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Default Bangalore & Kolkata: Lowest average speed of traffic in India

If you plan to buy a high-speed car for the New Year, just pause for a moment and think how fast you can really drive in Bengaluru. The highest average speed you can reach in the city during the day is just 18 kmph, a pan-India traffic survey has revealed.This possibly explains why Bengalureans are also the last persons to reach office -along with the workforce in Kolkata -at 10.30am, while their counterparts in Chennai can be seen at their desks at 9.30am, the study by cab aggregator Ola has found.
According to the study , the fastest ride possible in big metros is just 33 kmph -that too between 3am and 5am -because of traffic snarls. It says Delhi and Pune (both 23kmph) are the fastest metros for on-road travel, while Kolkata (17kmph) and Bengaluru (18) are the slowest. The situation is slightly better in Chennai (20), Mumbai (21) and Hyderabad (19).

In Bengaluru, Domlur and Silk Board junctions are the most notorious for traffic clogs, says the survey on How India Travels, which looked at the average speed round the clock in metros, speed at different locations and traffic movement patterns.Across the metros, the average speed remains at 19kmph between 9 and noon when most people travel to offices. Surprisingly, it picks up by just 1 kmph between noon and 3 pm.

The survey says the average time taken by people in these seven cities to reach office is 34.8 minutes.Pranay Jivrajka, COO of Ola, said, "Hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the Ola app help relay rich data in real-time, helping us predict demand and plan our inventory better. With data of vehicular movement from over 100 cities across the country we are present in today , we can draw very insightful analysis of traffic conditions urban commute patterns. A lot of this data can also be useful to solve important issues like de-congestion, urban planning, traffic management and more."
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Default re: Bangalore & Kolkata: Lowest average speed of traffic in India

If OLA has truly done analysis based on trip distance and start/end times (all data that they have), then we can surely believe it.

I can vouch for the numbers, though, given my commute time today in Bangalore. However, the average speed between 2pm and 4pm is definitely higher in certain routes (personally have done up to 30kmph over 12km without breaking the law), but the average can be believed.

In contrast to today, between 1995 and 1999, I could average 25kmph on a 13km commute across Bangalore. At peak traffic time.
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Default re: Bangalore & Kolkata: Lowest average speed of traffic in India

Originally Posted by dpkbehera View Post
I was watching a discussion on Namma Metro a week back, experts have identified critical shortcomings in this never-ending project,
  • There are few curves where train cannot pass at higher speeds as the ramp up speed between stations have never been considered at all.
  • The plan was made in 2001-02 when there were 25 lakh vehicles, now it’s increased to 55 lakhs,
  • Parking place for 4 wheelers not planned, new routes added at last moment
Add to these the speed at which work is being executed wonder whether this project will really take off in our lifetime.
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Default re: Bangalore & Kolkata: Lowest average speed of traffic in India

As of now, the only purpose of this data is seemingly to rant about their own city's worsening situation.
However, we, as citizens - what can we do about it, before our minds getting scrambled in the increasing traffic?

Some of the ideas:
a) Follow sensible distance from the vehicle in front. This should give enough time to react, and reduces some amount of stress. Reason? No need to slam the brakes when the vehicle in front stops. So, we can, to some extent cruise in traffic, instead of most of the time accelerating between 10 to 40 and then braking.

b) If at all possible, shift to a location that is close to where you travel frequently, typically the office. In some places in Bangalore, just 5 km can take more than half an hour to travel at times, so staying very far will invariably lead to stress one time or the other. This can be easier said than done, because of shift in jobs, office locations, owned houses etc. When this is not possible, only other way is to experiment and find out a time which leads to comparatively low stress levels. e.g 7:30 am is easier to travel than 9:00 am. Similarly, 8:00 pm is much better than 6:00 pm.

c) Take off a few days from driving - options can be explored, such as a friend driving in the same direction, public transport etc. Of course, not always possible, but the options can be good if we really look at it.

What suggestions can we make to the Governments, given that with the increase in vehicles, the average speed will only decrease further?
a) Building more roads can be very difficult, because many areas are thickly populated. Extending roads may not always result in an improvement, due to many bottlenecks.
b) Funny, but, Odd-Even rule, anyone?
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Default Re: Bangalore & Kolkata: Lowest average speed of traffic in India

If anybody would give the crown for the worst traffic condition in India, Kolkata would win it without breaking a sweat anyday. Its mayhem out 'there' (yeah I gave up living in my city because of the traffic mainly).

People never reach parties, concerts, interviews, airport, hospitals on time, leave aside everyday office. I nearly missed my own marriage lagna(or whatever it is called) because of the traffic.
On another instance I reached a school get together at 10 PM when I was supposed to at 6. I started at 4 PM.Taken, It was durga puja time and I had to travel from extreme west to extreme East(Behala to Salt Lake) but still 6 hrs to travel around 20KM!!

Bangalore is catching up well but Kolkata has been like this since time immemorial.
Hyderabad, the current city am in, feels like expressway to me.

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Default Re: Bangalore & Kolkata: Lowest average speed of traffic in India

I have an easy solution for speeding up Kolkata - just take out the Ambassador taxis from road.
If you do not believe me, try driving around in Kolkata on the next taxi strike day.
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