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Default Re: Am I the only idiot here to wait at a red light?

In B'lore, I have noticed in a couple of crossings (eg: Sony World Signal, Koramangala), all signals are RED for a few seconds before it turns GREEN for the next lane. This is to ensure that the Non-Idiots (as per this thread) do not run into each other. And most of the havoc is created by the Autorikshaw wallahs - I guess, they think they are are riding a bike and not an auto.

Originally Posted by dj78 View Post
Driving on the wrong lane to pass the traffic is another menace
Agree to this, I almost got killed once travelling from College Street to Sealdah Stn in a shared auto. Since then, have always boarded a bus or if I have time - Tram

On a humorous note, this is the difference of interpretation of Traffic signals in India and other countries:


AMBER - Go Slow
RED - Stop


AMBER - Go faster
RED - Check for Police constables, then zoom ahead!

Came across this video few days back, Shocking but true -

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Default Re: Am I the only idiot here to wait at a red light?

Originally Posted by nerd1200 View Post
On a humorous note, this is the difference of interpretation of Traffic signals in India and other countries:


AMBER - Go faster
RED - Check for Police constables, then zoom ahead!
Used to be the same for Italy in the 1970's. Only the last line read, if there is no cop in sight GO. I do not know the current status!
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Default Re: Am I the only idiot here to wait at a red light?

The scenario is really very sad. I do not agree with the phrase "we Indian's like to break rule" actually the very same Indian would follow rules to the T if they were to be in any other country, because we know we cant get away breaking them there. I, for one try not only to stop at the traffic light, but would also stop before the Zebra crossing and within no time, bikes, auto and other cars would encroach upon it leaving no space for the pedestrians, this situation is where the crossing is manned by cops, I am not sure even if the cops know why the road is painted with black and white strips on the road. The curse is "my right of way is more important than yours." Also, a peculiar situation in Mumbai, I find the cops hiding themselves in places where they are not visible to the motorists, and as soon as any one of them jumps signal, they will materialize in front of him with a big grin The ideal solution would be to saturate the roads with CCTV cameras, letting people know they are being watched and sending the challans to their home, also make it more costly, link it with the insurance premium, link it with their gas subsidy if it helps.
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Default Re: Am I the only idiot here to wait at a red light?

Here are few observations -
1) If you stop at a red light in light traffic , many people are seen to slow down and even stop. It stems from the fear that a cop might be around not seen by them but seen by the citizen who has stopped ahead of them
2) It always pays to stop at red light late night or early hours or at least slow down at intersections. There are always people zooming by mostly cabbies or buses who think that late hours of the night / early hours of the morning give them all the right to speed and not care about other road users.
3) At a yellow signal people tend to speed up their vehicles to escape somehow but this is the zone that is the most disastrous. Even more so than breaking a red light.
4) If it comes to someone yelling at you for stopping at a red light , argue logically to demolish the opposition. I actually remember one incident when a well-to-d, middle aged, looking private car owner cursed out loud for me not letting him overtake from the left on a single lane road due to a truck coming from the opposite direction. He yelled and zoomed ahead and got stuck. I pulled up next to him , rolled down my window and said "Uncle , using foul language does not make your point correct." and then I sped off.
It had the following -

1) A calm reply with no foul language
2) Logically correct.
3) Did not mince more words and then made my point and left.

I remember that he was aghast and sat there a good 30 seconds before he rolled on. It was funny for sure.
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Default Re: Am I the only idiot here to wait at a red light?

It does feel idiotic sometimes at signals where all others are zooming past and I am the only one (and of course others blocked by me behind me) waiting for the signal to go green.

I keep thinking as to what will my sitting there waiting for the green achieve when all others are speeding past. The main intention of keeping a few seconds delay between greens is to allow pedestrians and the like to cross the road. Also when one lane has stopped for a red light, people further down the road also find some breathing space between traffic to cross over to the other side.

During day time, people observe me stopping and at least slow down their vehicles if nothing else. Gradually the whole front row is occupied by 'idiots' and chaos is replaced by order.

I am also amused by some drivers who do wait at red signals only to zoom off when there are 5 seconds remaining on the countdown. Here in Pune, people have a very low threshold for stopping their vehicles. God forbid if their lane has stopped, all two wheelers and rickshaws (and some cars too) immediately start switching to the free lane and if even that is blocked, then to the oncoming lanes.

At many signals, I see the road after the signal almost totally blocked by oncoming traffic. But these are mostly signal jumpers and by the time I move on, the road ahead becomes free.
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Default Re: Am I the only idiot here to wait at a red light?

Nice Topic braindead.

I have been seeing such incidents in other cities and always felt Mumbai (where I hail from) was much better. But off late Mumbai has also started seeing such instances. In Mumbai auto-rikshaw walas, bikers are the ones who have been doing this.

I agree with all of you who feel that law enforcement will improve the situation but the best way to resolve this is to understand our own responsibilities and take a step towards following the rules. Unless we do this we will end up increasing corruption with authorities who will enforce the law.

I feel we need to change the following at our end:
1. Follow all traffic rules (ourselves)
2. Keep your cool when others don't follow and show their dissent when you follow rules
3. Paying bribe to officials is a complete no no

As citizens we need to change rather than government pushing things. I am glad forums like Team-BHP exist where we can discuss such sensitive topics.
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Default Re: Am I the only idiot here to wait at a red light?

In Pune, the best way to trouble others is to follow traffic rules, nothing annoys a Punekar than a law abiding citizen. I face similar instances at Inorbit mall on Ahmednagar road almost everyday while returning from office. No one stops at that signal except a few guys. Sometimes, they flash their headlights or honk or even shout.

The best way to deal with this is : roll up your windows and dont budge, ignore them completely, even when they leave staring at you, avoid eye contact, just ignore them as if you dont give a rat's bottom about their time/feelings. They wont get into a fight as they are in a hurry. Don't get into any kind of conversation. It always works !!

Sadly, In Pune, even women are a part of this. I witnessed an accident on Karve Road when a women on her activa standing next to me decided to jump the signal. Another scooter (again a woman) from the oncoming traffic rammed into her. Both fell hard on the road, there was a kid riding with her. I saw his head slamming on the road, luckily it was just a minor bruise but he was in a state of shock. The women who was standing next to me was wailing holding her back. I couldn't stop to help because of the traffic jam, and some people and guys from the HP pump nearby were attending to all of them. Its irritating how stupid people can get just to save 10-15 seconds.
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Default Re: Am I the only idiot here to wait at a red light?

I have faced similar scenarios many times in NOIDA & Delhi as well. In one particular case it was very intimating. I was in Beat and the BMW or Audi behind me was honking and revving the engine, as if to say if you don't move aside I will bang your car. Knowing the road rage in NCR, it was scarry!

My rule of thumb is to ignore such cases. In a rare case like above, I move my car little bit to give the vehicle behind me enough space to take a decision for themselves.

I don't know if we have become less tolerant or what. People do follow rules when they are afraid of being challened heavily, so a stricter challan policy and vigil by cameras will certainly help.

P.S.: What can we do individually? Will it help if I have a sticket at the rear of my car, which says I follow traffic rules and will wait at a redlight?
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Default Re: Am I the only idiot here to wait at a red light?

Originally Posted by satishchugh View Post

P.S.: What can we do individually? Will it help if I have a sticker at the rear of my car, which says I follow traffic rules and will wait at a red light?
I know you meant it as a sarcastic comment but I think such a sticker is a good idea. Maybe a Team Bhp sticker saying ''Team-Bhp - I follow traffic rules''

On a serious note road rage in Delhi NCR is just ridiculous but it helps to have a music system in the car, as the loud thump of bass drowns out all the crazies around us!
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Default Re: Am I the only idiot here to wait at a red light?

Considering the situation we are in today, universal compliance to the rules is a distant dream. In my mind, what is realistic is aim for the situation we were in maybe 12 or 15 years ago. People still jumped the lights and such, but the rest did not follow. There was a feeling of 'I am not like that.'

Can we at least try to passively stand up to the rule-breakers / anti-socials? Within the bounds of safety of course. One person jumping the lights is as much an influence on the people surrounding him as the one person stopping.

Can we please try to be that person? I know that I may be preaching to the choir on this forum but can we please spread the message? If not by voice and argument, can you at least spread the idea by being the person to care about others on the road?
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Default Re: Am I the only idiot here to wait at a red light?

One should feel a sense of pride when following rules. It should be a matter of prestige when no one can lift a finger at you for wrongful doing. That is old school gentleman thinking.

Alas! There are very few gentlemen left. As braindead rightly said this feeling dies decades ago.
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Default Re: Am I the only idiot here to wait at a red light?

Staying in Noida I make regular trips to my friends place in Gurgaon and here's what i notice.

When in Noida you see everyone breaking signals, those who stop (like me) are honked on and looked down upon as if I am committing a crime but I don't care.

Now, when the same vehicles enter Delhi, you can see the change. They stop at all red lights.

had this incident happen a few months back, was going from Noida to Gurgaon via Sector 37 and at the red light right after Noida City Center there was this middle aged man in a Santro honking at me to jump the red light. I moved my bike and to see him zoom by and jump the red light. Come Delhi, on the red light right after Yamnuna bridge I find the same dude waiting at the red light and I give him a few honks and a dipper. Then I move right beside him and he rolls down his mirror and says, dude don't break the signal we are in Delhi. I don't respond and prefer to smile at his foolishness and move on.
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Default Re: Am I the only idiot here to wait at a red light?

HI, one topic to discuss about which we see multiple times in a single journey. In Noida where my work place is, I see absolutely no respect for the traffic signal.
I usually wait for the signal to turn green and others keep on jumping the light and looking amused and laughing on me to wait, make me feel as if I am PK from another planet.
The worst part is when its my turn to move ahead on the green signal, the traffic from other side is breaking the rule, jumping the light and blocking the way. And my poor green signal turns red while I am stranded at the crossroads.

Another Situation, I have heard 2-3 stories on how people wait for the lights to turn green at some lonely stretch of Noida-Greater Noida expressway or at some late hour , and they are mugged by the drunkards who come and pounce in front of the vehicle with their country knives, leaving you no option to run away. PLEASE PLEASE at some lonely hour, stretch, and when there is no traffic, i will NOT RECOMMEND anyone to stop but move on carefully.

Even at late nights, there are trucks coming at full speed and here lies a big fear of them ramming from behind.

I have seen in some foreign countries about sign boards indicating presence of speed cameras on the roads. Why can't we have similar boards. Atleast the fear of a hidden camera will force people to obey rules to some extent. And ya, if government is generous enough, they can actually install cameras (read working cameras) as well
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Default Re: Am I the only idiot here to wait at a red light?

Slightly OT. @Moderators: Plz delete the post if you think its irrelevant here.

The issue is not limited to just road manners - it extends much beyond that to normal civic manners.

My job makes me travel a lot internationally and what I have consistently observed is the same people who stand in a perfect queue and await their boarding call or zone abroad, suddenly change to completely crazed animals on landing in India. They break or jump queues at immigration, shamelessly litter water bottles right next to dustbins, the list goes on and on.

At one time I confronted a quite aged (60+) man on why was he in such a rush, he said he was not in a rush or anything - he was doing it because "India mein ye sab chalta hai." (All of this is acceptable in India).

What I am trying to say is that the cause lies in the mentality that 'I can get away without abiding to rules'. I don't believe hefty fines will deter these people. To all of you who talk about putting in cameras, I have a question : Why do you believe that just manning crossings in cities will rid us of the problems? The city roads will account for less than 5 % of all roads laid out. Just because you frequent only these roads, you want to get hefty fines for jumping signals - what about the 1000s of Kilometers of highways.

I dont want to sound all defeatist, leave alone our driving sense, until the sense of discipline does not get inculcated right from the formative years - I dont see how else we can hope for things to get better.
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Default Re: Am I the only idiot here to wait at a red light?

Originally Posted by gthang View Post
I have written to our honorable Prime Minister with the suggestion
Excellent! Please do share details on how. You sent an email? Actual physical letter etc? Not being funny or sarcastic. Genuinely want to know so that I can do the same

Originally Posted by phamilyman View Post
+ Million!!

In Australia, ......... Its unaffordable not to, even for millionaires!
Gotta love 'em Aussies. + 10 Gajillion to you

Watch this video -

Synopsis - Someone does a wheelie and the cops catch him. How is he made to realize the repurcussions of his actions:

- The bike is impounded for a month
- He is allowed to get the bike out of impund (post 1 month) after paying a fine of $706
- Additional fines paid. Total damage - $ 3000

Originally Posted by braindead View Post
However, I feel the 'hefty' fine should be applied on the 'time' of the offender and not his wallet. ....

That way, we can get the social shame back in the equation
No, No and No. 0 tolerance is the need of the hour. Nothing else will do. Hurt the morons, hurt them bad

And you dont shame the shameless.... Coz you cant!!

I assure you, self made videos of them doing "time" (such as picking up garbage from the streets) will become the new "in" thing on facebook and the likes
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