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Default Re: If you follow traffic rules in Bangalore ,you end up like this !

Originally Posted by binaiks View Post
A good 95% of the cars carrying "judicial officers" are driven rash - this is an observation i've made during my journeys. The red board claiming "Judge" and the beacon on the top are considered a "privilege" by these so-called "educated" people to break rules. They overtake left, right, centre, drive really rash, and they care not a bit for traffic rules. Sad, but true.
Well, one can't really blame the chauffeur in this sort of a situation.

Chauffeurs, I've realized, will never learn.

Chauffeurs will remain chauffeurs, but the big man sitting in the back, behind the dark tints and flashing-lights is busy instructing the driver to make it to the High-Court in 10 minutes or the driver would risk losing his job. Now the informed judge must know, that the driver might lose his job, but what about the innocent old man on his TVS who might lose his life?
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Default Re: If you follow traffic rules in Bangalore ,you end up like this !

Originally Posted by amitoj View Post
So where did you get unfairly treated in all this??
I thought the police was in fact helpful enough in your case to let you file a report and do all the formalities.

I've put this matter here in a mild manner because afterall people are the same anywhere. But on seeing our TN number plates they started abusing in Kannada and the policeman was indifferent as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Only after my hubby started talking in kannada and complained to the policeman that we were with a baby in our car that he turned apologetic and helpful.

The unfair treatment I refer to is this: For no fault of ours but to have stopped by the side of the road and waited patiently for all the vehicles to cross and made the u-turn and getting hit we were further being abused verbally by the local people. If my hubby hadn't brought the policeman to the car and showed him our baby and explained him the scenario I wonder what else would have happened.
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Default Re: If you follow traffic rules in Bangalore ,you end up like this !

Originally Posted by shamanth View Post
No, As per law if Driver hit someone, he has to stop the vehicle and transport victim to hospital. If he speed away or goes to police station, it will be hit and run.
Have definitely heard/read this multiple times.

Sharing a link from this forum itself:
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Default Re: If you follow traffic rules in Bangalore ,you end up like this !

Hope you recover soon.

Wanted to share with everyone a recent experience I had. One evening I was following this slow moving Maruti Omni van in the right most lane. The traffic in the left lane moving faster than us. The van's tail lights were off. I happened to honk a couple of times with the intention to make him move to the left to give us space to overtake him. This guy suddenly slams his brakes and comes to a standstill - I managed to brake just in time and so did the traffic behind me - I guess we managed to do so because we were driving slowly. After a few seconds the van starts moving again. This time I was forced to overtake him from the left - tried to see the occupants - couldnt because of the darkly tinted window panes - and then noticed that his headlights were also off. Was left wondering if it was intentional. Truly scary...
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Default Re: If you follow traffic rules in Bangalore ,you end up like this !

Extremely sorry to hear about this incident Satya. Truly a disgrace to the country. Such people will never improve. Hope you recover fast both mentally and physically. Our streets are ruled by rogues. I would have personally not gone out of the car, instead changed lanes and floored it to avoid a clash with these fellows.
I hope you can use all the details of this guy you have collected in some constructive form.
I have experienced on the street of Mumbai cabbies and pedestrians giving dirty looks and the 'finger' for no fault of mine. Classic example is cabs cutting from the left most lane to right most without a signal or hand signal. When I honk at them they show you the finger or come dangerously close to your car and abuse you. Utter nonsense.
Part of the problem lies in the fact that its so easy for anyone to obtain a license nowadays. You can get a license without even knowing basic rules. All you need to know is how to operate the 3 pedals - thats it.
Also the guys who are being driven around in fancy cars (7series, S class etc) and their "security" jeeps following them or leading the way for them are one of the rashest guys on the street. They dont give a damn about others on the road. Often the guys in the jeeps carry AK47s with them almost pointing at others behind which is extremely scary, and thus whenever I spot these guys coming in my rvm, I always slow down to let them pass.
The authorities are not serious about curbing road rage in our country and this is why I dont see it being eradicated soon.
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