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Originally Posted by wartikars

Yes the RWD do skid when you are at high speeds on bends or while braking. thats the reason why most of the SUVs like the BMW X5 ceome with technology to prevent this.

FWD & AWD are less prone to such problems.

Automobile layout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wiki is only a generic source of information and not a bible especially in automobile technology.

Originally Posted by wartikars

Well in a rally we can be the best drivers but on roads please don't have this false pride. Yes, we do have good drivers no doubt about this but it can't be a generic statement.

Sir there is no false pride, also we do not have the best drivers in the world..its just that we can accept and move on with chaos in our life unlike person of european or american origin.

The people in south east asia are able to think quick (not necessarily correct) and act on their feet.

Apologies for straying from thread

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Re: Driver ignorant of how ABS works; Turns Chevy Captiva upside down

im glad the driver and owner were safe after such a scary looking crash. it is purely because of the driver's negligence or unawareness... as a regular practice owners must make sure whether the driver is capable of handling such speeds. its not worth losing your life over trying to shave a few minutes off your mumbai-pune commute!
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Re: Driver ignorant of how ABS works; Turns Chevy Captiva upside down

@VeluM, I believe the situation Samurai refers to (hard braking with no A-pedal input) is different from the one mentioned by Rehaan (car moving without A-pedal input - no brake pressed here). The latter is an anti-stall feature which is there in most cars now - have experience in Punto-D (40kmph endlessly without A-input) and Vento-D (50kmph endlessly without A-input). Infact, this can be done even in older and petrol cars too - in my Baleno if A-input is avoided when car is in 5th gear, it will continue to putter at 20-22kmph with rpm at 400 or so (idle is 700) - I tried this for the sake of experiment once. Not advisable though.
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