driving off. Its only after we stopped our car in the middle of the road and brought traffic to a standstill did we get some assistance and took the guy in our car to the closest hospital.

Be safe out there guys, its a crazy world we live in.
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This is indeed ghastly. Must have been a life changing experience for you to see all this.

Any idea why the Santro rolled over in the first place. Did it hit something or was it going around a turn?

We should have a system where the car wont even start if the seatbelts are not buckled.

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Firstly, my condolences.


Chennai doesn't have the seatbelt rule.
I get odd looks from people when i'm driving my car with a seat-belt.
Even a fellow BHPian asked me why i was wearing a seatbelt when i was travelling in his car. Need i say more??
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Originally Posted by Mpower
Any idea why the Santro rolled over in the first place. Did it hit something or was it going around a turn?.
Have no clue about that man !!! Tried to find out the all the rims were bent when i saw the car so cant even say if it was because of a stone or a tire burst...

Understand about the 2 point seatlbelt but the roof hadnt collapsed just bangled a little bit and car was on its 4...
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this is really really sad - deepest condolence to the dear ones of the deceased and speedy recovery for others ..

evo, you truly deserve a big commendation for helping out those people in need - most of us are just stupid onlookers most of the times ...

and rtech, the 2 point seatbelt does its small bit at times - my cousin's wagonr turned turtle and he managed to escape with just a few scratches and a concussion ...
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Originally Posted by Rtech
About seatbelts, yes, they are lifesavers, but if a car rolls, chances are that even if a person is wearing regular 2 point seatbelts, they may not be able to hold a person in place in such extreme circumstances.

Lastly, its good to know that you stopped and helped in any way you could...
1. Seat belts save lives. I would suggest wearig a seat belt even if you are sitting in the back seat (some cars dont have them yet). We had something similar happen to use fortunately we were all wering seat belts and all of us survived without a sratch. The Car was tougher than a Santro though (BMW 325) and we were on better managed roads (between San Jose and Monterey)

2. Thank you for stopping and helping EVO! The first time I saw an accident in Mumbai I stopped to help only to be surrounded by some locals who accused me of being the driver that knocked down the pedestrian. It was only by providence that a doctor passing by who could speak Marathi (I dont speak Marathi and only broken Hindi) who manage to placate the mob. Then we took the victom to Jaslok from Worli.

Yet some of the mob managed to trace me back to my office (probably from the licence plate) and had to be "convinced" to leave.

I am not comfortable stopping now. Not without a witness or policeman or some other person around.
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My Condolance to the family ,
@evo it was indeed very nice from your part by stopping and doing whatever best you could do to help them out.
As far as MSRDC are concerned the less is said is better they are more interested in collecting toll charges rather than giving proper support for communication & emergency medical aid.
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Damn, that must have been a nightmarish incident for all those involved and its really tragic that someone had to lose their life due to not wearing the seatbelt. But what is the reason behind the topple in the first place? Tyre blast?

As Navin said, Thanks to EVO6 and the handful others for helping out so pro-actively.

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That was one scary thing , Evo ! I salute you for stopping to help , not many people would do it ..i'm not sure if i would !

Condolences to the family and i pray that the hospitalised people get out well and get out fast !

but damn it - why the heck dint they have the seat belts on ? its damn difficult having symapthy for such people maan !
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May the lady's soul rest in peace. I hope the others are fine.

SEAT BELTS HAVE TO ME MADE MANDATORY IN INDIA I've seen people who think using seat belts is being chicken!! Imagine at my home in Andamans our driver removed the seat belts from our SUMO!! ...He didnt even ask? When i asked him why did he do that he says "Kya saheb kaun use karega belt"? I told him to fix it back ASAP. I pray everyone understands the importance of belts. They really save lives. Atleast it saved me and my dad when our sumo was forced off the road due to a truck suddenly coming into our lane!!
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