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Originally Posted by veyron1
well, talked to the society chairman today, and my dad was as cool as ever. but then, my dad doesn't get angry like me. anyways, the idiot of a chairman rambled on about how his son crashed his indica while driving drunk, and kept saying he "understood" what i felt...that stupid son of a it's the same thing...!!
anyways, he told us to go ahead with the repairs, and that he would put up the bills in the committee, and would "help" us in all possible ways...!!!
i have told my dad-CRAP..!!! no "help-shelp" ...the stupid guys HAVE to pay; my emotional damages are far more than monetary.
i'm going to give the car for repairs tomorrow. shall keep you all posted. thanks for all the concern, guys. it is in times like these that you feel the warmth of a like-minded family...
I suggest you do this legally. Go to the cop station and file an FIR. This way if the society tries to act funny you can take further action. Also if they refuse to pay up you can atleast claim insurance. Suggest you contact your insurance company immediately and keep them informed of the developments.
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Hey Veyron thats really sad thing. This shows how reckless these guys can be.
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veyron, i think this should be taken to the court for complete justice ... This should not happen to a second person like you.

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Sad to hear man.
If i were you, i wouldn't claim insurance. Why loose the no claim bonus for something thats not your fault?
I would have filed an FIR and made the company pay for the damages.
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usually the socity managers or secretaries are the retired kind of guys who have nothing else to do, and nothing much to do.And here they get their little kingdom to play around in-The society. So they chop down the trees, and make stupid rules like not bringing a friend in the flat after 11 pm and so on..

The society manager of the last society got the trees cut in the society because the trees might make easier for the thieves to get into the flat..
Already here we have shrinking greens and then top of that this kind of foolish decisions take place.
By the way that tree cutting got windows of one ground flat smashed by the falling tree.

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Old 13th June 2009, 12:01   #36
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tell the ground flat owner to ask for compensation with you. And definitely make sure they pay up. If they resist, remind them you are already loosing the no claim bonus thanks to them and you are in a good mind to make them pay entirely for the repairs.
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@Takumi-San, the incident is over 3 years old
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And two different societies as well. I guess Takumi-san saw the 31 May date of the last post and didn't notice it was 2006 - have almost done a similar thing once or twice.

Anyway, the thread helped pass the time for a few minutes and Veyron1, hope you got compensated by the society.
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Just bumped in! Sincere condolances!
That is not your fault and thank God you were
not in the car or injured. Thats what I thought
when I read the title. SH*t happens man.
2006 thread he he. condolances even though

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